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March 14, 2016Why Temptations & Hope For You Who Are Lost
February 18, 2016Restoration Will Come
February 7, 2016Temptations Against Purity, Be On Guard
January 28, 2016February... A Month of Testings
January 27, 2016Lukewarm...Little Foxes Spoil the Vine
January 7, 2016Regaining Joy In Oppression
January 3, 2016Victory Over Trials, Temptations & Spiritual Muscle
December 24, 2015You Will Have Peace Amidst Chaos
December 18, 2015Why The Need for The Blood Sacrifice
November 15, 2015Community & Those Who Live For Themselves
November 14, 2015Pure Life In Me, a word from Jesus
November 11, 2015The Invitation To Overcome Temptation
October 3, 2015"These Times Are Thick With Deception," Jesus
August 8, 2015The Uglies
July 23, 2015The Black Panther Prowls Again
July 22, 2015CERN Wickedness Increases, My Warring Bride, Pride Protection
June 22, 2015Sexual Temptations In Prayer
June 20, 2015But, Lord! A Funny-Sad Tale of Disobedience and Pride
June 17, 2015Terrors of Isis, Please Intercede
June 16, 2015Disobedience Brings Sorrow
June 5, 2015Uncle Sam's Heart Disintegrating From the Inside Out
June 1, 2015Why Does God Allow Suffering?
May 30, 2015Jesus Speaks on: Why Our Enemies Are Important
May 29, 2015The Threatening Letter & YouTube Family Update
May 25, 2015We Must Have TRUE Discernment
May 24, 2015Jealousy is Stalking Us, Jesus teaches on this painful trap
May 21, 2015Your Prayers Are Moving God's Heart
May 19, 2015Ramadi ISIS, Jesus is Calling For Prayer - Carry them in Your Heart
May 11, 2015Will You Stand When The World Crumbles?
May 9, 2015Jesus Instructs the Left Behind: Put No Confidence In The Flesh
May 8, 2015Troubling Discernment & Glimpses of Heaven
May 5, 2015Charity Covers a Multitude of Sins
April 18, 2015Honesty, Looking At Yourself in God's Mirror
April 17, 2015Carry the Cross, Don't Judge, Preparation for War Almost Complete
April 15, 2015We Are On The Verge Of War & Forgiveness Comes Before Intimacy
April 12, 2015Trials: The Final Facets on You My Jewel
April 5, 2015CERN, "I AM God, There Is None Other"
March 30, 2015Attacks Against The Faith Are On The Way Against the Rapture
March 24, 2015Jesus is Coming, Draw The Line On You Involvement With The World
March 20, 2015President Putin Takes Aim, Prophetic Message & Vision from Jesus
February 15, 2015Demonic Obstacles against Hearing and Seeing Jesus
February 8, 2015Jesus warns about Voices of the Enemy, our Journal
January 29, 2015Will You Receive This Splinter From My Cross? & When is Prayer Fervent??
January 15, 2015Spiritual Dryness 2 of 2, Heaven Talk
January 15, 2015Spiritual Dryness 1 of 2, Heaven Talk
January 10, 2015Innocent Blood, Wounding Christians
December 21, 2014Work As If There Were No Tomorrow
December 13, 2014Hell on Earth, Prophetic Word
December 5, 2014The Rapture and Beguiling Spirits
November 24, 2014Condemnation is the Food of Demons