The resources section has ideas/links for left behind packages

In addition to the teachings of Clare du Bois, we will begin to provide additional resources here. The purpose is to create a "one-stop shop" area, giving you access to prayers, instructions for the left-behind as well as other information. Please return for updates.


Available prayers include the Divine Mercy Chaplet, the binding prayer, dwelling prayer.

Youtube playlists

Other Teachers. The most comprehensive and compelling argument for the Rapture taken directly from Scripture and skillfully woven together by Chuck Missler, a world class scientist and military research expert.

Preparing packages for the left-behind

Please consider preparing packages for the left-behind.

The site is now capable of generating e-books by month.

Prepping for disaster (food, supplies, etc)

Having a well stocked pantry of non-perishible foods is always a good idea for most emergencies, but what is the line between prudence and paranoia? The page Prepping food and supplies for disasters attempts to answer that and to provide valuable information.