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July 17, 2018

Thank you, Jesus, for inviting us to keep vigil with You, and through our prayers and sacrifices, help to thwart the plans of the enemy. Please, give us Your strength, Lord, for I am too weak to stand there. Amen.

Lord, do you have something to share with us tonight?

Jesus began, "Yes. Accompany Me on My Cross, My little ones. I am calling the Pure of Heart to keep Me company in the shadow of the Cross, which is now stretched all the way across this country.

"For, what is good is called evil, and what is evil is called good--and a deep chasm has developed in this land. You said it so well, Clare, when you said, 'This country has studied and precipitated the downfall of many a nation around the globe; they are well-trained to do it here, as well.'

He continued, "Those who are feeding into this chasm are feeding into death and destruction of themselves. Those who continue to bridge it are holding on for dear life to bring it back together again. Prayer is more mighty than action, yet both are necessary in order to overcome the evils at work in this nation right now.

"They will not win, Clare. They will not prevail. But it is costing Me and My Body much. Much travail, much suffering, much personal loss... And yet, the hearts of those sacrificing for Me are a very peculiar treasure, unlike any other treasure I have."

And just as an aside, I want to say that I know Ezekiel is one of those treasures. He was hit with extreme agony today that knocked him for a loop.

Again the Lord has reminded me that he has offered his body as a living sacrifice...and although he gets up and has seemingly normal days, I know when the Lord is in agony--because Ezekiel is right there with Him. And yes, it is our enemies losing things on us. But the Lord normally does not allow them to land until He needs major intercession.

Jesus continued, "And in those moments that I need him, he is there for Me. Yet there are others that should have been here with Me today, and in the past week... but they were not.

"Dear little ones. The enemy has drawn you into the world again. You know who you are. I beg of you, return to the shadow of the Cross and comfort Me. I miss you terribly. The agony of loneliness in the midst of desolations only makes it worse, so do not fail to keep Me company. Be here for Me.

"It is their willingness to sacrifice that is setting the example for others, and getting the job done. I will not try them beyond their capacity to endure, but it isn't easy. And in fact, it is at times brutal."

Yeah...I know.

"Yet do not be bothered by what you lose, dear Patriots. You are holding the torch that keeps this nation, and indeed the whole world, in the Light.

"The darkness is losing, so they are doing everything in their power to persecute and taunt the support of your President. But they will not prevail, because many of you took Me seriously when I told you this is costing you much--but you must continue to pray; you cannot let up.

"When this breaks--and break it will--there will be a burst of blinding Light to reveal the truth of this nation's true enemies, and what has been hidden for so long will be brought to the Light.

"Cold, calculated and cunning, they spare no one. Not from the infants and toddlers to the elderly. They care not as destruction is spread. What is in their hearts is death and destruction to all that is right and good.

"Yes, and taking advantage of the warm weather, they are pulling together those who wander about doing nothing. They are giving them a cause to be passionate about, and make money, and stand out to others, so they will be noticed.

"But the sad part is, their minds are desolate of wisdom and blind to the limb they are sawing off--the very limb that supports them. They have neither creed nor passion. They are merely manipulated minds going through the motions, without any true grasp of what they are protesting. Though they are made in My image, they are going about like animals, looking only to fill their bellies with the poisoned money of drug and child trafficking.

"This is the massive welfare state Obama fed into, in preparation, to make them ripe for creating strife and division; an easily swayed populous. Plus, certain energies are being released in the areas that are demonstrating. Energies beyond their capacity to resist; energies that cause people to explode upon one another.

"I call upon you, who care, to continue to hold your President's arms high and do not let him grow weary. Support him in every way and educate the ignorant around you. It is your prayers, My people, that will finally cause this to collapse. It is your faithfulness that will defeat the enemy.

"Even if only for a time, it will open the doors for the conversion of masses of souls who are lingering on the Abyss, having no idea anymore of who God truly is. They are caught in a frame of mind that cannot consider Me until I visit them, and the reality of My visitation awakens truth within them.

"They cannot go back to where they came from, because they have witnessed extreme evil. And deep down inside, they know that is not God, nor is it merciful, nor is it great. Rather, it is shameful, immoral, and the depths of depravity.

"So, continue to pray and sacrifice My little, little ones. You are My consolation in the midst of torments. You are the fragrance of devotion in the midst of the stench of treason. You are the pure light of a single candle that defeats all the technologies of darkness.

"You, little ones, with your prayers and sacrifices--you are the ones turning the tide.

"So, continue on and count on My strength to endure to the end. For in those moments when you can no longer stand, truly, I cradle you in My arms on the Cross. And we together move Our Father's heart."