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June 7, 2017Miraculous Signs, Demonic Attack, Surgery by Jesus
June 1, 2017What I Have Said, That I Will Do
May 30, 2017Peace That Passes All Understanding
May 27, 2017Joy Comes In The Morning
May 25, 2017We Will Overcome Obstacles to Your Destiny
May 19, 2017Jesus Speaks On Turmoil in the U.S.
April 1, 2017Prayer is Breaking the Evil Hold Over our Nation
February 20, 2017Prayer & Suffering for America - Sickness: When is Enough, Enough?
February 18, 2017Gently Admonish Those Who Are Ignorant & Keep Your Bridal Garment Clean
February 9, 2017COURAGE My Children, COURAGE Pray No More Abortions
August 25, 2016When Giving Up is NOT an Option, Part 3
August 24, 2016When Giving Up is Not an Option, Part 2
August 23, 2016When Giving Up is NOT an Option/Part 1/Interview with Ezekiel
August 20, 2016The Best Wine for Last, Jesus is Calling All Seniors to Pray
August 19, 2016Golden Grace-Filled Years, Elderly, Best Wine Last
July 5, 2016The Heaviness of Waiting for the Rapture
May 7, 2016Your Very Special Destiny
April 13, 2016You Are The Light of the World & Tel Aviv's Fate
November 26, 2015Increase Will Overtake You
November 19, 2015"Introduce Me, Not Religion," Jesus said.
November 15, 2015Community & Those Who Live For Themselves
November 10, 2015Your Patience In Supporting Me, Why the Rapture was Delayed
November 4, 2015You Are Ambassador's to the Desolate Soul
September 17, 2015Your Prayers on Their Behalf, coyotes outside my window
June 17, 2015Terrors of Isis, Please Intercede
June 14, 2015Jesus is Weeping, "Console Me."
June 1, 2015Why Does God Allow Suffering?
May 30, 2015Jesus Speaks on: Why Our Enemies Are Important
May 25, 2015Confusion is Coming to This Land, Could We Be June Brides?
May 22, 2015My Bride Is Beautiful on the Battlefield
May 21, 2015Your Prayers Are Moving God's Heart
May 20, 2015Abba Father's Grief, call to prayer for the Middle East
May 19, 2015Ramadi ISIS, Jesus is Calling For Prayer - Carry them in Your Heart
May 18, 2015Footsteps of Obedience, Jesus Speaks on the Eternal Value of Obedience
May 6, 2015Buy of Me Fire-Tried Gold
February 26, 2015Carrying the Cross of Sickness, From Our Journal
January 29, 2015Will You Receive This Splinter From My Cross? & When is Prayer Fervent??