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June 6, 2018

Precious Family, I'm coming to you with a request from the Lord for serious, serious prayer.

Today in prayer, one of our intercessors saw that Holy Spirit is weeping over President Putin and Trump. There is a SERIOUS assassination attempt in the works NOW. Don't wait for the meeting with North Korea on Tuesday. Get busy NOW.

Somehow, the Lord is putting together Syria, N. Korea, China, Russia, Israel and the U.S. to create a Revival of epic proportions. This cannot be done without Presidents Trump and Putin. And right now is a very, very serious attempt being planned to take them both out.

Dear One, this is IT. This is the point of no return. We have to fast and pray for Presidents Trump and Putin, with their families, to live.

Our prayer warriors have been given this information, because we are all getting hit really hard. Ezekiel, for the last two days, has been in the worst pain and mental torment he has ever experienced in his life.

Holy Spirit is weeping, weeping, weeping over President Putin. President Trump.

Then Jesus began to speak to me, and He said, "If you want your President to live, get on your knees. This is the most elaborate and serious attempt on his life that has ever been planned. There are a number of places I can and will snafu this - IF you are on your knees. THIS IS CRITICAL!

"Without your serious intercession, this evil plan will succeed. The Elite world powers are trying to throw the world into total confusion, because they have lost so much ground and will be losing more. I need every man, woman and child on vigil prayer for these men NOW.

"Please, My People. Come to My aid. Hear My cries and help Me save the world from certain disaster and calamity. These men are so evil and hell-bent they will stop at NOTHING to destroy these Presidents.

"This is unlike anything that has ever been planned before. That is why I want you all on high alert. On your knees and praying for the safety of these men, and that My plans will go through unhindered.

"I will be with you in these prayers. My Spirit will lead you."