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April 4, 2018

Jesus, You are the Truth and there is no lie or darkness in You. How grateful I am for your lessons in discernment. Please, help us get past our own agendas and to embrace only Your truth. Amen.

Well, my dear family, I really long to share with you all that is in my mind and on my heart. I don't want to wait two or three days to tell you about things. I feel like I need to tell you when they are happening. So, I'm going to share this tonight. It's a lesson in discernment for us.

We have some very dedicated prayer warriors that go the extra mile, anytime of the day or night. And when we call them up--they swing into action. I want to share with you our quandaries with discernment, in hopes that you will all learn something from it, even as we do. Rather than wait, I wanted to do this now, so that you would have a real inside glimpse of what we go through--knowing that it will happen to you, sooner or later.

It began yesterday, a little after 9:00, when Ezekiel called us together because of his pain and travail.

One of our group said, "I saw a lamp swinging from a ceiling, the kind that looks like a wide bell, and a single light bulb inside. Then I saw buildings, multi-story ones and I heard the word 'Ecuador'. I saw clouds of dust rising. I saw walls and rubble down onto a children's school, with the top of children's heads showing, trapped under the walls..."

This was given by one of the prayer members in the Team.

Another person said she saw children a little older. "They needed to hear about Jesus, and they did and accepted Him." And she was present to them in the spirit.

"I also saw two little girls alone, hemmed in by debris, in the same place as the other children--they were petrified. In the spirit, we went to comfort them. I began hearing Holy Spirit singing them a song--and then there was silence. And I knew they had choked on the lack of oxygen/dust and passed."

EZ saw that there were violent after-shocks...

"I had the thought or feeling for many minutes that this was caused. Bible Promises gave me 'Holy Spirit' when I asked. I don't know how or what, but some evilness set off whatever resulted in the earthquake forming."

(Clare) And when she said this, I thought of Tesla Technology, which can do these things. So, really, I'm reading this in the first person according to what they've given me. And I'm just making comments on the side.

"Ezekiel kept seeing some who were still alive. He asked for confirmation. While we are praying, people are covered up--but still alive, he said. All we can do is be there with them. He saw an overhead electric wire--the big ones that feed everyone in so many miles' radius, and it was broken. People are not only covered up, but literally impaled by shards of building materials."

One of our warriors said many, many angels have been sent out, over and over again.

"I saw many roofing tile in pieces," she said. "Half round. Then found a picture of an Ecuadorian Old-City house and it was just like the roofing materials they used in the house."

"EZ was suffering. Very, very severe pain in his abdomen and chest. How can anyone still be alive, crushed liked that? The Lord did say and confirm that's the reason he was being suffocated. He told him even days and weeks ago: whatever is hitting him, that's what the people are going through. That's why he was coughing. A slab of rock or terracotta had pierced someone. He is seeing that there's a reason for every symptom, every pain--and that's what those we pray over are going through.

"Holy Spirit has been praying with one of the intercessors for the souls involved in doing this... She, too, has heard that someone set it off, and was responsible for this earthquake happening.

"EZ kept seeing the city of Quito in Ecuador. And something off the coast of China or that area. On a map, it is a straight shot from the eastern coast of China and North Korea. It is also on the Ring of Fire.

So, I (Clare) got on the computer and pulled up the quakes and saw that there indeed had been a quake near Quito which began at the same time we were called to prayer, 1:15 their time. But it was only 4.3 earthquake on the Richter Scale. And in Quito, the date was also 4-3. April the 3rd. Coincidence?

Within the last hour there had been several earthquakes along the Ring of Fire. As I looked at the quake map, there was activity across the Pacific as well, but moderately low. Not one earthquake pointing to that kind of devastation.

"Another one of our warriors has been seeing a symbol from long ago that has morphed into a flag now. But the symbol is ancient--the crescent moon and star--flag of Islam, the religion the New World Order will use to gain control of the world and slaughter populations."

And on that note, I was just envisioning them using the Muslims to kill off a lot of the inhabitants of the Earth. And then doing away with the Muslims when they're done. Who knows how that will end?

Well, we know for sure the Lord is going to be the victor on that one!

So, here we begin to wonder: did our prayers--along with others who were called in that hour--actually stop a much worse earthquake?

Well, that certainly is a possibility, but I wanted to look at all the Bible Promise Readings we got during this event, because we checked on every vision or incident. Was there anything contrary to the suggestion that the quake could have been much worse if we hadn't prayed?

And yes, there was. Someone saw a collapsed school with children and there are no children in school at 1:15 A.M. in Ecuador.

Again, I asked myself: Are we being played by the demons? Or perhaps this was a quake that was going to happen in the future?

So, we decided to pray and go over our readings again.

At the very beginning of prayer, through one of the warriors, a word was given. And that word was: Gossip. Now, I believe that may have been the Lord warning us we were about to be deceived. The person who received it took it as a personal rebuke and was distracted away from what was going on, because they felt badly about themselves for gossiping! Even though they couldn't figure out where in the world they gossiped. That definitely has nasty fingerprints on it.

When we come together to pray, we want to be present to the need--not searching our hearts for who we gossiped against. However, it is a very good idea to spend time in repentance before prayer, because if we are not right with the Lord, our prayers are not as strong. But the devils know we believe this, and they can cause us to be scrupulous and divert our attention to keep us from being effective in prayer.

And I want to say that the second most common fault (the first one being not listening to the Lord and not believing...) The second one is reacting to a word as if WE were guilty--rather than applying it to the situation we're praying for. And you know? Souls that want to be very meek and humble and honest before the Lord, they tend to internalize anything that's negative. And search THEIR souls to see if they did it. And the devil uses this against us.

Then one of our number asked: "WAS there a disaster there last night, Lord?" In Bible Promises the answer was: Help in Troubles.

Now, that could easily mean "I will help you; there is a problem with your discernment" or it could mean "God's help for the people."

Do you see dear ones? You can't assume anything. Things have to be brought before the Lord and weighed. When someone wants to pinpoint their location, they need two coordinates and where they intersect is where they're at. So, for us, it means two points of discernment and finding where they connect to one another. That's why we need to work together.

She also said, "SOMETHING happened last night, there, and children died. Was it an earthquake?" Bible Promises: Laziness. 

BIG RED FLAG! Why would He give us laziness? I most often get this title when I am being distracted away from what I'm supposed to be doing--when I've chased rabbit trails. One of the Scriptures under Laziness is "Drink water from your own cistern." This could mean that we were being given information from another cistern--the enemy's.

What else could this mean? We didn't pray enough? I don't think so; we prayed for a long time. Really, until we felt a release. Actually, it wasn't as much a release as it was just a fizzle... It just kind of fizzled out.

"Was it a blast of some sort?" was her next question. Bible Promises: Seeking God.

Now, that always means: Go Deeper. Go deeper and wait on Me. It usually means: "No. There's something else going on here. You're going to have to go deeper if you want to know what it is." At least, for me it means that. If we had gotten "Holy Spirit" we could have taken that as a confirmation, IF the other rhemas lined up with it.

Another question: "Was there demonic influence going on just to keep us at prayer longer, as Clare suspects?" Mercy was the answer from the Bible Promises.

That could be Mercy for the victims and the BIG quake didn't happen. Or it could be that He is being merciful with us, by disclosing this as a trick of the enemy. "The LORD longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you." That's part of the Mercy reading.

So, is He acknowledging this was a deception, and He granted us mercy--so we could spot it?

Oh, discernment is no easy thing; it requires childlike faith, but the wisdom of a serpent.

And her final question was: "Should we have stopped praying any earlier?" And she got: Pride.

Now--that's a RED FLAG! Big one. This would tell me that somewhere along the line we've missed it and got into our own flesh or maybe even our own sense of importance.

And on this note, I just want to interject that I think it's important for us to have an idea of what is going on when Ezekiel is suffering, who we are praying for, etc. But. Trying to get too many details can be part of a ploy that causes us to fall into Pride. 'Well, it's so-and-so and here's such-and-such. And here's that, here's this.' I mean, all these different details. When it gets to be superfluous details--that's when I think the red flags should go up and say, 'Okay. Now somebody's playing us, because we didn't need to know these things. All we needed to know were the basics, so that we could pray.'

So, if it starts to get too flowery and too complicated, you can begin to suspect that someone is being played and being shown things. They are definitely being shown things--it's not like they're dreaming these things up. But it's feeding their pride. That can happen really easily. It's happened to me so many times, more than I can count. Well, and it's brought me to the point where I'm very suspicious when that happens to anyone else. That they're being played.

One danger in any prayer group is that we see ourselves as inferior or superior, because of the knowledge that is entrusted to us. This is a dynamic fostered by Satan to create division. If one feels inferior, they will always seek justifications for their opinion. If one feels superior, they will be blind and discount others, looking down on them. Or even obvious evidence to the contrary of their own opinion--they'll ignore it. We have to come into prayer with fear and trembling and a solid sense of value in Christ alone, with no personal sensitivities and a ruthless commitment to truth to make this work. It's the way it has to be.

And to make it all the more complicated, we can ask the Lord through rhemas--but that does not mean that the answer He gives us will be the answer to our question. Very often, there is a more pressing matter in the forefront of His mind that we're not aware of--and He will point us in that direction, first. that frustrating!

So, the more appropriate question is: "Lord, what is first and foremost in Your mind right now?" And once that is cleared up, then you can move on to what's first and foremost in OUR mind.

All these possibilities left my head swirling last night, so I came to the Lord, "Lord, I don't know what to believe."

And I heard Him answering me, "Why do you think I put you in this position?"

To help with discernment.

"That's right. And Clare, your job is never done. There will always be something more to discern."

Oh Jesus, I cling to You.


"Dear one, you are not far from the truth."

Lord, please answer me about last night?

He answered, "What do you think?"


He answered me again, "Is that what you think?"

I suspect it, Lord.

"Well, you are correct--you were all taken for a ride. This is no reason to give up, Clare. It is merely a caution that you all need to pay better attention to the signs. I know you are in the grips of his agony, but still you must learn to steer the ship when there's a storm.

"The presentations are very convincing. Working together is challenging. And you all have a lot to learn about listening to one another and recognizing warnings.

"One person is especially sensitive about children being hurt; another is longing to make it better, to help. Another to define. Others do take pride in knowing this and knowing that. There's nothing wrong with these traits in and of themselves, but when Satan wants to exploit a soul, he looks for their weak points--the things that really matter to them, what they're willing to defend--and he uses that against them.

"As you said, he plays them. I am training you to pray together and be more clever than the enemy.

"Look at the fruit. Are you being drawn together or pushed apart? Do you have peace and resolution at the end of your prayer, or is it confused? You have had many authentic episodes and last night was different; that should catch your attention, as it did. That kind of change should be a warning sign that something is off.

"I can tell you this much, you are doing damage to the kingdom of darkness. Even though it is only a little damage, it is still threatening--especially if you should grow.

"So, what do you suppose the enemy does with a group that's threatening?"

Send a spirit of division?

"Exactly. Make one feel slighted by another. Cause distrust, confusion and differing reports. All of those are signs of the enemy tampering with something that started off good and pure. When you see that, you need to do exactly what you are doing right now: regroup, go over the symptoms with a fine-toothed comb to reveal the inconsistencies.

"This IS Me, you know."

(I was having doubts but I did not say anything to them.)

Then I answered, "I thought it was You, Lord."

"Well, it truly is, and you are doing exactly what needs to be done. Reminding yourself that it's not important who says what, who does what--only the truth is important. And each member of the team must be more than willing to be wrong, or there will be internal power struggles for dominance. It should come as no surprise to you. I want to be dominant, and will allow setbacks when someone begins to rise up. Or to think that they should be dominant.

"My Beloved Saints, I want you all to work together without any regard for who said what, who was given what, which prayer was effective and which wasn't. And who said that prayer, anyway...

"Uh are seeing yourself in there, aren't you, Clare?"

"Yes, Lord...You caught me."

I tend to lean heavily on communion, and having a communion service while this is going on. And that it will have the effect that breaks the oppression. Now in the past, it has. But the last two--it hasn't. So, I have seen that many times, but if it's my personal soap box, I will defend it if it is threatened.

You just can't afford to have an opinion. You can't afford to want to defend ANYTHING. You just can't. Holy Spirit is the only opinion that matters.

Jesus answered me, "Good, you are willing to be caught. Please do not concern yourself about what comes through one or the other or all of you. Before Me, all of you are on the same level and I do not support the need to be right in anyone. Rather, I support meekness and those who are ruthless with confessing their faults and putting down their flesh.

"I tell you this, because Satan will find that weak point and exploit it to the fullest. He will even go through the trouble to stomp on that button over and over again without your knowledge that they've been wounded, so that member will be tender and defensive. Then he will orchestrate a move to cause someone to touch that hotspot and set off a reaction that causes them pain, enmity and leads to division.

"Your job is to see it coming and open it up to the Light. That's why I keep telling you that transparency is absolutely vital to your survival and healing, which you need on a daily basis.

"Confess your sins to one another and pray for each other so that you may be healed." James 5:16

He continued, "This is a very important teaching about working together, My dearly loved ones. Without transparency, you can fall prey to division. I want each of you to look out for the welfare of the other. Know the tender places and apprehensions of one another so that you can calm them in the storm. Charity, above all, will hold you together in prayer. Wrap your hearts and minds around one another, protect each other--but without compromising on the truth. Be in solid, heartfelt agreement that only Truth matters.

"Please. Continue on as you have been doing. This is a very important work to Me and I am with you. Continue to pray. Fast as you can. Pay close attention to your sins and repent immediately. You must be in season to pray, all the time. You cannot afford a sin to linger or you will be less effective in deliverance.

"I love you, dear ones. I honor your great faithfulness to pray at all hours of the day and night. I honor your attempts to yield to one another. And because you are doing My will, I will increase the anointing and protect you from marauding demons breaking in, stealing your time and dividing you.

"Just be very sensitive to one another and My Spirit and do not allow fear or politics to coerce you into saying, or not saying, something I put in your heart and mind."