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April 15, 2016For Your Left Behind Loved Ones/Resources on Amazon
March 5, 2016Events Before the Rapture & Thumb Drive for Left Behind
February 17, 2016Jesus Speaks on Provision and Protection
January 8, 2016Invasion, Underground Cities, Prayer Defeats the Enemy
December 15, 2015The Coming Revival, Authentic Worshippers, Arc of the Covenant
December 12, 2015Restoring Hope To Souls in Crisis
November 9, 2015"Don't Fret Over Time" Jesus admonishes us....
November 8, 2015"Follow Your Dreams" Jesus encourages us.
November 7, 2015Surviving The Coming Tribulation
May 25, 2015We Must Have TRUE Discernment
May 18, 2015Footsteps of Obedience, Jesus Speaks on the Eternal Value of Obedience
May 15, 2015A Nation At War
May 9, 2015Jesus Instructs the Left Behind: Put No Confidence In The Flesh
May 7, 2015What Must Befall This Nation and The Earth
March 16, 2015Why Must Revelation Be Fullfiled, Jesus Speaks on What Is To Come, Part 11
March 8, 2015Jesus Speaks On: Demons, Aliens, Volcanoes, and Hell expanding
December 13, 2014Hell on Earth, Prophetic Word