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December 28, 2018

Thank You, Jesus, for continuing to remind us of the importance of covering our President. Please help us to be faithful to that call when you send it out to us. Amen.

Well, as many of you may know, this is a particularly critical and dangerous time for our President. We just never know when they will make an attempt on his life. But Jesus knows. And if you, all of a sudden, feel a heavy grief or call to prayer, please do not be like me. I tend to finish what I am doing before I go to prayer. So, don't be like me. (Although, I am trying to change!) But go directly into high gear intercession for him, without delay.

By the time my last message got put up, I think he may have already landed at his destination. But Ezekiel had gone through an attack which causes him to travail--very similarly to the Lord's passion. He was in travail during the time frame they were going to shoot the missile at Air Force One, and his travail and all of our prayers were answered.

We need split-second timing, dear ones. We need to be ready at a second's notice to call for mercy and offer our supplications, our pains and inconveniences--everything. As fast offerings for his safety.

Lord, have you something You want to add?

Jesus began, "I do. You have no idea of how close you came to losing him yesterday. It was the perfectly planned plot and came very close to succeeding. What stopped it was YOUR prayers and sufferings. And I will call upon you in a split second to offer yourselves as living sacrifices for your President, because you have been faithful in asking for this anointing.

"I can tell you, Ezekiel loves his guitars and a keyboard. He loves his music and how we work together. But he has come to love his bed of sufferings even more, more than life itself. He understands the great part he and all Heartdwellers play in safeguarding this man, and he is willing to give up all things that mattered to save him.

"This is where I want all of you Heartdwellers to be. Centered in My Heart. For understand, the repercussions of losing this President will be the beginning of the end of this world as you know it.

"And this is Satan's delight. To destroy every man, woman and child and use this nefarious organization to do it. And then destroy the organization and laugh all the way down to the bottom of the Pit as he chooses the appropriate torture for each one of his servants.

"That's right. The servants of these organizations are working for a reward, unlike any other. But what has been offered to them is a myth! And the reality of it is the Lake of Fire. Make no mistake about it. If you are working the dark side, thinking is it the right side, thinking of rewards you've been promised--you have been fed a bed of lies that will lead you to a bed of torment.

"Not for the two seconds it takes to twist and maim your body in a car accident. No, for today, tomorrow, next week, next year. 10 years from now. 100 years from now, 1,000 years from now and into infinity.

"Remember what I have always told you who work for the dark side. The Devil has taught you how to lie, because he is the master of liars; it is his native language. So, taking into consideration his character... do you really think he loves and appreciates you? Do you think he is sincere with only you?

"Think deeply on this. His nature is to kill and destroy, lie, steal ,and cheat. So, do you really think he has a 'good' side?? A side just for you who serve him?

"I tell you this, before it is too late for you: he is pure evil. He hates you with a passion and laughs hysterically when you are dragged into Hell. He hates you, because I love you and he wants to hurt Me.

"The only way he can hurt Me is by hurting you and destroying the Earth. So, he plays on your sensual nature: money, sex, power. And feeds your dark and selfish side to entrap you.

"Then when you meet him face-to-face, he laughs you to scorn.

"I will never omit to tell you this, because I love you. If you think you've seen his kingdom and it's beautiful, you were shown an illusion--just the way you make illusions to manipulate others into the dark side.

"My precious ones, be patient with Me as I call your brothers and sisters forth from the kingdom of darkness. Never cease to offer prayers for their conversion. For many will come up to you in Heaven and say, 'Thank you for praying for me. It was your prayers that softened my heart and led me to be open to the truth.'

"We have many such guests from the dark side, dear Family. And I cannot pass by the opportunity to tell them they are so loved by Me--and deceived by Satan. They mean too much to Me. And they should mean that much to you, as well.

"I wish I could tell you it is going to get easier to protect your President. But for the time being, it is like climbing a rocky mountain with nothing to grasp onto but My promises to protect him.

"There is a very intense stretch of time coming upon you now, where certain guilty parties are going to be processed and executed. And the backlash will be violent against those who support what is right.

"Cultivate a desire for fasting and you will be far more prepared for this than if you were self-indulging all the time. I want you to know the dark side is fasting, praying and offering their sacrifices--and they are on fire for the devil, committing themselves to defeating the President and everything he stands for.

"Much depends on this window of time you are entering, including the timing of the Rapture.

"My people, it is day by day that I am sustaining you and that My Father is holding back the Rapture. It is day by day. There is no guarantee of entire seasons. No, it is day by day. And if there's a serious lapse in prayer, everything could come down.

"So, continue to pray with all your heart and know that your prayers are vitally important for the world. Not just America, but for the entire world.

"I love you, and I am with you. And I whisper in your ear. And I love it when you respond to Me. Be blessed, My dear Intercessors. I know how tired you are, and that you labor under sickness and tiredness, and all kinds of opposition. But be blessed, for you are My favorites. And you will experience much glory in Heaven."

Well, just as an aside, Ezekiel had a dream that barricades were being put in place around the center of towns all over America. It was not a FEMA lock-up thing. It wasn't Martial Law. It was a "We're protecting ourselves," thing. I'm not totally sure what that meant, except that we may be looking at a period of terrorism being unleashed in our country. But the one thing I do encourage is serious prayer for Donald every day.

God bless you dear Family. Some of you have heard my cries for the children and the poor, and we were able to send substantial offerings to the ones who labor in the field to save these trafficked children. Thank you for that. They also have been feeling a drop in donations and I was so happy to be able to help them.

We also pay local electric bills for widows and buy firewood for families that live out on the mesa and use sagebrush to stay warm. Which...doesn't work real well, and it's very smoky. So, this help is going a long, long way.

Thank you so very much. The Lord bless you for your kindness.

Also, if you want to see more about our outreaches, please go to our website: And click on the Outreach tab. We're going to be putting some new pictures up on that very soon. But that will give you an idea of who we're taking care of. Who YOU and I are taking care of. The Lord is taking care of... God bless you, dear Family.