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November 23, 2014

God bless you, YouTube family,

I'm back with a message from the Lord, directing me at a time when we went through quite a financial crisis. It's called Dancing on the Waters of Adversity.

In an earlier vision with the Lord, I saw us dancing on the waves - not walking on the water - but, dancing on the water with stormy waves all around us. Just like Peter I knew I could not afford to take my eyes off of Jesus for one moment. The occasion of this vision was a combination of challenges from losing three-quarters of our meager income when one of the donors retired, to being challenged to whip my voice into shape for the songs the Lord had given me. For those of you who sing, I don't have to fill in the details of not being happy with your voice. However, with Jesus I can do all things [Philippians 4:13] and it is coming along but, that's only because I've been dancing on the waters with my God. He's given me the grace to accomplish what He has called me to do.

"I'm leading you", the Lord began, "I'm leading you on the path that will set you free from the fetters of the past. I have heard your cry to live this supernatural life and I am, in your hearing, answering that prayer. That is why things have been so treacherous and difficult for you when you count on men. I am teaching you by example only to lean on Me. Dance on the waters with Me, My Bride, and leave the world of men's devices behind. I know you long for this, because I put that longing in your heart where I dwell. My heart beat is synchronized with yours. Only when you step out of that synchronization do you find yourself in a quandary. Rest in the fact that I have promised to provide for you in all circumstances. Let your own agendas be carried away in my purifying waters."

I'll pause for minute and say that, we qualify for different kinds of government funding, being disabled. We qualify for a lot of different things, but the Lord has asked us not to turn to the government for support, because we are His servants and He wants to take care of us. Neither one of us hold jobs. We are in full-time ministry, which in itself is quite a job, between the hours of prayer and writing, and just carrying on with life - it is very demanding.

I'm sharing the message with you guys because this is something we are all going to be facing as Christians in this country. He wants me to share it with you, so you'll have more confidence in what He can do for you.

The Lord continued. "Soon my whole Christian community will be sifted and tested. This will cause them to leave the wilderness of their own worldly devices and into the freedom of My eternal Kingdom and sure provision for them. My children will have to let go of the foolish things of the past - things that I will not provide them with all the time, because they are not necessary to life - and indeed, in their superfluidity, are harmful to the spirit. They are to receive their sustenance from My words to them, from My love for them and from My faithfulness as a husband. What I did not provide is surely of no use to them. Rather it is a hindrance that I am pruning away, so they may bear more fruit. This is why you question the necessity of some things. And rather then tell you what they are, I wish for you discover them and offer them to Me. I will replace them with what is good and right for you. I am needing you to let go of more of your comforts, Clare."

"Oh Jesus, help me. I'm so weak. Give me a longing to let go. Please turn me off to those things. Help me, Lord."

Taking an aside here, there are quite a few things. I don't know if I can go without my chocolate for very long. There's just a few things that I would say are indulgences for most people.

So continuing on, the Lord said, "Well, as things become dramatically difficult, you will lose your taste for them and I will feed you more and more on the living waters of My word and My Spirit dwelling within you. Your mission requires you to let go, but your weakness will be a comfort to many who are similarly challenged. I have not called the capable and fully abled to this position. I have called weakness herself, because others can relate to you. Seeing your victory will give them hope, so don't lose heart, My love. Nothing I take from you do you need and I will replace it with the richness of My presence. There is nothing impossible to Me, therefore there is nothing impossible to you [Matthew 19:26]. You have been there before and you'll be there once again."

That's true. I went for quite a long time without a lot of comforts, probably a period of 10 or 15 years. I fear for those who have special needs, Lord.

"Is there anything too difficult for me?" He answered. [Genesis 18:14]

"I guess not," I said.

"Thank you for giving Me the credit," He replied.

"I'm sorry, Lord. I just know how determined we can be."

"And I'm not? With devices way beyond your capacity or desire to resist."

"Yes, I see your point."

"Good. That's a point to get stuck on. My people are captive in the desert of this world. I am leading them to the promised land of My Spirit, living in My Spirit... and the only giants they will have to fight are their own self-will and rebellion. But I have provided even for that. With the changes that are about to come about, there will be plenty of asking for answers, especially those caught up in prosperity doctrine. Rejoice, my daughter, your life shall become even brighter than noonday."[Job 11:17]

"This calls for a cookie," I said.

After my cookie, I remembered that my life before the Lord saved me was dark and dreary, lost and hopeless, without meaning. In fact, I remember one night kneeling in a field and the stars were twinkling. This was in Phoenix, Arizona. I looked up into the sky and begged, "The power that is to change my life and make me a blessing to others" to put my feet on the right and productive path of life, to make me useful to others. In fact, just before I was visited by my sweet Holy Spirit, I had a dream that I was lost on the city streets of a dark and ominous neighborhood in Chicago, very much like the one I grew up in - narrow one-way streets lined with 3_ story apartment buildings with the 6' strip of green grass outside where all the poodles went to relieve themselves. All of a sudden, I was transported to a brilliant beach, with the sun so bright it was nearly blinding - white sandy beaches and crystal waters. I was so happy!

Yes, the Scripture that says my life will be brighter than the noonday is exactly what happened to me instantly, at my visitation over 30 years ago. [Job 11:17] So, even though the world will mourn at the circumstances looming on the horizon, life for Christians will be brilliant and pristine... that is, if we will have it.  

I thought about those with needs for medicines and how difficult things could get for them and Jesus answered me, "My love, I can sum everything up in two words. Trust me. [Proverbs 3:5] That is all you need to know - and just keep dancing on the waters with Me."

That's the end of the message