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April 16, 2015Can Men Experience Closeness with Jesus as Women Do?
March 22, 2015What If This Were Your Last Few Weeks, REVISED, Nuclear War, Rapture
March 20, 2015President Putin Takes Aim, Prophetic Message & Vision from Jesus
March 9, 2015Prophetic Dream: Aliens Disguised
February 24, 2015Prophetic Dream from Ezekiel, magnetic pole shift:rocks fall from sky, hybrid carnivores
February 14, 2015Are You Prepared to Stand before the Son of Man?, Heaven Talk
February 11, 2015Prophetic Dream of an Apocalyptic Event in the U.S.
December 28, 2014Russian Fighters over Nebraska, Prophetic Dream
December 21, 2014NWO & Russian Troupes & North Korean Snipers on American Soil, Prophetic Dream
December 15, 2014State of Each Soul Revealed, Prophetic Dream
December 15, 2014Jesus Harlot Bride, Prophetic Dream
December 13, 2014Prophetic Word For My Bride, Now or Never
December 13, 2014Hell on Earth, Prophetic Word
November 23, 2014Pacific Ring of Fire Earthquake and Wyoming Nuclear Event Prophetic Dreams
November 5, 2014Black Panther Prophetic Dream
November 3, 2014The Rapture and Nuclear War Dreams & Prophetic Word
October 7, 2014Chronicles of the Bride, Chapter One
October 1, 2014Fourth Rapture Dream
October 1, 2014Third Rapture Dream
September 30, 2014Four Rapture Dreams, 2 of 4
September 30, 2014Rapture Dreams from Ezekiel, 1/4