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September 12, 2016In Over My Head
September 11, 2016Bring Me Your Lowliness
July 22, 2016Evangelize with Brotherly Love & Pres. Putin's Anti Freedom of Religion Law
July 12, 2016Overcoming The Deceptions of This Age & The Nature of Aliens
July 10, 2016Trust Me With Your Children & Drink From the River of Life in My Heart
July 4, 2016Suffering - Real Work in The Realm of the Spirit
July 1, 2016Togetherness
June 26, 2016Higher Realms of Prayer and Sacrifice Changing the World
June 18, 2016Choose God & Sanctity or Self & Mediocrity
June 14, 2016Rest In Me Until I Carry You Over the Threshold of Eternity
June 5, 2016My Personal Struggle With Unbelief
June 1, 2016The Weariness of Waiting
May 26, 2016On The Brink Of War Again
May 23, 2016Hand In Hand With Daddy
May 12, 2016The Way To His Heart and Intimacy in Prayer
April 22, 2016Your Greatest Strength
March 31, 2016From Glory to Glory
March 15, 2016Seeking a Word From Others vs. Conversing With Me
March 8, 2016Forget Time and Get To Work
February 28, 2016What Must Come to Pass
February 23, 2016Servants of Satan, Come To Me & I Will Raise You UP
February 9, 2016Why Am I Least of All?
January 24, 2016I'm Not a Mannequin
January 14, 2016Lukewarmness, How It Happens
January 10, 2016Learning the HARD Way/Playing Deaf
January 9, 2016You Were Made For Me Alone
January 8, 2016Invasion, Underground Cities, Prayer Defeats the Enemy
January 6, 2016Unique and Monogamous With Jesus
December 31, 2015Prowling Lions and Your Three Enemies
December 20, 2015Preparations for War Hidden From Us, Jesus Reveals.
December 13, 2015The Lord Savors His Time With Us
December 3, 2015Rapture - We Are Approaching The Point of No Return
November 30, 2015My Graces Accomplishes All Things, Even Prayer
November 27, 2015My Heart Skips A Beat
November 22, 2015Open The Watergates of Unbelief, Jesus teaching on reaching souls
November 19, 2015"Introduce Me, Not Religion," Jesus said.
November 17, 2015If You Love Me ...Rapture... Sexual Temptations, Teaching from Jesus
November 13, 2015I Will Rejoice Over You With Singing & Dancing
November 10, 2015Your Patience In Supporting Me, Why the Rapture was Delayed
November 5, 2015"You Are My Heaven On Earth," Jesus said.
October 27, 2015I Will Restore Your Soul, Jesus is our strength.
October 24, 2015I Am Truly Your Father
October 20, 2015"Unconditional Trust in Me"
October 13, 2015"Your Are My Unique Masterpiece" Jesus
October 11, 2015Discouragement & Condemnation Are Afoot, Teaching from Jesus
October 9, 2015My Mercy & The Millenium
October 3, 2015"These Times Are Thick With Deception," Jesus
September 28, 2015Don't Be Led Astray, by lies against the faith
September 25, 2015Do You Feel Condemned? Jesus teaches on the source of condemnation
September 21, 2015Start Recognizing Your Enemy, teaching from Jesus