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January 22, 2019

Good evening, Heartdwellers. This is just a short message - a re-cap of a message that was given back in 2016. Clare had opened our Rhema book up for a rhema - and the Lord highlighted a portion of the message: Judgement, War and Rapture Delayed.

I'll be playing JUST the portion that He highlighted to her from the book, not the entire message. But THIS portion was His way of telling us, "Keep up the fasts. Keep up the prayers. We are in NO way out of hot water - far from it!" But He wanted to encourage us by telling us just how powerful your prayers ARE. And thank you, Heartdwellers.

(Jesus began) "Heartdwellers, you do not understand! Your prayers are powerful. You are changing the world, you and other Christians who have truly dedicated your lives to prayer and intercession. All of you brought together are a HUGE force. It's not your power, it's your hearts that cry out that release My arm of grace and justice. You have moved on My Father's heart, and many plans to annihilate the people of the world have flat-out failed and will continue to fail.

"I told you this before about the Elite's agenda, and the Obama administration, that things would not go smoothly. Opposition and snafu would be met at every turn, depending on the depth and commitment to prayer. Yes, instead of it going to the right, it would go to the left; instead of it going down, it would go up; instead of it going around, it would go straight. Every turn would be opposed by events My Father has put in place because of your prayers.

"Do not persecute the prophets among you who have been faithful to warn you. You owe them your lives and the lives of your unsaved loved ones, who still have a chance. Do not fall in with the unbelievers and ridicule the Rapture, or WW3 or Revelation - or anything like that. Do not be a naysayer.

"Rather declare that OUR GOD REIGNS!! And that the prayers of the little ones, the simple ones, the God-loving people of the Earth have broken the flask of their hearts and poured out the ointment of petition on behalf of the inhabitants of the whole Earth.

"This must be your heart attitude, Dear Ones. God has been faithful to answer your prayers. And though the signs of the times continue, wars and rumors of wars - the worst has been delayed because you have worn calluses on your knees. I cannot tell you how long this delay will last, but I will say that one move depends upon certain core moves. And those have been thrown into confusion and evil is being withstood. So, the light is still with you."