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November 18, 2018

Thank You, Lord, for making the distinction between the different ways of learning and guiding us in the most sure way to receive from You. Amen.

Well, my loved ones. This morning I was listening to a teacher that stresses the Love of God and takes great pains to reveal that--especially in the Song of Songs. And how very key it is in our relationship with Him. Love vs. condemnation and judgment. In many ways, his ministry is similar to mine, except he is EXTREMELY well-studied and intelligent. And I am afraid I'm just a high school drop-out which, many of you know.

Well, much of what he said did resonate with me--except when he spoke of the Rapture. He said it was the evil ones that will be taken out, not the good. And he was citing, "as in the Days of Noah, so will it be". I could not agree with that, mostly because the Lord has told us over and over again what His plans are. So, I came to Jesus, feeling the weight of his contradiction, coming from such a well-seasoned and studied teacher.

I said, 'Lord, I don't know what to think?'

Jesus began, "Have I not taught you to always go to the Source? You must adhere to Me and what I have shown you when others make a proposition. You must always come back, deeply, into My heart. If something does not sit well with you, you must bring that to Me and I will clarify it for you.

"To trust in men and ignore your inner witness is folly. No matter how qualified, how popular, how clever--always return to Me, My Bride, and seek out My interpretation."

But Lord, doesn't that make me a person with a closed mind? Like I'm just not open to new interpretations?

Jesus continued, "Not if you are willing to submit to My wisdom. I have already given you wisdom on the Rapture. Many have that same interpretation, but it IS wrong. I am coming to gather My Elect, not the criminals. Don't delve into the reasoning that brought him to that interpretation. Rest in Me and know that My words to you are true. I have changed nothing, and it is the good who will be taken, with the exception of the Guardians of the Faith, the Remnant. Which I am deliberately leaving behind."

Well, Lord, I don't want to denounce anyone.

"And you are not; you are simply cleaving to Me. No one can accuse you of gossip or calumny against another preacher of the Word. You are simply standing on what has been imparted to you, with no condemnation against others. I want you to hold to the truths I have given and not be swayed by any human mind.

"Clare, you are operating on another level with Me: infused knowledge. You know something in your heart, because I established it there. The voice of another you will not follow.

"My children, I want all of you to be buried so deeply in My heart that I can infuse knowledge into you, just as it is in Heaven. Whenever you want to understand something, refer to Heaven. How is it in Heaven? Is there a language barrier? Do you have to wait to learn things? Is there judgment? Is there endless studying with the best library in the universe?

"Or is there instant knowing. Instant knowing is infused knowledge. When you dwell with Me in My heart, that is where all wisdom originates. There is no need for external lights, because your inner being is completely infused with light.

"That doesn't mean you can't browse through the libraries of Heaven. Everything that you'll find there confirms what I have infused into your heart and understanding.

"How many times have I told you the accumulation of knowledge leads to Pride--but Charity edifies? If you walk in My Love, My Charity, and make that your main focus as Ambassadors of Love--I will see to it that you have the wisdom you need to navigate and make the right decisions. From within you will flow rivers of Living Waters that will speak the essence of volumes, unflawed, because it is given from above.

Jesus began, "Man's intellect is limited in understanding. No matter how great the learning, there is always the factor of man. But Wisdom that is infused has no human factor; it comes directly from My Spirit. Therefore, without pride or privilege, you can receive this word meekly and stand upon it as long as it does not do violence to the Scriptures. Your insurance that this will be correct is that you are constantly dwelling in My Heart and I am constantly dwelling in yours. When you break fellowship by sinning, or withdrawing, or being distracted away from the pure Source, then you are liable to error.

"I am not saying you are infallible when you receive the wisdom that is from above. There is always the chance that something will be taken differently than I meant it. So, you must constantly purify your motives, release and prune away those things that are yours in origin. Because the knowledge pours through the vessel, there is always a bit of coloration--either from your culture and upbringing, or your personal attachments. When you move in the prophetic, you cannot afford to have any personal attachments.

"You know that it is true that there are more brain cells in your stomach than in your brain? In other words, the gut is capable of seeing Truth more clearly than the mind. Also the heart is nearby, and its influence is indelible, yet subtle, as wisdom is imparted to you. There are so many secrets of receiving from Me, I could never cover them in one lifetime. Yet they are constantly at work in you, and that 'gut' feeling is a filter for them all.

"For instance, your right hand may understand something you do not understand--and as a result, direct the body according to that knowledge. In a perilous situation, your hand may lead your body to do something you could not have thought of or communicated to your body fast enough. So your right hand, in a sense, takes over. And there are angels that at times will command your response, to deliver you from danger.

"Oh, Clare. The ways in which you receive understanding are beyond comprehension and you do not have to know them. Trusting and acting from the heart is a sure way to do the right thing. 'Search me, O Lord, and see if there be any crooked way in me.' And when I search, all the capacities within you to understand, they come to attention and respond to what I am looking at. Because your being is entirely dedicated to Me, every atom wants to comply with My perfect way of thinking, acting, and being.

"That is why at times, when I give you a word like 'pride,' everything within your being stops to examine that dynamic within you. You feel it throughout your whole body. Your blood sugar drops, your breathing changes, your mind tenses up, your heart feels like it's dropping into your stomach--and your bowels also react.

"Oh, Clare, there are so many mysteries of the human body that no one understands. The inter-connectedness is astounding.

"Speaking on that, memories also can color your perception of a word or situation in the prophetic. And I coordinate all aspects of your being with this predetermined understanding. I know ahead of time how you will react, and choose My thoughts to you carefully. Sometimes you repeat My thoughts word for word, verbatim; other times you must sift through the many meanings, searching for the one that applies.

"And where does it get pinned? In your heart. That's where you feel the confirmation. Understanding that the heart and stomach are so connected that it is difficult at times to tell the difference. But you know when something feels right and when it feels 'off'. These are tools I have given you, and as you work with them, you become more accurate in assessing situations, to know the truth and not a lie.

"I wanted you to know these things, because each day brings new challenges in choices. Always choose for the heart.

"Speaking of which, what has happened to your music? Did I not tell you to make other things subservient to this call?"

Lord, how could I have done this differently, with the appointment of a Bishop and the ordination of more priests? As it is, I don't think I have done as good a job as I could have. I wanted to get back to each one, to give them one-on-one personal time, and I haven't answered any correspondence in 4 weeks. I am beginning to feel guilty about that.

Jesus, continued, "My dearest, Clare. You have been over-the-top in work, and I am not faulting you for that. I only am trying to get you to get your perspective back. I love to speak with My People. I love to put a new message up every day, and I do work with you to that end. But when that is done, I want you with Our music. There is still a hesitation and stalling about you before you jump into it. I want that gone. When you are done with the message, turn on the keyboard and work. When you've exhausted that energy, answer e-mails and comments. Music comes first, after the essentials."

And the essentials there, He means, are basically prayer and the message.

"My Precious Family of Heartdwellers." Jesus continued. "I do not want you to hold against her the fact that she has not posted a message, a song, or returned your communication. Rather, I want you to pray very hard for her that her angels will help her get the work done with music.

"You have enough teachings to sift through when she cannot get a message to you. You always can earn more from My words to her in the past when you go back over them. So do that, and read Scripture, worship and pray. The word will come to you as soon as I can give it to her.

"Go back and get Rhema messages from the website.

"Remember, it has to go through an editing process with Carol, which usually lags a day behind. So, help her, My people. Help her with your prayers and especially that she will finish her songs. She is capable of doing that. There are just so many other things she is trying to train others in, so she can go freely into music. Pray for her. Pray for this intention. Pray against distractions.

"I say to you, a message is powerful; a song is 10X more powerful. It is no mistake that the Psalms were sung. And that's why the demons attack her with distractions. Her sense of responsibility is very strong, very taxing. And sometimes the enemy uses that to make her feel guilt-ridden. When in fact, it is not humanly possible to cover all the bases.

"Were I on Earth, I could not, because of the limitations of time and space. Pray for her workers that they will intuitively pick up on the need of the moment and cover for her. And I promise you, as you pray, she will turn out songs that will melt your heart and strengthen you every day.

"I need your help for her. She is only human, and a weak one at that. As she rests in Me, drawing My Love to fill her empty places, songs and teachings flow out. But then they must pass through many stages to get to you.

"What YouTube did to her was despicable and uncalled for, but the devil never plays fair. It is by attacks such as these that you will come to know and understand this is not a superficial ministry; it is gaining on the kingdom of darkness, and so it is targeted, more than any of you know.

"So, I am asking of you, My Faithful and Beloved ones, shore her up with your prayers. Dwell in My Heart always. Pray for infused knowledge. And hone your skills of discernment by detaching from every earthly affection, that I may lead and guide you into My perfect will every day. That you might have understanding and love to impart to others.

"I bless you now, Faithful Ones. May you triumph over your flesh. May you cast to the ground every vain thought and tendency towards Pride. And may you dwell in Me with all your heart.

"I impart these graces to you now. I impart these graces to you now from the Throne of My Heavenly Father. Amen."