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December 12, 2014

Tag Along Monsters, When You Fall...

December 12, 2014

Tonight I want to share with you a message that I wrote. There'll be a message from the Lord in the next message after this. This is basically something I wrote based on my experience. I call it Tag Along Monsters.

The devils are opportunists and tag-along monsters. God has given us a tender place in our souls, a place where He speaks without words. A gut-level place where He guides.

It is written, "You will hear a voice, 'This is the way, walk in it. Whenever you turn to the right or the left" Isaiah 30:21.

But, our insidious enemy, the vicious ones, the accusers of the brethren are constantly using this against us in our walk. We know when we offend God with some thought, action or thought action. This is His gift to us, to keep us spiritually healthy. But what do we do once we've recognized our fault? Well, I can tell you for years, I would go run and hide. I've been walking with the Lord 25-30 years and I can't tell you how I spent many, many years running and hiding after I blew it.

But generally speaking, we tend to cower and avoid Him, just as Adam and Eve did in the garden. The evil ones are standing there encouraging us to do what we somehow suspect or know is wrong. They're saying, "Oh, it's okay, really. You can do this. God won't be offended. Or, "He'll forgive you, really. It's just a little thing."

And once we've committed the fault, the devils come back and say, "See? You're good for nothing, you can't be faithful for one hour. Now God is angry with you - He won't hear YOUR prayers! You aren't worthy of Him. And forget ministering to others!"

At this point, we run for cover instead of running into His waiting arms. All the while, HE'S looking on with mercy and compassion. This fall, which He most likely allowed to humble us, is our opportunity to grow in humility and faith. He's waiting with open arms and kisses, to receive us back into fellowship, wanting to strengthen us and assure us of His love, which is impossible to earn. He loves us because He is God. And Love is His nature -He can't help Himself. He IS Love! He created us for fellowship with Him, He enjoys our company. He's not like an earthly father, waiting for us to prove how good we are before He showers His love and approval on us.

So, what are we do to? The sooner we forget ourselves and turn to Him, knowing that He will forgive and restore our peace, the sooner we'll be happy again.

These little tag-along uglies know this - so they work energetically to cause toxic guilt that paralyzes our relationship with God. We have to learn to outsmart the little monsters, and go directly to the Lord when we've fallen short. Confess our weakness, our sin, and ask forgiveness in all humility. This needs to be done without delay. The longer we delay, the more monsters accumulate on our backs, shouting how worthless and bad we are.

They take a certain delight in seeing a Christian cowering in guilt, while they invisibly go on beating us with self hatred and condemnation. Oh Boy, can I relate to that - this stuff is NASTY! And it sticks, unless we deal a decisive blow to these crippling lies.

Don't let these tag-along monsters paralyze your relationship with the Lord. Turn directly to Him with all confidence, knowing that He will forgive you immediately and paralyze your unwanted company. They'll have to look elsewhere for a new victim.

Sometimes, consequences of our sin linger on as we repair the damage we've caused. In all humility, receive this from our Good Shepherd's hands with a docile heart. He will turn what was meant for evil into good.

Be teachable, be meek and confident in His loving arms and you will TERRIBLY upset and even depress the little monsters who have worked so hard to separate you from God.

Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? shall tribulation, or anguish, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? Romans 8:35

So, in conclusion, I just want to say that the most threatening thing in the world to the devils, the demons, to the kingdom of darkness is a discerning Christian in intimate communion with the Lord. That is a VERY, VERY threatening person. So, they do everything they can to keep you from becoming intimate with the Lord and learning how to discern the truth from falsehood.

Be encouraged, press in and know that the Lord is mercifully waiting to pick you up every time you fall. Boy, it that weren't true, I would NOT be here right now!

The Lord bless you and increase your wisdom and discernment.