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June 10, 2018

Thank You, Precious Lord, for delivering me from evil. Amen.

Dear Heartdwellers, I awoke with the worst feeling of Failure I've ever experienced. I really viewed my work on this Channel as a major defeat, because I simply cannot quite get to things as quickly as I want to, no matter how hard I try. I was NOT a pretty sight!

So, I came into prayer... Actually, I was IN prayer and the Lord stopped me and said, "I want to talk with you." 'Cause He knew how bad I was feeling.

Jesus began, "This shroud of Condemnation you woke up with is NOT from Me. I can see that you ARE making efforts, and have I not rewarded you by taking away his pain?"

'Cause Ezekiel's been in intercession with pain since Friday.

"The guilt that you feel is NOT from Me," He continued. "How many times must I repeat Myself, Clare? How many times?"

'Cause it wasn't getting through to me...

"This cloud was assigned to you to make you so disheartened you would give up. Satan knows you were making progress, and that you face many obstacles. So, he pelts you with Guilt over everything.

"If you will just take care of the most important things, I will bring you up slowly from this pit. Take heart, My Dear Bride. I have not condemned you. Far from it! We are working to bring you out of this Pit of Despair and into the Light once again. We will not abandon the work of Our Hearts. Not with you. Not with anyone.

"Do you see, My People? The enemy has demons trained in vicious attack, to rob you of your joy, your hope and most of all, your destiny. When you feel that it's hopeless, you're making no progress, but just going around in circles--THAT is when I am closest to you.

"The enemy uses 'coup de grace' - the final blow, to do you in."

It used to mean: the action or event that finally destroys or ends something. Such as in bull fighting. And that's what he's using. He's looking to that as the last resort, to put an end to me.

"Except there will be no 'final end' for you," Jesus continued. "But the Glories of Heaven and Eternity. He is dreaming. You are going nowhere. Do not allow yourself to even think it. You are not a failure. You are just burdened with many things right now. See to the most important things, Clare. And the rest can wait.

"Have I not told you to answer a handful of people a day, and you will eventually get caught up? To My satisfaction? There are such glories waiting for you in Heaven that you could not fathom, even if I tried to explain it. It is more than what you're expecting, because you persevere.

"Notice. I am using the present tense. That means you HAVE persevered, you ARE persevering and you WILL persevere even more.

"In fact, there isn't any such thing as 'failure' in your life, now that you are doing your very best to live in Obedience and forsake your attractions for the World. Which is no small task with the opposition you are facing.

"None of you, Heartdwellers, realize how hot and heavy the opposition is, because they are using your own faults. To be sure that you come to the conclusion that you are one step away from reprobate, and it's all you and your character. Oh, these demons are clever! They dig deep until they hit a raw nerve, and then pile in their accusations until the tree withers.

"Do not listen to them, My people. You are facing monumental opposition. But I AM the Monumental God Who will carry you through.

"The devils also persevere, thinking you and all Heartdwellers will cave in, give up and fade away back into the World.

"No. That is NOT going to happen. Because they are Heartdwellers. They live their lives from My heart--sometimes unknown to them. They act from My heart. And so, from that place, they are strengthened from My very own Blood, to persevere and overcome. Giving up is not an option, for any of you, Heartdwellers.

"Where else would you go? From what place will you live this life of holiness? Certainly, you will not be pleased with the World after tasting the delights of Heaven!

"Do not give up! Persevere. Because I have put My Resurrection Power into your body, soul, and spirit. There is no way you can fail, as long as you keep trying.

"Get up each day and say, 'No matter how much of a failure I think I am, I will persevere and keep trying. Because my God is Faithful. He walks with me, giving me all I need to reach the Goal.'

"Then, believe that when you say it. Believe it with all your heart.

"As for you, Clare. Beloved, carry on. You would not be assailed with these thoughts if you were no threat to the enemy. He reveals the measure by which you are doing damage, by assigning so many evil ones to you. He does not waste a shot, Clare. He has so many to shoot at. He sends his best Marksmen to the ministry that is doing the most harm to him. Be encouraged. You are in that lot. He wants to stamp you out. Discredit you. And rob Me of all the souls who have left the World to become My Bride.

"He hates you with a passion.

"Carry on. I am with you to protect and nourish you. We are in the Promise Land. Carry on."