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March 27, 2018

Lord, thank You for inviting us into this place of intercession. Please impart more courage and strength to our Team, that we may overcome our flesh and the lying tactics of the enemy, who is forever seeking to steal kill and destroy all the good You have given us. Amen.

Oh, my very precious Heartdwellers, what a sad and tragic thing happened tonight! The Lord caught Ezekiel up into the spirit, interceding with great pain in his abdomen. After we had prayed in the Spirit for a good 20 minutes, it was revealed to us that a teenager, by the name of Sarah, was being forced into a partial birth abortion by two older female relatives.

This young American teen, with shoulder-length blond hair, was the daughter of a very wealthy and influential family who had rejected the father of her baby, because of his social status and nationality. They had dragged her into the clinic or hospital against her will so powerfully that she had scratches and bruises on her arms where they gripped her. Not only did she want the child, but she was petrified of the procedure. But the aunt and mother didn't want to scandalize their socialite friends, so they insisted and forced her into this abortion.

The Lord only knows how the doctor went along with this plan.

First, Ezekiel saw them pulling the leg of the baby out, at which point he experienced great pain and he realized that what was happening was a botched abortion. That's what he heard in the spirit.

As they continued the procedure, she was bleeding profusely during the attempt to remove the child, piece by piece. Oh, my dear friends, this is too horrible to describe... How could anyone do such a thing?

Sarah was now unconscious at this point and her body was turning pale, until it was only a dull grey color with her beautiful blond hair being all that was left. The child was a bloody mass, but still barely alive.

Quickly, the doctor began writing nervously on a clipboard and it was obvious that they were changing out papers and starting new reports on what had actually transpired. He was trying to cover up what had just happened.

You know, people of privilege can afford to get someone to do such a procedure, although it may have been illegal in that state. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach and sick at heart. How very terrible abortion is--and dangerous, too!

Oh child, why did you let them do it?

Ezekiel said she was afraid of her mother. I can imagine: a wealthy family, the threat of being disinherited, having to live in poverty must have been scary for her. Jesus took the baby to Himself. It was a little girl that He named "Grace."

I prayed for the two women and the doctor, that they would be so remorseful that they would repent and never be a part of anything like that again. How sad! Here they wanted to end a life not 'worthy of their name', so they could save their beautiful daughter from scandalizing the family. And they ended up losing her. The state of her soul was not given to us. But to her credit, this child resisted and this was forced on her.

Oh, Lord, what happened to the young girl?

Jesus began, "She is with Me, because of My mercy. And she has her child, just as she wanted.

"Oh, My people, how tragic abortion is. How very tragic! I allowed this child to be given them to bring them into maturity and give them a much better future than what she would have had with her high-class family.

"She wanted to be loved, authentically loved, not used as a social fixture. How very terrible for them. She was a brilliant child and had so much more to live for. And the father of the child was a good man. He would have made a good father, regardless of the nationality. He wanted this child. Now he is heartbroken. He has lost both her and the baby.

"Men and women of this culture in America are SO blind. They think their lives revolve around what others call success. Yet, when they are older, they begin to see the real value they could have had if they hadn't lived for themselves and the world.

"My heart is broken by abortion in this land," the Lord continued. "It should be outlawed, and that is My Heart and desire for the whole world: a place where these undefended infants can survive."

Dear ones, this kind of intercession takes its toll, not only on Ezekiel and I, but the prayer team members involved. Seeing Ezekiel suffer again and remembering the horror of that scene, I was so completely broken inside.

I came to the Lord begging for a strength to recover.

'Jesus, please help me. I am so weak. This night has been so tragic and my hope is so low, please strengthen me. I am way too little for this life. Seeing Ezekiel suffer this way is so hard and heart-breaking. His weakness. And seeing this story unfold, of this teenage girl and her baby.

'Please give us strength. Please help me. I am too weak for this job. And I honestly don't know how much more I can stand. Jesus carry me. Are you not my Spouse? Where are You, Lord? This cross is not easy; this cross is crushing me. Please help me. I feel like I've been annihilated inside and there is nothing left. I worry, too, about the other team members.

'Father, please give me some sign of hope. I am feeling so desolate. Please show me the way and strengthen me.'

After much sobbing, I got up to check on Ezekiel, who had fallen asleep after the ordeal. And he was awake and feeling much better. He was even able to stand and take care of some important things.

'Thank you, Father, for hearing my prayer. That was really a sign of hope.'

I really didn't know what to do. The last few episodes have been so intense, I was beginning to lose hope. And after tonight's situation, with the abortion and death of Sarah, my heart was just broken.

'Lord,' I cried out. 'Lord! I thought you told me that some things were just too heavy for me to see and You would protect me from them. Isn't this one of them? I am so exhausted from crying.'

Just silence on the other side. The Lord didn't begin to speak to me at all.

But I went to my personal rhema card, that I've collected all these years. And the first card that I picked was: "I will not offer a sacrifice to the Lord that costs me little or nothing." And next to that: '"Able gave his precious lamb."

Ezekiel is precious to me, as well as Sarah--the teen who lost her life, and Grace the baby.

Having seen all this suffering, I felt as though I was standing at the foot of the Cross. And that I felt much as Mary did when Jesus suffered. Even on my own little scale. This event cost her everything she had to give, and even left a hole in her heart from that day forth. Which is a tradition from the Apostles.

The night he (Ezekiel) went through the crucifixion last Friday, I felt very much like Mary. Oh, what sorrow.

But it came forth tonight that we had allowed tormenting spirits of Unbelief to compromise our faith that Ezekiel would be healed. I confess, I was beginning to flag in my faith after all we had been through. Yet I knew steadfastly that Jesus promised, and it was Jesus who told Me He would heal him. Constant attacks against our faith and seeing him suffer from this new infection began to dwindle my hope.

The Lord came back with the Bible Promise Reading: "That which I have promised, I shall surely do."

And encouraging cards, "Begin to pray now for deliverance, healing and conversion and believe that what you ask for in My Name will be done for you!"

Then He backed it up with a Scripture: "Truly, truly, I tell you, whatever you ask the Father in My name, He will give you. Until now you have not asked for anything in My name. Ask and you will receive, so that your joy may be complete." John 16:23-24

And from the Passion Version:

"For here is eternal truth: When that time comes you won't need to ask me for anything, but instead you will go directly to the Father and ask him for anything you desire and he will give it to you, because of your relationship with me. Until now you've not been bold enough to ask the Father for a single thing in my name, but now you can ask, and keep on asking! And you can be sure that you'll receive what you ask for, and your joy will have no limits! John 16:23-24

And here, He is talking about relationship. Because of our relationship with Jesus, we can ask the Father and He will honor our request, because of our relationship and love for Jesus. How beautiful! That doesn't mean we use this to gain material goods, or selfish things, but only those things that will glorify God.

I have to say that no matter what the Lord allows in our day to day climb this mountain with Him, I know it is for our best. And I cannot turn back. His grace has strengthened me. He has answered my prayer. Seeing Ezekiel strong and feeling well again gave me courage and deep gratitude to Our Father in Heaven for His limitless patience and Mercy.

This intercession, guys, is so very different to me than anything I've ever encountered. But the Lord is revealing His heart, and the heart of His Father through these events. Allowing us to see them and experience them. We're beginning to see what the Father goes through. And the abortion issue right now is so very, very important.

Well, on top of all of that, now you can see more closely how weak I am. And that the Lord still sustains me. Even after all the miracles Jesus has faithfully done in our lives, I still must come to terms with and repent of Unbelief.

We walk by faith not by sight. But God, in His mercy, saw my heart needed a lift and restored Ezekiel to strength and peace tonight. All Glory to God!

And I want to take a moment to thank you, Heartdwellers, for responding to my request, so that we can continue to pay salaries for the people who work with us. And the outreach that we have.

And I wanted to let you know, too, that we are now tax exempt. And we're still going through the records. It took us two years to get this status. It was very complicated. But we are tax exempt and we can go through our records and provide you with receipts. But I'm not sure we'll be able to do it by the deadline for taxes. So, you may have to get an extension if you want receipts. 'Cause it'll take us a while to get those.

In any case, I wanted to thank you for caring and loving us. This is quite a journey we are on with the Lord. I've never seen anything like this. But I know that it's Him, and I know that sweet fruit is being borne from it. And I thank you so much for being a part of our Family and for praying for us.

And if you have stories to share and tell about what you've been through in intercession, we would love to hear them.

May His sweet peace cover and enfold you, and keep you. Amen.