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August 5, 2022Charge of the Heart Dwellers Brigade..
August 5, 2022Fall Back Into My Arms..
August 5, 2022The Road to Emmaus Luke 24..
August 4, 2022Massive World Hunger..
August 3, 2022See To The Needs of Others..
August 3, 2022Close the Door or Suffer..
August 3, 2022As It Was In Noah's Day-Strange Phenomena..
August 2, 2022The Shield of Love..
August 2, 2022I Am Calling My Artists and Musicians..
July 30, 2022No Condemnation..
July 30, 2022Walking in Miracles..
July 29, 2022Discernment Trials and Ukraine..
July 27, 2022The Tide Is Turning -Rapture..
July 27, 2022The Poison of a Complaining Heart..
July 27, 2022The Ultimate Battle..
July 26, 2022What We Will Do Together in Heaven..
July 25, 2022Heat Wave-THIS WORKS..
July 25, 2022Contending for the Faith..
July 22, 2022Bizarre Events..
July 22, 2022Habits Deadly to Your Soul..
July 21, 2022A Snake or A Fish..
July 21, 2022Comfort The Suffering..
July 20, 2022Deep State Plans Against Us..
July 20, 2022The True State of Man's Hearts..
July 20, 2022Make Me Smile..
July 17, 2022You Are On the Brink of WW3, PRAY!!!!..
July 16, 2022A Well Watered Garden..
July 15, 2022The Crime of the Century..
July 15, 2022The Power of Spontaneous and Heartfelt Prayer..
July 14, 2022Accept My Love..
July 14, 2022Pray for the Brainwashed Youth..
July 14, 2022From Brainwashing into Mind Control..
July 13, 2022About How We Represent Jesus..
July 13, 2022Gifts of Healing and Music..
July 11, 2022Unbelief & Scrupulosity..
July 7, 2022Is Your Christianity Authentic..
July 5, 2022War Is Upon Us..
July 4, 2022The Trials of War and God's Provision..
June 29, 2022Where Did The Bible Come From
June 27, 2022Water Seeks the Lowest Places
June 24, 2022Rapture Delay-But For How Long
June 23, 2022Leviathan Spirit Infects the Church
June 22, 2022Clear the Dross From Your Hearts
June 20, 2022The Tragic Aftermath of War
June 16, 2022Jesus said This is a Time of Peril
June 15, 2022Where Will You Be When The Effluent Hits The Fan
June 14, 2022Storm of Chaos
June 6, 2022Stand, I Am A Man of My Word
June 2, 2022Your Security
May 30, 2022Your Hope Is In Heaven