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August 22, 2018

Thank You, Jesus, for these powerful weapons entrusted to us. Please teach us how to do battle with them.

Heartdwellers, the Lord wants you to have more information on the swords. They got lost in the middle of the other messages, so I wanted to take a moment with them. I've had some feedback on other people trying them, and they're very powerful.

Lord, please help us to understand these swords and how to use them.

Jesus began, "Well, since you asked, they are very powerful weapons against your powerful enemies. I have made it no secret to you that if you are on this Channel, you are getting cursed for being here. Satan hates Christians, but he particularly hates those who teach on knowing Me intimately, knowing and dwelling in My Heart, and My Bride.

"Dear ones, you cannot afford to be lax in spiritual warfare. Clare hates it, but it must be done."

Boy - I really do!

"You must protect your gifts, your family, and all your rights. I have taught you that first and foremost comes personal holiness, and that is your greatest protection."

And I just want to take an aside here and mention. Not only that, but also giving charity. Taking care of others. Donating your time or your resources is HUGE with the Lord. And there are so many Scriptures that talk about those who take care of others. Those who are generous. Look after the poor. That those will be protected sovereignly by the Lord. And He is continually reminding me of that.

Jesus continued, "But you must also fight the good fight. Because of the increase in persecution and attacks on this Channel, I have given you new graces, new weapons, and an increase in power to wield them.

"Now, I want you to understand that these swords will accomplish a great deal. The first is a Routing sword. Used to deliver you from demonic infestations, it is a warfare sword and resides on your right shoulder. Use this to behead and cut to pieces all demons coming after you. It is a very powerful weapon, but it must be used with conviction and resolve. In other words, believe I have given you a powerful weapon and use it strong and steadfast in that belief. It will do tremendous damage to the enemy.

"The other sword, which stays on your left shoulder when you are not using it, is for Discernment and Truth."

And I had seen these swords in scabbards, on the left and right shoulder. Ezekiel has been using these for a very long time. And then they were given to me. And then the Lord gave them to all the Heartdwellers, because we really are under attack, and we need all the help we can get!

"Bless your Bibles," Jesus continued, "and books with this before you go for a Rhema."

So, take your Discernment and Truth sword, and bless your Bible, your books, and even before you click for a Rhema on the Internet, bless your computer.

He continued, "Bless your computer and the Rhema page before you click on it. When discerning a situation, brandish your sword in a circle around your head and say, 'In the name of Jesus the Christ, every unclean spirit LEAVE and do not return.' This will help with the enemy's tricks."

And I want to mention here, that I wasn't too clear on exactly how He wanted you to say it. I think that I got that right, but I'm in the habit of doing that. I used to say, "In the Name of Jesus." But it came into my head that there are many people named Jesus. And... I thought, I really... I would feel a lot more secure if I could clarify this, and tell them WHICH Jesus. "Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord."

So, forgive me for putting my own spin on this. I'm just not really sure how He said it. And part of it, for me, is habit. And He'll give me an idea. He'll give me the idea and then He'll allow me to use my own words to explain it to you. So, sometimes it's very difficult to discern what HE is saying, exactly. And what I would normally say, if I had that thought.

Okay. Lord, should they bless their computers in the name of the Trinity: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?

"Yes, this is a very good practice. But say it with conviction, meditating upon us. Do not say it hastily or without conviction. When you invoke Our Names, We Are Present to you, right there. But it must be done with conviction. Mindfully."

Dear ones, I have seen many things change using this Triune Blessing. St. Antony of the Desert, Father of Monasticism, going aside to live in the wilderness to be alone with the Lord. St. Antony used the Triune blessing. And that's how he got rid of demons. Just simply making the sign of the Cross and saying it mindfully.

Also, St. Francis of Assisi got rid of demons in the exact same way. So, it is a very powerful weapon. But it needs to be done mindfully, with conviction. Ezekiel has blessed my computer and equipment, and it comes back online and does what it's supposed to do. I've seen cars start that had refused to start for hours. I've seen wind stops, floods stop, computers start to function correctly. Or something pops into my mind on what I'm doing wrong, why my computer isn't functioning the right way...all kinds of amazing things happen. It is a powerful habit to get into, especially when you suspect demonic interference.

And the way things have been lately? I just assume that that's where it's coming from. And of course, if it responds to a blessing and leaves, then you know for sure that was the source.

Jesus continued, "My children, I want you to use these swords every single day. Why? Because every single day there are assignments on you, there are seals on you, and coverings that you must rip off and take authority.

"Some of the curses you have been suffering with are in the form of blocks, seals, energy curtains between you and I. Yes, they cover you with their weapons in the form of energy fields and make it harder for you to connect with Me.

"They feed you lies 24/7 about how unworthy you are to hear and see Me. Be assured that if you wield the swords correctly, those will be broken and ripped off.

"Do it with conviction and disgust, for these things are disgusting to Me.

"The third dynamic you may use with these swords is to cross them over an area of the body that needs healing. 'In the Name of Jesus Christ, Spirit of Infirmity, leave this body now and do not return.' You may also pray against them sending in reinforcements.

"There is no one formula that works every time. Demons are like a virus; they continue to mutate to get around these prayers. You must be alert and aware of what they are trying to do.

"For instance, if they try to come back, you have to forbid them. Many of you have lost healings by receiving lying symptoms back into your bodies after I have cleansed it and delivered you. Lying symptoms, if you go into agreement with them, open the door for disease to return. RESIST them with solid conviction and the sword.

"Much of the power of these swords depends upon YOU using them correctly, with conviction. Ask Holy Spirit to instruct you, to open your eyes. Take your time, and rest, so that your head can be cleared to see what is going on in the spirit. Ask for these graces, My children, you need them. Ask for them. And keep on asking. Ask until you are satisfied and moving in the fullness of what I have given you.

"Pray also in the Spirit. Pray much in the Spirit. If you are blocked in speaking in tongues, use the Routing sword. Press in, do not give up.

"I am releasing great healing gifts for a Revival--but so much depends on your faith and perseverance. Will you persevere? Will you continue to contend? Will you, with all your heart, believe that I have given you these swords--and their power is limited only by your belief in Me, My faithfulness, My Almighty power to overcome all the powers of darkness?

"Invest yourself in these swords. Put the demand on them. I love to see your faith stretch. I love to see you contend and not settle for second-best or nothing at all. Ask Me to help your courage and faith, and will.

"And always, it is good to pull away from earthly consolations, like foods you love, or eating so much you feel heavy. Eat a little less at each meal--that is a sacrifice that I will gladly honor. To pull away from carnal pleasures is to draw nearer to the spiritual realities. I AM with you.

"Be courageous and take these pitiful creatures down. Many times what you see, or think you see, is nothing more than an inflated balloon. Behind it is a filthy stick figure no bigger than a monkey. You have the anointing and the power. Use it!!!"

Wow. We have seen some amazing things with these swords, Family. I encourage you to really invest yourself in using them and expect results. Sometimes we have to repeat an action to finish it off, so don't give up. The more you insist, the greater force is aimed at these creatures and the more damage done to them.

I see the swords in the spirit. They are hot with flames coming off both edges. I hear the crackling of electricity and the buzz of a wire shorting out. But this is NOTHING like a wire shorting out! It's more like...a HUGE conduit of electricity shorting out. Buzzing. LOUD! Powerful. A deep sound.

I see the energy flowing off the tips like a laser stick. At first, I thought the blades were stainless steel, and then the Lord said the blades are silver. Solid silver. And the fire is golden.

When it strikes its target, I hear the same kind of sound you hear with a bug zapper--except more of a low drone, and a very powerful sound that burns up anything it gets near.

We have known for quite a while that the demon-aliens have an electronic power that they use against people, and even their own kind. This is the same kind of power, but much more concentrated, in order to overcome them. No one or no thing wants to be touched by these. This power ignites the moment you remove them from your scabbard. The Lord is showing me right now that they naturally gravitate to evil, just like a dowsing rod gravitates to water.

Jesus said, "Use them, and come back here to report how on they worked for you. I am investing graces in you now, as you hear this message, Heartdwellers. Graces to help you fight. I am tired of seeing you beat up and stolen from. You have every right to go for the enemy, do him in, and put him on the run.

"Let the Mother and Father inside you rise up and defend your rights, your territory, your loved ones, your teachers and friends. Rise up!!"

Ohh! Well, that's quite a message!

And I want to take the time to mention that I spent quite a bit of time answering questions on the communion messages, and the last three messages. So, if you still have questions, you might want to look at the answers on that page. There's quite a bit of information in them.

And I also want to thank those of you who have been faithful to contribute to the mission. You really keep us going! I know many of you have children and had to buy new clothing and school supplies this last month. And we had poor families that we were able to help out.

Also. One of our Heartdwellers is in the hospital with blood poisoning. Actually, it's a condition where bile is pouring into her body. Very serious, and she's very, very sick. Her husband works for the sanitation department. And we were very concerned for him--he's been out of work for two weeks, taking care of her. Going back and forth to the hospital, which is about 70 miles from here. So, we were able to help him out, because he didn't get a paycheck for those weeks, and he no way to pay his bills.

That kind of thing is so common here. I want to tell you, it's something we talk about a lot. But I wanted you to know that, whenever we have covered our salaries, we use the rest of that money to help people. And the Lord is constantly on me to be looking for people that need help.

I also want to make a note that we are very, very low on donations right now. So, any of you who are able to help us, it would be greatly appreciated and needed. You took VERY good care of us during the Summer. And I can't thank you enough. And we've been hearing reports back about people coming into shelters for the trafficked women. One mother and child that was being used for trafficking/child pornography got away and got into the shelter. And she's getting a vocation. She's being taught living skills. She's getting medical treatment for teeth and her little boy. It's amazing, really, how these people are, that take care of them. And we want to do as much as we can to support them.

So, that's where anything over what you give us. That's where it goes. And also to Nicaragua. We're very concerned for the handicapped poor in Nicaragua that have absolutely no-one to turn to.

So, I hate being without anything to share, and we're down to it right now. Thank you again for your faithfulness. And know that your gifts are shared with the poor. And we deeply appreciate your support. I couldn't do what I'm doing now if it weren't for your generosity.

The Lord bless you, Heartdwellers. Use your swords! And come back and tell us about it. Amen.