The resources section has ideas/links for left behind packages

If you're not sure why you should, or exactly what you can prepare, please see the page Preparing for the left-behind for more information.

Note: This page will be updated frequently so please refer to it often.


Please download and prepare whatever you can. Here are some ideas. Also, even if you don't save the videos/media to CD, DVD or flash drive, consider saving a copy on your computer. Someone might just find it invaluable and prepare their own package after the rapture. Don't forget to leave a printed note beside the computer to tell them where to look.

The "basic" package

  • A copy of the Bible (or several if you can afford it)
  • Download a copy of the book "The rapture was real?" and if you can, print it out. Also, please consider saving it on a flash drive and several CDs

The "hope for the left behind" package

  • includes the basic package above
  • also get a copy of the Tethered album and save it also on flash drive, CD / DVD, and if you have an old phone or ipod that works, load it on that too.
  • Consider leaving a note behind as well, describing what you have left behind and why.

The "spiritual warfare" package

  • includes the "hope for the left behind" package
  • A copy of ALL the PDFs
  • A copy of all the e-books
  • if you have an old phone or tablet, load all the PDFs, e-books and any videos/audios you can download

Prepared "Tethered" thumbdrive packages

The prepared "Tethered" thumbdrive package is currently available for download. It will also be available for purchase with the content preloaded on a thumbdrive, with the same content.

Downloading the 16GB Tethered thumbdrive package

The content has been divided into sections and each section can be downloaded separately. Due to its size, if any section fails to download, only that section will need to be restarted. The download links for the Tethered thumbdrive are now available.

Resource distribution locations

For your convenience, some resources will be linked from here.

Tethered, Hope & Instruction for the Left Behind

At present, the Tethered album is available at the following