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December 10, 2014

Discernment: Fingerprints of the Enemy

December 10, 2014

Welcome, Youtube family. We've been talking a lot about discernment lately. There are so many different facets to discernment, to correctly discerning. It's really difficult to pin them all down, but I'm going to share a message I had from the Lord with you tonight.

This year - it's part of the whole process of purifying your soul to be able to see and hear the Lord. It's written in the Beatitudes, "Blessed are the Pure in Heart, for they shall see God." He comes to the pure in heart for consolation, so if you purify your heart more and more - cooperate with Him.

This isn't something you can do. With the cooperation and help of the Holy Spirit, your heart can be purified and that prepares you for being able to communicate clearly with Him. None of us are perfect, we're always going to make mistakes in discernment. I made one this morning, and the Voice (of the Lord) seemed to change places with a familiar spirit. I bound a Lying spirit and that was the end of it. I deleted everything that he said to me, but the beginning of the communication WAS from the Lord. I got up to do something, when I came back, something else came in.

At this point, I have to say that I think that now that I'm focusing on this teaching, the Lord is giving me ample opportunities to experience some of the different tactics the enemy uses, so that I can share them with you each day, as I share these messages with you. I think that's why He allowed the "switch-eroo" when I came back in here.

I noticed that, in looking at the conversation, the way that it took off the second time - I noticed that there was some lack of charity about other people in my attitude - or in the attitude of the one speaking to me. And the Lord is NEVER lacking in charity, even when He has to reprove, or has to draw attention to something in someone else. He is always SO charitable However, this particular voice tended towards criticism of another, scorn and contempt.

And boy, I'll tell you, when you feel that - when you feel that start to rise up in you because of what the Lord is saying to you, watch out. Because I don't think that's the Lord. He doesn't stimulate those kinds of feelings in you. He HATES that. Because when we are critical of other people, we are wounding His body, we are actually lashing out and hurting Him. He doesn't lash out at His own body - He cherishes it, nourishes it and pours oil on the wounds.

So, whenever you hear any kind of statement - you're listening for the Lord's voice, He's speaking to you - and you begin to hear some kind of statement that is detracting from another soul, you probably have been allowed a Familiar spirit. For you, it's a test of virtue, because if you recognize that you are doing that, that you are responding in that way, that's impurity in your heart.

And I have to tell you, in my experience, there is NOTHING more vile to the Lord and the Great Cloud of Witnesses than Gossip, Slander and Detraction. It's like a filthy, dirty baby diaper - I mean a BAD one. We have an expression around here, "Dirty Diaper!!!" Which is kinda like, "Be careful! This is not God - this is a dirty diaper. We don't play with dirty diapers, we put them in the trash and leave them there!!"

Especially, if you're married, or close with someone, and you tend to go back and forth and talk about things. Especially if you're wounded. Anytime you sense any kind of resentment or contempt for another soul, because of what you think the Lord is saying - watch out. It's probably NOT Him.

In February of this year, the Lord was dealing with my pride. Poor Jesus! I tell my husband, "The Lord and I are having problems!" And my husband says, "I'll pray for the Lord!!" Because he knows how stubborn I can be...

Here's the message:

"Don't be afraid."

"But, Lord, I am a sinful woman. I don't see how You can possibly use me?"

"Put your hands upon My heart, and let My Love do the rest."

Let me take a moment and say, that is one test the Lord has given me. When I feel really far away from Him, or feel condemned - which is the work of demons. Or if I'm under conviction, and I've kinda backed away because I feel so dirty, because of what I'm being convicted of. The Lord will appear to me in such a way that I can see Him, and tell me, "Put you hands here on My heart." The minute He does that, all that negativity goes away, and this incredible sweetness just sucks up into my soul! Such a sweet, tender spirit overtakes me with kindness.

I don't remember the occasion of the "don't be afraid" that begins this message - but I do remember the "put your hands on My heart." And every time I do that, whatever is hanging in the air is resolved immediately.

"Put your hands upon My heart, and My love will do the rest."

The readings that they were about was Repentance - and I almost sinned, by buying another copy of a song I had, because something went wrong with the sound. I was in worship and there was a song I really felt in my heart and I wanted to hear. So, I went looking for it, and all I could find was a corrupted copy that I'd messed around with and cut short, and I was really disappointed. So, I was tempted to go to I-Tunes and buy another one. I finally found a copy that wasn't corrupted in another place.

I say "almost sinned by buying a song" - when you live on 3 or 4 hundred dollars a month, you're taking care of 3 people on that, and that's without government subsidies, food stamps, or anything like that - strictly donations - you don't have discretionary money to buy a song from I-tunes. And at that point in time we were in dire, dire straights. Not that we aren't not now - we've adjusted a little, but yeah. We were in dire straights. So, for me to spend discretionary money on anything but medicine at this point, would have been sinful.

So, I said, "Lord, I look at my woefully poor example and I'm so ashamed. My corruption seems to have no end!' I said this, because I shouldn't have gotten tied up figuring this problem out during prayer time, but I did. It felt like a diversion, so I stopped, but I never should have gotten started. That is, looking for the song.

"Do not be afraid," He repeated.

"But I AM afraid, so afraid of failing you, because my character is so weak."

"Well, don't be. I have already planned a remedy for all your failures."

"But I am afraid - I'm so deeply corrupted that you will not be able to use my work to help others."

"Be more concerned about personal sanctity, Mu Love. Really, be much more concerned about holiness and in pleasing me."

"Well, Lord, even in that I feel like a failure."

"No, you haven't failed, you are making slow progress. But your flesh has a way of stopping progress. And this is what I must amend to bring you to a position of readiness. May I share with you that My heart has complete compassion for you in your trials, and even in your failures. You have to abandon yourself completely, or you'll never make it through in this life. The sooner you embrace this, My love, the better."

"Like making special foods, when I really shouldn't be spending time on them?"

"No, that's the least of your problems. More to be feared is the secret judgments of the heart. That is why I must bring you in continual contact with your miserable side. In this way, you will cease looking at others, so shame-faced will you be with your own failures. This is why the abasement of both of you, I might add, is necessary.

"And when this is accomplished, all you'll be able to see is Me, and the goodness in others. You still have a ways to go, My Love. Your opinions, your observations, your reasonings - all are futile and get in the way of your sanctity.

"Apply the characteristics of perfection to yourself, and you'll find that you no longer have time to look at others. And when you do, you'll be ashamed to even think a bad thought.

"It's really quite simple: Pride. Pride. And Pride. It knows no bounds. It invades the very lives of every soul it comes into contact with. Pride is an endless sin that plagues all humanity and is conquered ONLY by the bravest.

I was thinking, "I'm a coward!"

"Yes, I hear you - you ARE a coward! You have Me, and I know not the ways of cowards. Therefore, My Bride, My Espoused One, My Love - you will conquer this terrible sin because I live in you. Both of you, I might add, are going to triumph over your sinful, judgmental natures, MUCH to My Glory."

"Love, Charity conquers all. Rises above all. Cannot be held down by anyone. Love is your victory. Simply apply the Love I have sown in your hearts, and you will overcome Pride. Love continually abases itself. Love never thinks evil of anyone. Love overcomes all that the enemy dares to throw at you. What I allow, is for your ability to conquer through Love. Where Love ceases, virtue also dies. You cannot have Virtue without Love. It is the hinge that all sanctity swings on."

(Sigh) "Well, how do I handle our guest, who is continually making filthy messes everywhere I turn?"

"Consider the messes you've made with YOUR dogs in the past. That's not a long walk...I don't say tolerate it, just love her through it. That's all you can do.

"Clare, don't be discouraged, please. We are changing so much about your natures. You don't see it because you're too close. Just keep your eyes on Me and My love will do all the rest.

"Now, I want you to accept My forgiveness for the way you wasted time today, and commend you for not buying that song again. You see? You are making progress.

"I love you, and want to live happily ever after with you.

"So, cheer up, dust yourself off. We are for one another, and all will be well with your soul. Just trust Me. Trust that I love you, I am for you, and we are progressing. So please, don't grow impatient or disheartened. Truly."

And that's the end of the message.

I'm going to be sharing these messages with you more and more because I feel that the lessons the Lord has given me are worth passing on to you. I've thought about doing a teaching on discernment, and I may still do that, with Scriptures and so on. But I've already done so many teachings with Scriptures in my early videos that address a lot of these topics, that I'm wondering if that's really what you need. I'm thinking more in terms of sharing with you the very things the Lord has worked with me on, hoping that will help you on your journey of discernment.

So, God bless you Youtube family. We really love you and prayer for you and are so very grateful for you subscribing to our channel. And I hope and pray that you're getting something good out of it through the Lord.