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December 5, 2014

Hello, Youtube family. Tonight I want to do a special teaching on discernment. The Lord has come to me very grieved, because His Bride is suffering from a multitude of different deceptions. It's not her fault. Basically what He's saying is, she hasn't been taught properly. As a result of that, those who are eager to hear from the Lord - which is a beautiful thing, one of the greatest gifts next to love is Prophecy. To be able to prophecy.

So, it's a beautiful gift and a lot of people shy away from this gift because disappointment, deception - the enemy has really convinced them that they're not good enough to hear from the Lord, or God doesn't want to speak to them. All of that's a lie, because the Lord said, "As it is in Heaven let it be on Earth" In Heaven we're going to hear from the Lord - so what are we waiting for?

Let me just read something to you here. One of our Youtube family had been convinced that the Lord told her that He was coming for her before Thanksgiving. And actually, I had kind of been concerned about this, because He had told her this a couple times before and not delivered.. And I thought, 'Uh oh, we might be dealing with a Familiar spirit here.' And after Thanksgiving, when the Lord didn't come, she was of course crestfallen and very hurt. And basically the Lord told me that there are a LOT of His Brides that are in the very same position. That's why He wants to clarify some things tonight.

But she wrote to me and said, "Part of the reason that (she and her friend) were fooled by these end--- dates for the Rapture was it gave so much hope that the abuse and hardness of this world would finally be ending. The Lord told her (the friend) a few days ago that He allowed her to hear the dates, too, because she wanted to hear it so much. But that He has been with her all along and loves her. I pray that her words are clean. I don't feel I have any discernment in it at all."

Yeah, I can understand that - it hits you like a sledge hammer when you think you're hearing from the Lord and then you turn around and find out that it's NOT Him. Then of course its very difficult to trust again, to overcome this disappointment and to trust that it IS Him, and He has to work with us to get us over that point.

Now, while all this was going on... You know, I think, Youtube family, we've all been going through it with hearing the Lord, because it seemed like there was just this tremendous static and fuzz going on with me, between the enemy inserting himself... I was just really walking on thin ice - that's why you haven't seen me posting anything for a while, or posting anything really recent --- that I've recorded recently --- 'cause I was just waiting on the Lord. What I was getting in my prayer time was either we were together and He was with me and there was nothing He was wanting to say, or I felt He was wanting to say something, but there was so much static I couldn't hear Him clearly. I didn't trust myself. That's kind of the background on this message, how it all started.

This was given yesterday, 12/3/14: Things have been turbulent lately, we've been experiencing static in our communication with the Lord. But tonight in worship I felt His presence so strongly, and had the courage to ask Him, "Oh, Jesus, please come near. I want to speak with you so badly."

"I'm right here by your side," said a tender and gentle voice, as I caught sight of Him out of the corner of my eye. Wanting to be sure I was not being deceived, I got out my old, trusty Bible Promises --- a thin little book. I opened, allowing the Holy Spirit to pick the reading --- I opened to Isaiah 41:13 For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, "Fear not, I am the one who helps you."

Whoo! Deep sigh of relief when I got that Scripture. And I did see Him on my right, I always see Him on my right.

I continued, "Oh Lord, I want to be secure and safe from deceptions. This static has been really hard. How can I minister if I'm afraid to speak because of a deceiving spirit?"

Then the Lord said "You know that I do not speak 'thus saith', formally with you. No, I speak with you familiarly as one to another, as a friend, as a fiancé to His Bride."

I began to cry. "But why, Lord? I'm so wretched and undeserving?"

He answered, "Why don't you let ME be the judge of that? Remember what I told you the other day: judge not? And that goes for you judging yourself, as well."

And I answered Him, "But I KNOW how wretched I am! I see the sinful thoughts that not only creep into my mind from the outside, but come up from within my soul."

He answer back, "To see that is a grace."

"Oh, but it makes me so confused that You should speak with me."

"Don't you trust ME?"

"I do."

"Then let go. Suffice it to say, I enjoy your company."

He's been telling me that, guys, for YEARS. And He enjoys your company, too. And it's because He enjoys my company that I can tell you, I KNOW that He enjoys YOUR company.

Anyway, when He said that, "Suffice it to say, I enjoy your company." I started crying.

And I said, "This is so wonderful... how can it be?"

And He answered, "Don't examine it -- enjoy it."

"Okay, I'll try."

"No more tears?"

"I can't promise that. You've overwhelmed me with Your love. I'm so smitten and in love, I can hardly bear it." And I sighed deeply.

"I know you're overcome, but in this moment I'm giving you strength."

And there was a very long pause, and something caused me to smile, I don't even know what it was, but I smiled.

And He said, "Yes. Now I see that smile. All those big storm clouds are gone and the sun is shining again. Oh, how I love you. Don't ever lose sight of that."

Okay - providing you'll help me.

And then He said something that ought to be an encouragement to you all. He said, "Clare, the Rapture is very near. Very, very near." He whispered that to me, that's why I said it in such a low voice.

I took a deep breath and said, "Okay. What can I do for you, Lord?"

He said, "Keep preaching the truth."

Guys, I've been really aching lately to get my fingers on the piano, and to sing and write music. And I was going to say something to Him about that "you know I miss my piano.'

And I said, "You know..."

And He cut me off and said, "I know. You miss your music. For now, just for now --- focus. Focus on the teachings for Me - okay?"

And that, guys, was not what I wanted to hear. So I kind of hung my head at this point. I didn't do it deliberately, it just happened. And He lifted my chin and he said, "I know, I know, but you see the confusion around you?"

I said, "Yes, Lord, it's monumental."

"Yes, many lies have been sown in my fields of wheat. Many, many lies. I would like you to help straighten them out."

Then He began again about one of the ladies I was talking about: "They've been badly damaged by the lies and rumors spread about the Rapture. Many have been very damaged and hurt. I want restoration. I want My Bride back in My arms and not so easily seduced by Beguiling spirits."

But Lord, if you're coming?

"No, this teaching will be left behind. That will indeed help others - others that have been totally blind and will be even more disoriented after your departure. Right now there are many Brides who are deeply wounded by these confusions. Brides who do not have discernment from Me but from the world. When you are in the world, you think like the world, you reason like the world, you draw conclusions like the world. But I have come to take her out of the thinking she has acquired from the world - now. Not just later in the Rapture. Which btw is sooner than you think."

I smiled.

"I still love to play with you, you know."

I thought, 'Yeah, I do feel played with. We are waiting Lord, we are waiting.'

"Clare, I wish to draw all my Brides into this deep and pleasant place of pure fellowship with me. I long for the garden with her. But still, even among My best there's a table, a book and the distance. I long to hold her, I long to speak tenderly to her, I long to set her feet on the straight path. These things I do for you, I long to do for her. Will you help me?"

Lord, of course I will, but will you please protect my discernment?? Even now I'm doubting that it is You speaking with me, because it seems like you are playing up to my vanity, trying to make me feel like I am special or something.

He said, "I can't help that - but I could take it away."

No! Don't take it away. But Lord, you know I'm very afraid of vainglory and exclusive knowledge or privilege.

"Here's good place to start - the enemy will play on vanity. You are right in mistrusting these kinds of communications. But still, it is Me. What you have, I have given you. You did not do this on your own. I have cultivated it in you over many years.

At that point, I stopped talking to Him and I grabbed the Bible Promises again. And I'll tell you, when I do that, if I get "Lying" or "Deception" then whatever he's given me, I tear it up cause that's not him, it's a demon, a familiar spirit. But if I open to "Holy Spirit" or "Humility", then I know that it's Him, because those are ways that He tells me that He's the one speaking to me and I'm not deceived. So I did that, and I opened up to Holy Spirit and Humility. So I knew he was speaking to me and it wasn't a familiar spirit. I had the confidence to keep listening.

"These are things I want you to address in the Body. They need a strong hold on the truth, a way to discern. These are treacherous times and there are things which will help the Bride discover who she is talking with. And yes, all of this goes to the formation and character of My Bride. So you see, you are still getting My bride ready, as I am getting you ready."

Oh, Jesus - I do so want to be ready. I do so long to stand before You clean, yet I know my self---will is frequently a big ugly stain.

"We're working on it," He said. "Don't look at yourself too much. The devils will use that against you. That's another key - if you're looking at yourself more than at Me, or looking at others more than at Me, well, you can expect to fall or even be thrown off track and disoriented.

"So, let's begin here." He said. (This was really directly dictated to me for you - for all of us.)

"My heart is deeply grieved for the many deceptions My Bride has fallen into during these last days. Did I not warn you that many would come in My Name? Nonetheless, it is not your fault as much as it is the fault of the shepherds. So, let Me begin by saying 'no one knows the day nor the hour'. Not even I. You do know the season, and yes - this IS the season. "My Bride, you must be more clever than the demons assigned to you. These vile creatures know you better than you know yourself. That is why knowing yourself has become so important. Pride, flattery, self---seeking is the number one open door for their entrance. They tell you, "You are so special, so different from the others. You were specially chosen to receive secret knowledge." May I say to all of you, each and every one - all of you are unique and special in your own way. Period. So don't let them tempt you by putting you on some kind of pedestal."

"And as far as 'secret knowledge' goes, now you're taking on the New Age mentality that capitalizes on the esoteric. Don't fall for that, either. Loneliness is the second open door. Failed marriages, isolation, bitter failures in relationships and work. Rejection and wounds from others in My Body.

"Attachment to anything you want is the third open door. Along with it goes self---will and disobedience- thinking you know better. And if you're looking for a certain answer, you can be sure the demons will give it to you. They will try to win you over by telling you all the things you want to hear."

I injected this here: How do they know what you want to hear? There are many, many, many demons, and I believe one in particular is well acquainted with you from birth. This is what I believe.

"This is one reason why things spoken to you that you've never thought of tend to come from Me, because you don't have any attachment to it."

It's a new thought that He brings to you.

"Self---hatred is the fourth open door. The survival instinct kicks in to counteract the terrible self---image you may have of yourself, whether real or imagine, to keep yourself from giving up on life. You tend to construct a fantasyland of being special to protect the projected ugliness you are so afraid to look at."

Okay, now He's moving on from the 4 doors to the next thing.

"Now I'm going to advocate two---way communication with the use of Rhemas. You may be familiar with the little daily Bread box some people keep on their tables. I am taking it a step further. I don't care what the devil has planted in other people's minds about it being divination or childish - they are wrong. Unless the motives turn to divination. Here I will explain.

"First of all you pray to the Holy Spirit and you ask Him to show you the answer to a situation. And if you are seeking Me for the sake of obedience, I will protect you. However, if you are seeking answers out of insecurity, wanting to foretell the future, have secret knowledge or impressing others - you're bordering on divination and opening yourself to deception. Your motives have to be pure and detached from your own personal agenda. My priest and prophets used this form of acquiring discernment with Me far before your culture made it popular, so I endorse the use of the Bible Promises or the Scriptures to receive understanding from Me when other means aren't working.

"Ideally, you should feel the truth deep within your soul, a place no demon can enter or imitate. Remember: the devils look for your weak points. They know your history; they capitalize on that. It's easy to tailor the deception - or should I say the bait to hook you. So, if you know yourself and understand My ways, you'll be less likely to grab the bait and run with it. Doing anything to impress, influence or please others makes you vulnerable and easily manipulated. Any kind of selfish ambition whatsoever makes you an attractive target for the demons. Even your desire to be used to help others - if not moderated and strictly mandated by Me can also make you a target.

In short - any impurity in your motives can make you vulnerable. Wanting a title. To do or to be someone different or important. To control or influence or manipulate opens the door wide to demonic manifestation. Your safest posture is pure love and devotion to Me and Me alone. And to love your brother as you love yourself."

That's the end of the message. I have a little footnote here. I believe the thing I'd like to add to this about your safest posture is, to wait on the Lord and seek His approval rather than moving forward. It's better for you to be still and grounded in Him, even safer, to be a little nobody that to be ambitious, on the move, impressive, dynamic, accomplishing much for the world to recognize without His blessing and outside of His will. I believe that that's a certain recipe for disaster. I am speaking from experience, because I was raised in Chicago and had a photography business in New York and San Francisco and I was ambitious and I had my own ideas. I got my fill of my own ideas when I met the Lord, when He came to me and saved me.

You know, even Rick Joyner talks about this - that the highest status in Heaven that He saw was this drab garment that people were wearing, or that he was wearing and other people were wearing. And when He asked what it was, it was the Mantle of Humility. And that was the highest honor in Heaven to be wearing that mantle. So, it's totally the opposite than the world. The world expects you to be impressive, dynamic, accomplishing a lot - even in the church, not just in the world. But the idea is you are accomplishing much for the people in the world to recognize, even IN the church. And being outside of His blessing and outside of His will - you're building on sand, you're not building on rock. So it's better to be still, quiet, and be a little nobody and be grounded in Him and wait to build on the rock, than it is to forge ahead with ambition.

God bless you Youtube family. I hope this message is a big help for you. I do appreciate your replies, they are helpful and give me material to work with. The Lord bless you and keep you and increase your humility and discernment together. Amen.