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November 13, 2015I Will Rejoice Over You With Singing & Dancing
November 9, 2015"Don't Fret Over Time" Jesus admonishes us....
October 17, 2015"Grieve Not, Joy Comes in the Morning," Jesus on Our Loved Asleep
June 11, 2015The World To Come
May 27, 2015Heaven: Jesus Shares About Worship, Food, and Recreation.
May 12, 2015The Honeymoon
May 8, 2015Troubling Discernment & Glimpses of Heaven
April 26, 2015I've Gone to Prepare A Place For You. Be Strengthened for The Last Leg of Your Journey
April 1, 2015Heaven & the Millenium, After the Rapture
March 30, 2015The Celestial Wedding, & Advent of the Rapture Rapture is Here, Revised
March 14, 2015He's Real, He's Coming, Please Listen
February 8, 2015Jesus Romancing His Bride, from our Journal
January 16, 2015After Time, An Exhilarating Song About Heaven
January 10, 2015Celestial Wedding Waltz, by Ezekiel du Bois
December 24, 2014Your True Home, Chronicles of the Bride in Heaven
November 11, 2014Endless Embrace, music from Journeys Through The Beautiful Place
November 10, 2014Round the Bend, music from Journeys Through the Beautiful Place
November 9, 2014Liberation, Soaking Prayer in Heaven with Jesus
November 9, 2014Healing Waters (Watch the video on
October 22, 2014Jesus Comes To Us Softly
October 7, 2014Chronicles of the Bride, Chapter One
October 6, 2014Visiting Heaven Through Prayer 2
October 6, 2014Visiting Heaven thru Prayer 1 of 2
September 13, 2014Our Wedding Day r
September 5, 2014His Bride
January 31, 2014Song of Songs Slide Show (Watch the video on