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June 2, 2018

Lord, forgive me for neglecting your flock. And grant us all the grace to walk alongside the Hurting that visit our Channel and share the wonders of Your love for us with them. Amen.

Now, my very precious Heartdwellers, truly I owe you an apology for neglecting to be on the Channel more often. I love those moments when you share your heart and I can understand you. And I am making a fresh commitment to be with you more often.

I do need to ask you a question though. Do you see my replies a day later? Because a lot of times I'll come on and spend quite a bit of time answering things that have been asked as day or two beforehand. And I never really know if you get those. So, let me know, would you?

I am asking this question, because sometimes I answer you late at night and I don't know if you'll ever see my answer the next day if there's another video. I don't want to waste time answering a question you'll never see. So, please let me know. And I might even be able to adjust my schedule to be there the same time during the day that you're there. And that's another question. Once you've made a comment, do you go back to see if it's been answered that day? So, with a little more information, I think we can be in better communication together.

I really want to connect with those of you who are hurting, so I ask these questions. When you set up your own YouTube account, please be sure to enable communications in the settings--because I will go directly to your account and try to send you a message. The problem comes when you haven't enabled that in settings, and there is no way to reach you.

Except perhaps on Facebook... Have you ever tried to find someone on Facebook?? It's shocking how many people have the very same name! Now there's even a Clare du Bois on Facebook--she spells her name just like I spell mine... although I think she's 50 years younger than me. LOL.

The volume of mail that I get is high, but I have not been faithful with the little things. I could have spent more time answering, and the Lord really has convicted me that some of you are crying out with a painful heart, soul, and spirit issues. And I know there is nothing more painful than feeling lost and confused in the spirit.

For this reason, I am deeply sorry and am going to make sure I am more present to you. One thing I will do is read your letters and e-mails in a message on the Channel and answer you, without mentioning your name or location. And I am hoping you will listen to those messages with the word "Letters" tagged on. That way you'll know that I may have replied to YOUR letter in the message.

So many of you have similar issues in your lives. And I know these letters are going to bring you a great deal of comfort. Truly, we are all in this together! And though I feel like a mother to you, I also am convicted that I have not tended to my 'children' as faithfully as I should. I have allowed other things to get in the way. And I've even swallowed the lie that I didn't have time. And the Lord addresses that today.

You know the last message I gave you about getting the song out that day or the next day? What do you suppose happened to that song? I over-estimated myself in getting it done. There is far more to getting a song out than just singing it. There are a whole bunch of other considerations, which those of you who are musicians already know.

But that very day, I had a huge computer issue that just threw me into... oh, let's just say a big ditch. And I discovered double files and triple and quadruple files of songs, lyrics in all different places. And I knew that I had gotten further with the lyrics in the song than the sheet that I pulled up, and I was going to work on the song. And I thought, 'whatever happened to those lines in the lyrics?'

Well, I couldn't find the most recent ones, so I had to go on a search. And since the computer was being backed up for the first time in several different places, I decided I'd better pitch out the trash and clean up my files, while I'm at it.

So, I went through everything, looking for that file. And guess what? It turns out I had 5 lyrics folders scattered in four different places. And I had 6 copies of that song in lyrics. And I finally found the most recent version. We have a new security system now, and several backup systems, so I will never have another issue where I lose my entire music collection and lyrics. That's fixed, thanks be to God.

But with that came massive confusion about how many copies of sessions with the same song that I had. Oh, dear ones, don't ever be sloppy with your filing! It is so important that you have a good, clean system for storing things and that you maintain it. I must have spent at least 13 hours throwing out and merging duplicate files. WOW. What a lesson that was! As a result, I never got to touch the song.

Now the Lord has convicted me about correspondence. And so, I will put the song off a couple more days. I just couldn't get it out. I could just sing it and be over with it, but I want it to be a good song that has real substance. So, I need to be patient with myself and do it right. Thinking of singing it without instruments, but then instruments add so much. So, I struggle with that thought, too.

We are dealing with spiritual issues, and as I told one of our leaders today, the journal is so very important to going deeper in the Lord. She is leading new Christians that have some faith insecurities and we were talking about what we can do to help.

One thing is that we come to the Lord naked of any pretense, be be really gut real, and speak to Him as you write down your thoughts. You may even find that a voice comes in behind yours and begins to answer you.

But always test the spirit: "In the Name of the Living God, Jesus Christ, if you are not from Him you must be silent and leave immediately, never to return."

And if it is our sweet Jesus talking with you, then He is giving you personal, one-on-one instruction! And that's the cry of my heart for all of you, is to be able to get your instruction directly from Him. It's not as hard as it seems.

Then, when the Lord answers your dilemma, or the prayer that you made, write it down. And later, when you are faced with another difficult situation, go back to your journal and read how He solved other issues in the past. Oh, this is a tremendous Faith-builder! This really strengthens you for the journey, which sometimes feels like it goes from struggle to struggle, as your faith deepens and you are stretched by the Lord.

Another way to quicken your faith is to pull a couple of Rhema cards from your little file boxes and see what is on His mind. What He wants to say to you. You will be surprised how sweetly He speaks about exactly what is important to you at that very moment. And that's the reason why we have the rhemas on So that you can do that every day. And that builds Faith - because you realize, 'Wow! God is reading my mail. I mean, like He's right here with me in this situation. He knows exactly what I'm going through!'

Although, some of you have written and said, "Well, it didn't make any sense to me." And I'm sorry to hear that. And if you can, write to me and I'll try and help you with that. Or put it in the comments, and I'll try and give you a hand with that.

So, here are the cards that I pulled today:

"You have done well to read and study; allow it to settle, pray and act from the Heart."

Now when I got this card, I had just been very distraught thinking of those who have written me who I have not as yet answered--that perhaps they had painful, pressing issues and I should have written to them.

So, I grabbed one letter--just grabbed it. And it turned out to be from a young man of 21 and I answered him. Plus, we also sent him a Rhema book and some cards with the Lord's picture. And it felt so good to do that. I realized I had been so wrapped up in personal issues, I had forgotten how sweet it is to share with a hurting soul.

So, this card, saying PRAY AND ACT FROM THE HEART, just confirmed what I had done. I was sitting down to pray, as a matter of fact, and I realized that I hadn't touched the correspondence. And I felt guilty in that moment, so I just grabbed a letter. And it turned out that the Lord confirmed it. I ACTED from the Heart. 'Cause my mind was telling me to sit down at the altar and have a communion service. But something in my heart just wouldn't let me settle.

Another one. Another card that I got:

"At the sight of the crowds, His Heart was moved with pity for them, because they were troubled and abandoned like sheep without a shepherd."

Oh, that one really hurt. That's when conviction fell and I missed hearing and answering you all!

Then, the reading from communion also spoke to my heart. It was about abandoning all personal things for the Lord. This particular reading--even wife and children. Something we don't hear about too often. But it spoke to me that my mind was too focused on the time I didn't have, instead of the time I did have, and drawing the line as far as family and personal involvements go.

After that thought came another word of confirmation. In another card, it said: "My people can have what they say; instead, they say what they have."

Wow... I confessed right at that point, "I have all the time I need to answer mail and pray and do music, because when the Lord gives you a gift or a responsibility, He also gives the provision." But it's up to you to use that provision properly.

That's only one very tiny reason why none of you should EVER consider an abortion, because with the child comes all the things you need to raise that child by Divine providence.

Of course, that's a foolish reason to kill an unborn child--but it surprises me that people will actually abort a baby because of their financial status. Oh, that is so cruel! And if you say, "Well, this just isn't the time to be having a baby," (as I once did, when I was very young) you are wrong again. If the timing of this child weren't perfect for God's plan for your soul, He never would have sent the child in the first place.

When God gives a gift, it comes with total provision for that child from day one until they are fully grown.

Well, I just started confessing, "I renounce the lie that I don't have time, in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I have exactly the amount of time I need to tend to wounded souls, or Jesus would not have sent them to me."

Jesus began, "I am so glad you mentioned the reasons people are willing to kill an unborn child. Oh, My people, what is your thinking? 'I shouldn't have this child now, because I can't afford it?' Do you know who brought that pressure to bear in your thinking? It surely wasn't ME. I gave you the gift of that child with ALL the provision you would ever need, if you will consider raising the little one according to My plans and not the world's.

"How foolish to think that you can't have a child without thousands of dollars put away. Please, do not think as the World thinks. Rather, trust Me. That I will provide. Because I will! And trust that I know what I am doing when I choose the time for the child to be born.

"There is no greater gift or grace in your life, other than salvation of your soul and your husband or wife, than the gift of a child. Children do not need adults to raise them. As a matter of fact, most of you only become adults after you have a child. So, it is My provision to accelerate you into a new level of life that brings with it Godly maturity.

"But I want to ask of you, My people--care for one another with a tender heart. Clare should not be the only one to feel conviction. Many of you have the answers others need to hear when they are faced with trials, especially those of you who have been here since the beginning.

"Remember. I have warned you that you would be tried and tested with something very small that would open into something much bigger and cause you to abandon the Channel."

Gosh, that's happened to two people already on our Channel.

"There are yet many blessings I intend to pour out on you, My people. And the enemy has plans to take you away from this Wellspring of Life I continue to plant here. Do not allow your petty differences to separate you from those who love you. And those you love, as well.

"Yes, Clare is not the only wellspring. All of you are bubbling up with crystal clear waters of wisdom from inside of you! And how I rejoice to see you coming to the aide of a soul in distress and tending to their wounds. This opens the door for Me to shower so many more graces into your lives, because you were faithful to take the time to use the ones you already had.

"Yes, he or she who is faithful in the little things shall be given the greater to care for. Everyone in Heaven serves, and this is a perfect picture of Heaven when you come to each other's side. This is precisely the way things are done in Heaven. You have fulfilled the words of My prayer by doing this, 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.'

"Please, love one another tenderly and from the heart. And by this, you will prove that you truly are sons and daughters of the Almighty, for you love one another as I have loved you."