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May 7, 2018

Lord Jesus. Thank you for leading and guiding us. And thank you for Your unconditional love and the way that You come back against the lies and condemnation that the enemy splatters all over us. You come back and clear the air to show us how great Your love is for us. Thank you, dear Lord.

Well, true to form, my dear Heartdwellers, another dear soul was sucker punched today. And I believe the letter I wrote to her and the message God gave her will help everyone who hears it.

There must be a wave of condemnation being unleashed on the Body of Christ right now. Well, we can sure take that for granted--that's the modus operandi of the Enemy, for sure. But still, it seems like it's a little bit heavier than normal. Like a BIG wave, meant to shut us down.

But we must fight off those lies with the Words of Our Lord. With His promises. And Greater is He that is in us than he who is in the world. No greater love has any man than to give His life for His friends. We are justified by the Blood of the Lamb, not by our works. Yet we do have the obligation to live for Him and continually put our flesh under our feet.

My dear friend, who I will call Lanie for the sake of anonymity, who has some social/mental challenges, got caught up in a trap when she began a dialogue about God with a lady on Facebook. And she asked searching questions about God. I don't know this woman's intentions, and I do not know Laney's behavior was, but it ended up in an argument with the woman telling her she was doomed to Hell. This didn't sit very well with her at all. She went into a panic and called me in a state of hysteria.

Dear ones, never, never, ever engage someone in an argument over religion. Unless who you are talking to is truly interested, kind and using Scripture, you really can't trust who you converse with. When something very negative is suggested, it is time to recognize you are not talking to a person anymore. Something within them or behind them has paired up with Satan to hurt you. They might be starting this argument to amuse themselves or damage the other person. They could even be a troll who is targeting you because you seem vulnerable.

The Scriptures are so clear on this point, "Don't have anything to do with foolish and stupid arguments, because you know they produce quarrels. And the Lord's servant must not be quarrelsome but must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful." 2 Tim 2:23-24

And I think a lot of us who have been walking with the Lord already know, if things turn hostile, the person is NOT really interested in knowing the Truth. They're just defending their position. And it's a waste of time at that point. There'll be another time when the Lord will reach in and touch them, but for now, I just take it as a waste of time and I disengage myself from the conversation.

This woman had Laney believing she was doomed to Hell and didn't belong to Jesus, and she called me crying hysterically, wanting to know if God really loved her and was she really going to be taken and go with Jesus?

We talked for a little while and basically said the same things to her that are in this message. Then Jesus began speaking to her in His typically tender voice.

You see, she lives in an apartment building with other mentally challenged people, and it gets very trying at times. But she is always there to help others, to feed people on the street, to pray for them and do what she can to relieve them of their suffering on the streets of Vancouver.

So, here is my counsel to her.

"My dearest daughter, I know who you are! You belong to Jesus and only Jesus. And you opened the door to get a sucker punch by engaging this woman, thinking you could have a rational conversation with someone who poses as a Christian, but in reality, is not behaving as a Christian.

"Honey, you mustn't ever argue with someone over God; it is a set-up from Satan to bring you down.

"First of all, a Christian woman would build you up--not accuse you, and if you started to get snarky with them, they would excuse themselves and not go any further in the conversation.

"This woman was sent by Satan to disturb and hurt you, and by contending with her, you opened the door for demons of Fear, Rage, Depression, Condemnation to come in. So, in the Name of Jesus, I rebuke you, demons of Fear, Rage, Depression, and Condemnation. Leave now in Jesus Christ's Name. Go to His feet and never return.

"And Dearest, you can repeat this prayer. Now pray for the Lady... 'Forgive her, Jesus, she doesn't know what she's doing.' Forgive and pray for her, always. Don't allow that kind of thing to stick to you. It's poison! It doesn't hurt them, but it hurts you. She may very well have been a Satanist that saw your name and decided to take you on, finding you on Facebook.

"Within the first 10-15 minutes, if a person starts quarreling or pushing buttons, they are just looking for a fight to entertain themselves with. Politely excuse yourself and SHUT THEM DOWN."

Lord, what would you say to Laney?

"My precious little one. You are so little and so precious to Me, that I have no words to tell you what wonderful things are laid up for you in Heaven. For when I was hungry, you fed Me. When I was sick and My dishes were dirty, you washed them. When I was cold, you gave Me a blanket and hot coffee. When I was lost, you helped Me find My way. There are so many little things like that you have done every day that I couldn't list them all here. This is what the Christian walk is made up of. You are one who resembles Me, My Daughter.

"You are My little knight in shining armor in your neighborhood. You've cared for Me every time you saw suffering. When you gave yourself to the needs of the poor around you, every time, I added more and more things to the mansion in Heaven I am preparing for you. In this place, you'll have all your favorite animals to play with and even some you didn't know existed. It is a wonderland I will soon take you to, and your animals are all waiting for you eagerly, with great love and expectation."

And that's been my experience, guys. When I come to Heaven, my animals are so happy to see me!

Going on, Jesus said, "Not just your pets, but many other animals that on this Earth died and needed a human friend in Heaven to love--and they CHOSE you.

"Your supposed lack of faith in Me, I have covered when I shed My blood on Calvary. You have survived the darkest family life and come out praying for your parents. Most who lived like you did, curse their parents. But not you! You pray and care for them, in spite of the brutal ways they cut into your soul. You are this way because YOU BELONG TO ME.

"Yes, Laney, you are MINE. And I cannot wait to have you with Me for all eternity and to show you all the wonders I've created to delight your soul. And as you eat from the trees along the River of Life, the fruit that heals and the leaves. And drink from the Living Water. All the evil things done to you, still warping your heart, will leave you forever, not to be remembered. All the wounded places will be healed. And for the first time since you left Heaven as a mere baby, you will be made whole and perfect and free--a freedom you have never known.

"You and I will fly to the coastlands of Heaven, soar through the clouds, swim beside the porpoises, fly with the birds. And we'll go exploring together, and on your very own horse you will ride. And I will ride My horse with you.

"What beautiful things are awaiting you, My tiny little queen! I honor all you have done for Me in the poor. I never forget a thing; all is written in the Books of Heaven.

"Now I will ask of you a simple request. Do as Clare has asked you to do. Listen to this soaking music, and as you listen, I will speak to you through every song. You cannot hear Me, because your spiritual ears have been so traumatized, you've shut them tight. But I will enter into your heart through this music and you will come to know how much in love with you I am.

"I would ask of you another favor, dear one. I do live inside of you and I hate horror and violence. Sweetheart, when you listen and watch these things, because I am inside of you, I must hear them and watch them, too. They are so hurtful to Me and inspire hurtful behavior in others on Earth.

"Not only that, but demons enter through your eye-gate and ear-gate, and later they torment you with nightmares and fantasies that are evil. I cannot stop them from coming in, because you of your own free will have chosen to listen to them. I will never transgress your free will. So, if you want these horrible things to stop, you must shut the door to them and never watch them again.

"There are plenty of Christian movies, well done, that will encourage you. Plenty of Christian music that will also minister and heal you. What you listen to now and watch is actually making you physically sick. You have tried so many ways to heal your body, but none of them bring results--because the illnesses you have come from the demonic world and what you have allowed into your body by watching these horror movies.

"Laney, will you stop for Me? Will you realize that I, too, must see what you are seeing and it makes Me sick at heart that this is happening to you, even without your knowledge? But it is happening to you, with your consent. Shut the door to evil and I will begin to heal you.

"Put your music on a playlist, as Clare suggests. Put it on 'shuffle' and allow Me to romance you with My feelings for you by picking a song I want to sing to you. You can count on it. If a song comes up, it's because I chose it for you, to tell you who you are to Me. Just the same way I did when you heard the song 'I'm Your Angel.' You knew I was speaking directly to you. Please be aware and believe; when you put that playlist on shuffle, I AM THERE. And I will choose the song that most fits My feelings about you in that moment.

"My precious Laney, the devil is very clever and he inhabits many of the people you live with. I am asking you to be more careful what and who you expose yourself to.

"Ask Me, using the Bible Promises, if you should answer the phone or the door. Learn how to hold people back from using you by praying and asking Me to intervene, 'Jesus, do you want me to answer the door? Or stand back and not answer it?' Then, do as I suggest, and pray for those at your door. If you are not to open the door, simply pray and ask Me to send them away--and I will.

"Not everyone you run to help, Laney, is sent by Me. Many are sent by the devil and you, yourself, have to learn how to draw the line and say, 'no.'

"There are more reasons than I can count why I am so in love with you. You resemble Me very much. You are looked down upon, you are poor, you are kind and generous, you pray for your enemies. You pray for My servants Clare and Ezekiel. And do you know? Your sweet, innocent, sincere prayers are partly responsible for Ezekiel's healing? Yes, I heard you and I saw how you questioned if I even cared or was listening. But I moved on your behalf and granted them a very sweet blessing and healing because of your prayers.

"I know you feel as though you cannot trust Me. But no matter. I trust YOU to take care of a poor man on the street. I trust you to love your animals and pray for them. I trust you to pray and listen to Clare and Ezekiel. I trust you to stay away from unclean things. I trust you in so many ways...

"So, you see? Trust is not only one way. You may not trust Me, because the people who were supposed to represent Me did evil things. But I trust you, My Little One, and I know if I send you a hurting soul--you will do something to make their day better.

"In time, Daughter, you will come to both know and trust Me. But for now, just watch how people are being blessed through you, even in the little things. And know that I am right there with you at your side, watching you. And I am PROUD of you. You will be in Heaven with Me and we will live happily ever after.

"Save this letter and go back over it. These are My promises to you. And look for Me at your right hand. I am always there."

That was the end of His message.

She wrote me back, and she said: "Thank you. That email made me cry again, but not as hard, and for the precisely opposite reason I was crying before.

"Tears started falling again when I read this: 'It is a wonderland I will soon take you to, and your animals are all waiting for you eagerly, with great love and expectation. Not just your pets, but many other animals that on this Earth died and needed a human in Heaven to love. And they CHOSE you.'  

Then she said, "Thank you, Mama Clare, and thank you, Jesus. I will try hard not to watch horror. I will stay away from the ones that are obvious Horror. Can you ask Jesus, Mama Clare, if I can still sometimes watch Terminator 2: Judgment Day? That is my favorite movie. It's not about monsters or demons, but in the future. The machines humans build become self-aware and turn on the humans. It is more of a thriller."

Well, my dearest, I think I can answer that without asking... And I don't ask Him for words. I allow Him to speak as He wishes to me. If I ask, I may get a false word, so I am very careful to let Him say what He wants to.

You see, those thriller movies do release chemicals in your body that get you 'high,' in a manner of speaking. And they distract you away from everyday pain and boredom. However, if they are about hurting others and destruction, it pains me to see them.

She continued, "Before I go to sleep, I have to go to the Independent Grocery and buy yogurt tubes and hand them out to the poor. There are 8 in a box and they are on sale right now for 1 dollar a box. I will do that now.

"Your message lifted up my spirits, Mama Clare. Thank you."

Aww... That was so sweet. It's encouraging to get a reply like that.

My dear Heartdwellers, some of you are still looking for some way to make a difference in the world. You can make a difference by writing to people you know are hurting. The Lord will at times speak right through you onto the pages of your letter. You will even feel the signature of the Holy Spirit; it will be quiet peace and joy that you touched someone with Jesus and their pain was eased.

You can do all of this, because He lives in you. So, I am asking you, be faithful to counsel and comfort the hurting. Then you will resemble Jesus more and more every day and He will see you clearly when He comes looking for His Bride. You will stand out among millions, because you have His Heart.

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers. Please do pray for us. We still come under attack and it unseats us at times from doing what He wants us to do with our time.

We need your prayers. Ezekiel is maintaining his healing, but I must tell you the enemy hates him with a vengeance and continues to attack his body--but in bizarre ways.

A pain here... I lay hands on him and it moves to over there, another place. I place hands on that, and again it jumps and moves to another place. There is no rhyme or reason, they just do. It is disheartening to see him doing so well and then get an attack, out of the blue, unrelated to anything from before--just strange, stabbing pains.

We are looking into learning more about these attacks and how to fend them off, when it is God's will, and I will be sharing that with you as we find out more.

But two people I recommend you read are Dawna de Silva (that name is spelled Dawna) and John Ramirez. I have not read everything they have written, but I can tell you they are very effective in dealing with demons--so I do recommend them for that.

Last night, I ran across an article that talked about Kim Clement's pre-mature death. And the one speaking about it said that she believed there were not enough people praying to cover him. That could be maybe because he didn't talk about the attack that he was under.

Carol and I are thinking about that, in respect to Ezekiel, even though we are little nobodies. Still--the dynamics, if true, could be the same.

So, keep praying for us as we get on our feet and move forward. May the Lord's precious guidance be heard clearly in your ears and heart every day.

Love you all.