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December 12, 2014

Jesus Teaches on Discernment December 12, 2014

Here's the message that I just promised you in the previous video, and, to fill you in on what was going on when I received this message, the last few days I've been assaulted with accusations that I'm not hearing from the Lord but from a demon. It hasn't been a clear-cut accusation; just a subtle undercurrent...a quiet questioning.

The Lord began, "I want you to be totally at rest, like a child on her mother's lap."

'Is this really you, Lord?'

I've been plagued with this fear all of my Christian life, and one reason I have is because I came from the New Age. I had to make the change from The New Age to becoming a Christian. Believe me, the last thing in the world that I wanted was to be able to speak to the Lord, in the sense that I was so afraid that I'd be deceived. That's a little background on why I'm so cautious.

As I came to sit down to praise and worship, I immediately saw my handsome Jesus, dancing with me, with a twinkle in His eyes. My Spirit just leapt inside of me! I just knew it was the Lord! He smiled and said,

"You can't deny it's Me now, can you?"

And, no, I couldn't. I knew, indeed, that it was Him! We danced for a very long time. But I grew weary of the music. It became noisy and 'in the way,' so I turned it off and sat, quietly, and I pulled a card from my daily rhema Box. It said, "Oh, how wonderful! Oh, how marvelous, is my Savior's love for me."

By the way, I encourage all of you to make your own daily rhema Box - it's like a Daily Bread box, an index card box, and in it on index cards, you can write down the Scriptures that the Lord's given you, the Prophecies, the Promises, and all kinds of things. Just put all of the cards in that little box, and when you're high and dry, and you just can't connect with the Lord, and you can't hear Him, and you feel like saying, "Where are you, God?" Go and get three cards from your rhema Box. Pray to the Holy Spirit first, and bind any Lying Spirits from the cards in the Name of Jesus, and then pull three cards from your rhema Box. That will give you a really good reading on where you are, and it will really help you to 'pull out of the ditch,' and to trust the Lord.

Truly, He was there, before me, smiling, and He said, "All I want from you, Clare, is to receive My love."

He began crying. "It has taken Me so long to get you to accept my love. Please, please, don't turn Me away. And, by the way, every one of those messages was from Me. Every single one."

Lord, I still have doubts about Iran. Why would you give me that message?

"Didn't I show you Obama, long before he was even visible or elected?"

Yes, that's true.

I'd had a dream and a vision, before he was elected, and when he was giving his acceptance speech, I immediately recognized him as the man in my dream that the Lord had shown me, something like seven years before.

Anyway...just then, one of my cats came in and meowed at me, wanting to be picked up, so I lifted her up onto my lap and arranged her so that she'd be comfortable. She didn't budge; she just settled in while I petted her.

"You see? I want you to be just like her. When I come to hold you, melt in My arms, and fall into the deep place of trust. Rest, and receive the love I long to shower on you; the love that transforms all of your wounds into beacons of light, that can touch others with My healing power. I long so much to be totally received by you, and all My creatures. But they're so fearful; so scrupulous; so afraid of going astray, and hearing from a dark spirit, rather than their God. How I wish they would trust Me more."

But Lord, you do allow deception.

"Every time I have allowed it, I have also delivered you from it and clarified why I allowed it and restored you, haven't I?"

Yes, Lord, you have, but that's why I'm so cautious. I suspect much greater pride lurks within me than you've allowed me to see. And so, I'm afraid of being deceived.

"I have no argument for that, My love."

Only... even if He slays me, still will I love Him. Oh boy!

"You must be willing to be wounded for your own good. You must trust that I will not let you go far, before I correct you. And you do have a Covering."

That would be my husband. I'm very careful with my Covering, to make sure that anything that I get is from the Lord, because the last thing that I want to do is be deceived or to deceive others. That's the last thing I want.

"So, you can trust me, Clare, to provide you with accurate information, as long as your charity and humility are intact and growing. You mustn't ever let yourself grow lax in charity, or get 'too big for your britches."'

And I'd add here that not relying upon the discernment of your Covering, in some ways, puts you in that position of being 'too big for your britches.' I think that I've mentioned before - if you've seen my other videos - that if you don't have a Covering, you can use a Rhema Box; you can use a little book called The Bible Promises Book, and pray to the Holy Spirit, and ask, "Is this the Lord I'm talking to?"

I'll tell you guys, I do this every day. You can laugh, and you can accuse me of 'Bible Roulette;' I don't care. It works! The Lying Spirits get shown up for what they are when I use The Bible Promise Book. There are times the Lord allows me to be tested one step further, and I have to bind Lying spirits off The Bible Promises, but He does reveal the truth. He uses the Rhema Box, and He uses The Bible Promises, and readings from Scripture.

"You mustn't get lax in charity or 'too big for your britches.' I try to pull you down and back in line gently. I can't help it if your pride causes you to overreact to My corrections. Sooner or later you will come to the point where you can tolerate it without becoming despondent, or rebellious, as you always do. Besides, what about that little flutter in your conscience that tells you something is not right? Are you listening to that? Yes, you have been listening, but be a little quicker to obey, when you hear that flutter. Keep your conscience clean. Always keep your conscience clean, and you will have very little to worry about in the realm of discernment. It is only when you stubbornly grab the bit in your teeth, and take off in your own direction, despite your husband's warning. But I must let you learn the harder lessons."

"This is an ongoing lesson, My Beloved. This is the fine art of discernment, and the more you abandon the purse of your own opinion, and renounce your own self-will, the easier it will become for you. But, for now, I am indeed holding you, and how wonderful it is, to have you in my arms; to see your tears of love; to hear your heart so eager for My words and so willing to obey. All of this is stunningly beautiful to Me and the very joy of My heart. Please, oh please, never give this up! You are so dear to Me! I am so comforted by you, and I derive great consolation from your love for Me, Clare. Great Consolation! And as you can see, there is so much suffering I must endure from My creatures.

"My heart needs the tender love of all My Brides."