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October 20, 2015"Unconditional Trust in Me"
October 10, 2015"I Inhabit Your Praises My Bride" Jesus teaching on praise
October 7, 2015A Good Tree Cannot Bear Bad Fruit
September 14, 2015New Onslaught of Demons Released Against My Bride, Your Defense is Personal Holiness
September 9, 2015"Build With Fire Tried Gold" Jesus admonishes.
September 5, 2015What's Your Price?
September 2, 2015You My Love Yourself Before You Can Love Your Brother
August 27, 2015Gaze Upon Me My Bride, (Bride of Christ) (Seeing Jesus)
August 16, 2015Patience
August 4, 2015Have I Delayed the Rapture, Jesus speaks on the delays
July 27, 2015Sincerity, Prophetic Word from Jesus on Our Characters
July 24, 2015Obsessive Compusiveness & Forgetfulness of Self
July 21, 2015Your Charity Must Exceed Your Knowledge
July 19, 2015The Yoke of Marriage in Ministry
July 17, 2015Rope of Grace Teaching
July 16, 2015"Baptize Them In My Love" Jesus said.
July 15, 2015Come to Me My Lost & Lonely Ones
July 11, 2015Come Out of Religion, Come Dwell in My Heart
July 8, 2015Jesus Speaks on THE GOD DIMENSION & Video Games
July 6, 2015Wrap The Lost In The Blanket of My Love
June 18, 2015Ezekiel's Rapture Dream, We Can't Make it Happen
May 30, 2015Jesus Speaks on: Why Our Enemies Are Important
May 28, 2015My Presence in Your Marriage, Jesus Speaks on Marriage
May 18, 2015Footsteps of Obedience, Jesus Speaks on the Eternal Value of Obedience
May 1, 2015The Last Stains On Your Wedding Gowns
April 30, 2015Draw Souls To Me With The Fragrance of My Love
April 16, 2015Can Men Experience Closeness with Jesus as Women Do?
April 11, 2015Jesus shares how to recognize that you will be raptured
December 16, 2014Discerning the Fruit of Our Lives, A Good Tree Bears Good Fruit
December 11, 2014Homeruns for Heaven, His Grace Will Not Return to Him Void
December 10, 2014Discernment, Finger Prints of the Enemy
October 20, 2014Honoring your Husband
September 28, 2014My Bride is Not Responding
September 5, 2014Content In All Circumstances