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June 11, 2017Realms of Heaven REMIX
May 14, 2017Forgiven
May 13, 2017The Woman at the Well
April 3, 2015"My Child, You are Forgiven" a meditation with Jesus
March 20, 2015Seems I Never Knew, Song by Ezekiel,To Jesus
March 17, 2015Urgent: PRAY FOR MERCY The Divine Mercy Chaplet
February 11, 2015Zachariah's Canticle, Christian Hymn Music, by Ezekiel
February 8, 2015Here Is My Servant Jesus, Isaiah 42 song by Ezekiel
January 19, 2015I Just Want To Praise You, Sung by Ezekiel du Bois
January 17, 2015The Our Father, by Clare
January 16, 2015After Time, An Exhilarating Song About Heaven
January 10, 2015Celestial Wedding Waltz, by Ezekiel du Bois
December 10, 2014Lamb of God, a very moving song by Ezekiel
December 9, 2014Where You Pasture Your Flock
December 8, 2014Jesus is My Lover and My Friend
November 11, 2014"Childhood" music by Ezekiel du Bois, track 2
November 11, 2014Endless Embrace, music from Journeys Through The Beautiful Place
November 10, 2014Round the Bend, music from Journeys Through the Beautiful Place
November 9, 2014Liberation, Soaking Prayer in Heaven with Jesus
November 9, 2014Healing Waters (Watch the video on
November 9, 2014To Love You, song about Jesus
October 31, 2014Love Song of Jesus carousel
October 22, 2014Hold Me Lord, Ezekiel du Bois
October 22, 2014Search My Heart Lord
October 22, 2014Jesus Comes To Us Softly
October 22, 2014God The Father Sings a Welcome to His Child
October 22, 2014Still The Same
October 13, 2014Who May Dwell in the Lord's Tent, song
October 5, 2014Rapture Bride of Christ waiting for the Rapture
September 20, 2014Endless Love
September 14, 2014Turn To The Lord
September 13, 2014Our Wedding Day r
September 5, 2014His Bride
August 4, 2014Holy Bread of Life, Song by Ezekiel
August 2, 2014Still The Same
January 31, 2014Song of Songs Slide Show (Watch the video on
August 6, 2012Be Still And Know That I Am God
May 13, 2012Kind & Gentle Jesus