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May 7, 2016Your Very Special Destiny
April 25, 2016Our Nation's Future Update
April 22, 2016Your Greatest Strength
March 22, 2016How I Train My Prophets
March 13, 2016How To Handle An Assignment of Division
March 8, 2016Forget Time and Get To Work
February 20, 2016You Will Feel a Deep Quietude
November 30, 2015My Graces Accomplishes All Things, Even Prayer
November 21, 2015Glorious Bride Arising w Her Torch/Rapture Timing Revisited
November 15, 2015Community & Those Who Live For Themselves
November 8, 2015"Follow Your Dreams" Jesus encourages us.
October 14, 2015"Believe In Your Dreams" Jesus teaches on our destinies.
October 6, 2015Unforgiveness A Gridlock on Grace, Jesus Teaching
October 1, 2015Gift of Healing, Jesus gives us Points to Remember
September 27, 2015"Why Didn't You Seek Me?" 9-27-15 comets, financial collapse, rapture
September 5, 2015What's Your Price?
August 28, 2015You Are Unique, Follow My Vision For Your Life
August 4, 2015Have I Delayed the Rapture, Jesus speaks on the delays
July 10, 2015Your Past Is In Our Way (trouble connecting with the Lord in prayer?)
July 7, 2015Talents, What Did You Do With What I Gave You?
July 2, 2015How To Build a Rhema Box & Separating Peas from Gravel
June 4, 2015My Bride is a Proverbs 31 Woman
May 11, 2015Come To Me Through Worship; Through Your Expectations, I Am Removing Stains
April 13, 2015Count the Cost (Of An Intimate Relationship with Jesus)
February 15, 2015Demonic Obstacles against Hearing and Seeing Jesus
December 11, 2014Homeruns for Heaven, His Grace Will Not Return to Him Void
September 28, 2014My Bride is Not Responding
September 5, 2014Content In All Circumstances