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August 20, 2016The Best Wine for Last, Jesus is Calling All Seniors to Pray
June 18, 2016Choose God & Sanctity or Self & Mediocrity
May 7, 2016Your Very Special Destiny
April 25, 2016Our Nation's Future Update
April 22, 2016Your Greatest Strength
March 14, 2016Why Temptations & Hope For You Who Are Lost
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
November 30, 2015My Graces Accomplishes All Things, Even Prayer
November 21, 2015Glorious Bride Arising w Her Torch/Rapture Timing Revisited
November 18, 2015Go Out And Love, One At A Time, Jesus is sending us out.
November 17, 2015If You Love Me ...Rapture... Sexual Temptations, Teaching from Jesus
November 8, 2015"Follow Your Dreams" Jesus encourages us.
October 20, 2015"Unconditional Trust in Me"
October 14, 2015"Believe In Your Dreams" Jesus teaches on our destinies.
September 5, 2015What's Your Price?
August 28, 2015You Are Unique, Follow My Vision For Your Life
July 2, 2015How To Build a Rhema Box & Separating Peas from Gravel
April 13, 2015Count the Cost (Of An Intimate Relationship with Jesus)
December 24, 2014Your True Home, Chronicles of the Bride in Heaven
December 16, 2014Discerning the Fruit of Our Lives, A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit
November 24, 2014Condemnation is the Food of Demons
November 5, 2014Black Panther Prophetic Dream
September 5, 2014Content In All Circumstances