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September 19, 2018

I sought the Lord, and He answered me

He delivered me from all of my Fears.

The storm winds raged, and He silenced them

He delivered me from all of my fears.

The lions roared, in the dead of the night

You set me on high from my violent foes.

I wandered off in my prideful ways

So gently, you convicted my soul.

The Lord is near to the broken of heart

He heals the crushed and forlorn.

If you have sinned Jesus waits for you

To forgive and restore your soul.

Oh, what He's said, He surely will do

Oh, love the Lord! He cherishes you.

He longs for you in the still of the night

Go swiftly to Him, His heart waits for you.

My mind grew dim, so He anointed me,

And restored the joy of my life.

Watch the skies, for He's coming soon

To sweep you up and into His arms.

(shofar plays)

I sought You, Lord, and You answered me

You delivered me from all of my fears.