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April 20, 2018

May you all be enriched by the sweetness of Jesus as you listen to this, and know that He has done for me what He wishes to do for you. You are so precious to Him! And these dialogues are for the purpose of demonstrating that to you, dear family.

When I came into prayer tonight, it was with a heavy heart. I had allowed distractions into my life that were eating my time like locusts buzzing a ripe field of wheat. I felt such conviction and futility and was truly ashamed of myself. When Jesus approached me in a tuxedo, and I saw myself in an evening gown suddenly... everything came spilling out and all I could do was cry.

He took my two hands in His and held them over His heart. He was so poignantly aware of my deep feelings of failure and futility. I could sense that all He wanted to do was comfort and restore me. We were somewhere in the deep space of heavens on a dance floor suspended by four angels. There were comets rushing by, bursts of light and fireworks and it was so romantic.

But mostly, His attention was so riveted on me. His chin tenderly rested on my head and I felt His love and deep caring so intensely and all I could do was cry tears of gratitude.

Jesus began, "Oh, how I have wanted to talk to you, Clare. All this pain and sorrow, for nothing. Just for nothing. I know what you're feeling and going through. I understand it all and we are going to come out of it. Now. You have your priorities set in your heart, you see that your flesh is taking too much from your life. How I want to extricate you from this pit, Dearest. Will you cooperate with Me?"

Help me, Lord. I want to cooperate with You.

"Are you at the end of your end yet?"

I think I am pretty close.

"More circumcision, more releasing the foolish things. You try to fit them in, but they take far more time than you have to give them."

And what He's talking about here is, sometimes someone is sick or doesn't show up for work, I end up doing menial things instead of just ignoring them. And waiting for them to pick up on it the next day. Or if they are really busy, I try to help them out.

But really, I've got to be so much more focused on music than on this stuff. And also on my messages to you. 'Cause I want to share everything the Lord is doing. They're very exciting.

He continued, "This calls for more self-control in your life. More release of the foolish things. Are you with Me? The enemy has buffeted you with your own self-will and caused you to form habits. Once they work on you for long enough, they don't have to continue to do so--they only keep an eye on you to make sure you are still wasting time."

Wow! That's a revelation.

"But for the most part, they leave off with that work, since you're chasing your own tail under your own compulsion and habit. They just revisit to cause you to go further and further into it and make sure you don't get out.

"But I am removing that influence from your life and all you need to do is say, 'NO. I have better things to do with Jesus.'

"Because we do things together," He continued. "That is, the things that matter to Me, we do together. The other things--flights and fancies--you do on your own. Doesn't it feel badly when you know you are wasting time?"

Yes, Lord. It feels very badly. Lately I so relate to Paul. He said, "I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do. But what I hate, I do." Romans 7:15

That's interesting 'cause I got his rhema this morning and I thought, 'Paul. wow. Maybe an intercessor from Heaven.'

And then the Lord said, "Yes, Clare. You have those looking on at you who truly care for your predicaments and really want to help you--both by the example of their lives in history. And to pray for you. You don't even have to ask for prayer. They just observe your situation and their hearts are moved to pity."

Lord, You just gave me that Rhema and I wondered what it meant. "My Heart is moved to pity for you." Wow. Now I understand.

"It meant all the things you shed tears about tonight. I have much pity and deep understanding of your struggles. It doesn't suffice to say you are much too drawn to the world. You have to feel the deep futility of the time you could have been singing and instead you were doing something of the flesh. Something someone else could have done if you were more patient.

"But back to what I was saying. You don't have to send a message to Paul through My Holy Spirit. He gets it. Because the Great Cloud is completely saturated--for lack of a better word--with My Holy Spirit that permeates all of the created world. He looks with compassion on you, Clare. He sees your potential. He sees that you are falling the way he fell, doing things that wasted enormous amounts of time, and his heart. His loving heart cries out to the Father, 'Lord, help her!' because he wants to see you delivered and fulfilling your potential."

Oh, Paul, thank you!!

Jesus continued, "He also received a lot of prayer. He was not perfect, although he desired it with all his heart. I had to humble him many, many times through this fault we are discussing. There were times when he ripped his garments in two, because he saw the foolishness of his ways. That is why he has taken up your case to pray to the Father for your deliverance.

"So, we are working on this now, aren't we?"

Well, I certainly feel the conviction, Lord.

"And that's where it begins, Beloved.

"Now, I wanted to dance with you tonight, because above all things, even your function in My Body, you are My Bride, My Wife--and I long to comfort you as any good earthly husband would. I want you to know how in love I am with you, in spite of all your weaknesses. And I want you to try again, Clare, to get ahold of yourself and refuse these distractions.

"Now your enemies are going to flood you with them, because they understand what I am doing. But this time, I will not allow it. And what I do allow, will be to give you a hurdle to overcome. In other words, there are going to be distractions allowed that you, yourself, will have to exercise great wisdom and will-power to overcome.

"But I am with you and My grace is sufficient. You will be able to do this with much resolve. And don't forget, the Great Cloud is looking in on this battle and sending up prayers to the Father that you will indeed succeed. You couldn't have a better group of intercessors, although the ones you have on Earth have the ability to offer sacrifices to increase the power of their prayers.

"Coming to the conclusion that you could be doing so much more for Me is the starting point. And it's not just about productivity. I want you to be happy. I know you will be happiest when you share with others the marvelous gifts I have given you. And they, too, will be inspired to dig deeper into their treasure chest of goodies to see what surprises I have for them.

"It all works seamlessly and synergistically. My Body is as integrated and dependent on all the other parts as your physical body is. When one is out of whack, it affects all the others. Isn't it true that when you stub your little toe, the pain shoots through your whole body?"

Yep, it sure is! In fact, that just happened to me recently, and I walked around all day in pain.

"Well, that's what I am talking about. You are beautifully and wonderfully made--all parts fitting together, just as My Body is, with Me as the Head. And so, when one suffers, all suffer."

That's I Corinthians 12:26 He's quoting.

"Know that I am with you, Clare, and don't lose track of My presence--not even for a second. I am right here steering and guiding you. Please be responsive, as I am helping you.

"And for all of you, My dear Heartdwellers, who can relate with her plight. I want you to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am also with you in the very same way.

"Each of you have unique gifts, and for different reasons, the enemy has taken great trouble to make sure they do not get used. So, if you are feeling the pressure of this same thing in your own lives, know that I am also with you to pull you out of this pit--hopefully, forever.

"Understand that those closest to you will, at times, be the very ones to put demands on you that will steal the time that belonged to Me. There are times you should yield and there are other times you must draw a line and state your commitment to Me, and the right to decline the demands of the world they are trying to use you for. Many times, their lives are disordered, so they look to you to pick up the slack and fix it. There is a difference between being kind and enabling others to continue a lifestyle of disorder. I want you to be aware of that and take each distraction on its own merits and choose to be faithful to Me, not the world.

"On the other hand, if you have someone sick in your family and needs special attention, and you are the only one who can give it--then it is meritorious for you to stop what you are doing and serve them. This is very pleasing to Me. But if this becomes a self-serving habit for them, you will have to put the brakes on it.

"My family, the enemy comes to you under many guises. I also test you under many guises. You must learn to call on Me to help you discern those things that you should do and those things you should not do. In this way, Satan will not steal hours, days and weeks of your time. So, please. Pay attention to what you are doing each day and the time that belongs to Me. Do not compromise or give to any other activity. To do this, you must be very serious and crystal clear about the role that I play in your life and to whom is your first and greatest allegiance.

"I will reinforce this in your hearts. Listen for My still small voice and prompting.

"I bless you now with the heart to follow Me and to know the difference between the sacred and profane, and keep to the high road. Together we shall do marvelous things because you obeyed."

Wow! What a timely message! Thank you, Lord. I really needed that, Heartdwellers.

Well, I've also been reading Make Today Count by John Maxwell. And one of the things he brings to mind in his book is that many, many, many high-level executives do the things that are least important first. Like, clear the decks and then get down to the really important things next. And he's saying that's a mistake. You should do the thing that is most important to you first. And then do the littler things later.

And boy, I've struggled with that one. Because I love to get up in the morning and read replies and answer emails. But on the other hand, it doesn't quite feel right. What feels right to me is getting up in the morning and warming up my voice and working on a song. Which, once I get started on that, could be 6 or 7 hours go by before I'm actually ready to stop.

So, I definitely need to pay attention to that. And this book has really brought some things to mind in that area.

But, isn't Jesus wonderful? Just when we are feeling lousy about ourselves, He dresses us up and takes us out for the night! We don't have to be told we've blown it. We need to be forgiven, and lifted out of our mess. And that's exactly what He does for us.

Oh, Heartdwellers, love Him with all your heart. He deserves so much more from us.

And I want to take a moment to thank my dear friends who have been so kind and faithful to help our mission. April is always a hard month, because of taxes. And we wonder some days what the Lord is doing, if we have missed Him or what. But I have three wonderful people working for us and they are willing to take a cut in salary when things are skinny. I thank God for their immense dedication and kindness. We are truly blessed, Heartdwellers, with some very fine and committed people.

So, I want to thank those of you who are keeping us running; it means so very much to us. And during these times, we typically can't donate to child trafficking until things swing back up again. But we do take care of the smaller needs in our community. And I promise you, we will continue to support child trafficking as soon as our operating expenses are met.

And I just wanted to take a moment to answer our 501c3 objections that have been getting posted. I want to make this real clear. The Lord has never let us seek that status before 2016. But at that time, He told us to do that, because we were giving away a great deal of money that came to us to charities and local people in distress, paying electric bills, etc. Buying food. Paying the rent for a gifting shop, The Giving Tree, where people can go and get food and clothing and things for their house for free. Wonderful. And different food banks, as well.

So, we became a charitable organization--not a church. But a charitable organization under the 501c3 rules in order not to be fined for giving money away. We were getting fined for that. That makes it easier for those of you, also, who take advantage of a tax break.

There are many fine and well-informed preachers on the internet, dear ones. There really are. But please understand. Just because a prominent up-and-coming preacher or prophet tells everyone how bad 501c3 is... I'm sorry, but that does not replace the voice of God in our conscience. We have always marched to the Lord's tune and not that of any man. I wanted you to understand that we were told to do this by the Lord.

Of course, He already knew that President Trump was going to change the tax laws, and repeal that ugly law we have about us not being able to support a candidate publicly. So, you see, God knows what He is doing, and He know what is best after all. We just need to obey what He's saying to us at the time.

In any case, thank you, dear ones, for being faithful. It means so much to us. We truly love praying and giving to you and are deeply appreciative of your kindnesses to us.

And if you haven't gotten a thank you back, please don't be upset with me. You would not believe the burdens we've had lately, and it has been impossible for us, because of the huge volume of mail. But know that we love and cherish each of you in our lives, so very much. God bless you.