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July 27, 2015Sincerity, Prophetic Word from Jesus on Our Characters
July 21, 2015Your Charity Must Exceed Your Knowledge
July 17, 2015Rope of Grace Teaching
July 15, 2015Come to Me My Lost & Lonely Ones
July 6, 2015Wrap The Lost In The Blanket of My Love
June 20, 2015But, Lord! A Funny-Sad Tale of Disobedience and Pride
May 14, 2015Rest For Your Soul
May 11, 2015Come To Me Through Worship; Through Your Expectations, I Am Removing Stains
April 3, 2015"My Child, You are Forgiven" a meditation with Jesus
December 13, 2014Hell on Earth, Prophetic Word
October 7, 2014Post Rapture Letter from God 3
September 28, 2014My Bride is Not Responding
October 10, 2013Welcome to