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August 27, 2016I Am Leading You Into Your Dreams; Trust Me
August 22, 2016Are You Called?
August 16, 2016Do Not Be Satisfied With Past Accomplishments
July 9, 2016Overcoming Failure & Do It Anyway 2
July 1, 2016Togetherness
June 7, 2016Make This Time Count
May 29, 2016How The Enemy Blocks Your Creativity With Demonic Intervention
May 8, 2016Nourishment Every Day
April 5, 2016Why You Are Hated, Rapture Timing...any minute
April 1, 2016How Prayer Fails
March 20, 2016Enemy Tactics & An Invitation & Opportunity
March 15, 2016Seeking a Word From Others vs. Conversing With Me
March 14, 2016Why Temptations & Hope For You Who Are Lost
February 28, 2016What Must Come to Pass
January 29, 2016Lions in Heaven & Your Heart's Desires
January 27, 2016Lukewarm...Little Foxes Spoil the Vine
January 24, 2016I'm Not a Mannequin
January 14, 2016Lukewarmness, How It Happens
January 10, 2016Learning the HARD Way/Playing Deaf
January 6, 2016Unique and Monogamous With Jesus
December 29, 2015Maintain Your Purity and Light My Bride
December 27, 2015I Am Clothing You In My Lowliness
December 20, 2015Preparations for War Hidden From Us, Jesus Reveals.
November 29, 2015"Show Mercy To Yourself As Well As Others." Jesus said.
November 27, 2015My Heart Skips A Beat
November 23, 2015Your Worst Enemy
November 1, 2015"Persevere in Prayer," Jesus shares.
October 30, 2015Distractions, Exhaustion & The Rapture
October 15, 2015"More Blessed To Give Than to Receive," A Jesus Teaching
September 30, 2015"Stand in Resolve, The Gift of Healing is Being Released To You" Jesus
September 23, 2015Stand on Your Own Word From Me
September 19, 2015Be On Guard, Pride, Anger and an Apology
September 3, 2015The Lure of Riches
August 30, 2015My Distracted Bride & My Compassion for Her
August 28, 2015You Are Unique, Follow My Vision For Your Life
August 27, 2015Gaze Upon Me My Bride, (Bride of Christ) (Seeing Jesus)
August 13, 2015My "Foolish Behavior" & Anger, Jesus called it.
August 10, 2015When A Sigh IS Prayer, Power of a Mother's Prayer, Will You Stand
August 9, 2015Pray For Mercy & More Time, Jesus on Prayer
July 24, 2015Obsessive Compusiveness & Forgetfulness of Self
July 17, 2015Rope of Grace Teaching
July 15, 2015You Have Rejected My Rule
July 13, 2015Waiting on the Lord
June 20, 2015But, Lord! A Funny-Sad Tale of Disobedience and Pride
May 6, 2015Buy of Me Fire-Tried Gold
February 8, 2015Longing for a Radical Love for Jesus, from our Journal
December 20, 2014Hope For the Weak
November 23, 2014Dancing on the Waters of Adversity, Prophetic Admonition
October 19, 2014Prophetic Word on Marriage & A Spiritual Partnership
October 10, 2013Welcome to