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May 2, 2019

Lord Jesus, thank You for Your warnings and giving us new chances to prove our love for You. Dear Lord, I have not loved You with all my mind, because it has wandered. Help us to keep our gaze on Your hand, Lord, and to move when you say move. Amen.

Heartdwellers, we are at that point again. I do hope you've recovered a bit, because we really need to drench President Trump in prayer. He is going to England on Friday to see the Queen. It is extremely serious and vital that we keep him alive with our prayers.

I've been told that a secret service man died while he was there last time. And another time that he was in the British Isles. I don't have any proof, but we do know that she is at the very hub of evil in the world.

One of our senior prayer warriors believes that there will not only be attempts on President Trump's life, but also Netanyahu and Putin. It was revealed to her in prayer that the enemy has been praying, fasting, and casting spells for months. Gathering up power to make this attempt successful. No doubt the timing they set is also in accord with their practices.

Dear ones, I come to you again asking for your fasting and prayers from the time President leaves until he returns. If the attempts on his life are successful, WW3 will happen very soon afterwards. And of course, the Rapture will occur in the midst of the chaos.

Please, families. All over the world. This is not a national danger. This means the end of peace on Earth, and millions will be killed in every country. So, please consider this something we must pray against. No matter what nation we were born into, we are still citizens of Heaven. So, all that occurs on Earth belongs to us, as well.

I would like to suggest that you call your friends together for a 24-hour prayer vigil, assigning one or two hours to each person that can be done in their own homes--especially in the presence of the consecrated Communion Host. We want to cover President Trump, Netanyahu, and Putin in prayer--but especially, our President. The ideal would be to cover them for three days, when President Trump leaves for England. I don't if that's tomorrow. Especially when he is with the Queen, and when he returns.

I am bringing this to you now, because Ezekiel had quite an episode today. Brought on by his enemies. But the Lord allowed it to get our attention. And He delivered Ezekiel from his pain. He really was trying to get our attention that this is a very serious time-frame, and we need to cover President Trump, and President Putin as well, in serious intercession. I've basically dropped everything I was doing, except for prayer.

I am coming to the conclusion, there is time for music, and there is time for art--and there is time for prayer. And prayer always comes first. Especially in national emergencies. After all, what good would a song or painting do if the world blew up tomorrow? How many could it possibly touch?

So, I am asking you who are in love with Your Jesus, to cover our President during this short interval of time when he is at a very high risk.

Also, I want to announce to you that "A Hope in Winter Comes" has just been released on Amazon, and of course, we have copies here. These are messages given to me during our times of ministry with a very devout group of Philippino nurses in Florida.

It is interesting to note, I finished this book at 3:00 AM on September 11th, 2001. We were woken up by a phone call around 9:30 or just after the first building was hit. We actually witnessed the live detonation of the second building.

I thought it very strange when I saw President Bush with a smurky smile on his face, walking through the rubble. I asked myself, 'Why is this man smiling--when so many around him are crying in agony?' The answer came back, "Because it was a successful operation." Back in those days, people thought you were looney if you believed that this was self-inflicted by our government. But now the truth has come out, thanks to the disclosure of confiscated computers in the CIA and FBI.

Dear Ones, our President is alive right now because YOU prayed. He is in office right now, because YOU prayed. And will continue to destroy the stronghold of evil on our nation, because WE prayed.

Lord, is there anything You want to add?

"Clare, it is imperative that everyone pray. I will tell you this much: the scheme is extremely elaborate and multifaceted. And if one thing doesn't work, he will be shuffled into another attempt--and another and another. They are not going to let him leave alive if it is at all possible.

"But they are men, and I am God. And if enough prayers and fastings go up, he will make it through alive. There will be numerous attempts while he is in the air, as well. They are not taking any chances on him living even one more day.

"Pray for supernatural coverage. Pray for the Secret Service agents to receive direction from Holy Spirit. Pray they will be sensitive, and especially prepared for a round of attempts causing chaos and throwing them off guard. They are highly trained--but this trip will tax their abilities to survive.

"Prayer will be the decisive factor in his survival."

Lord, may I add something?

"Yes, you may, dear one."

Let's also pray and ask the Blessed Virgin to wrap him in her cloak that no harm can come to him. Or to his wife, if she is there.

John Paul II was saved from assassination by the Blessed Mother's intervention. It has been told that his assassin was one of the best in the business. And when the Pope went to visit him in jail, the one thing the assassin could not get over was that he missed. He even said to the Pope he didn't know how that could happen. And John Paul II answered him very simply, "The Virgin, Our Lady of Fatima. That was her feast day on the 13th. That's when the attempt happened. On the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima. And she redirected the bullet."

Later an official statement was given by the Pope, "John Paul II was convinced that Mary, in the form of Our Lady of Fatima, had personally redirected the bullet that hit him, saving his life. He gave a bullet recovered from the Pope-mobile to the local bishop in Fatima, who placed it in the crown of the official image of Mary in the shrine of Fatima."

Jesus continued, "My Love, there is nothing superstitious about asking My mother to pray with you. In fact, it is the Marian multiplier. When she is praying with you, your petitions are presented to My Father with enormous blessing attached. For those who understand the Scriptures and are humble enough to ask for her intercession. For them, great favor is added to their prayer.

"Someday soon now, people around the world will come to know the power of her intercession and cease from reviling her."

Lord, I remember Kim Clement's prophecy.

I looked it up, as I really wanted to share it here. I've shared it once before.

"There is a president that will come. He will have absolutely no fear. He will be decisive. In the middle of the restoration of America. As the beginning of the Restoration begins, there shall be a woman that will rise up, a woman that shall be strong in faith. Virtuous. Beautiful in eyes. Her eyes shall be round and big. 'I have crowned her', says the Lord, 'as I crowned Esther."'

Now, that's in past tense that He says this. "I have crowned her."

"And the people shall receive her, for she shall have the oil of gladness for the pain and the mourning that has taken place. And she shall pour out the oil. She shall pour out the oil on this nation."

Now this is interesting. Obviously, somethings going to happen before she rises up. Or at least, I take it that way. 'Cause it says, "She shall have the oil of gladness for the pain and mourning that has taken place." So, it sounds to me like there is something big coming before she rises up.

"And God says," Kim continued, "'Healing shall begin, and then shall flow rapidly. Schools will be free from potential damage and danger: shootings, murders, drug addiction. Cartels shall be afraid of a woman--a woman anointed by God, a woman set aside'." And God says, 'They will say, "We hated her, but now we love her."'

Boy, isn't that what's going on with Evangelicals--really, really revile her.

"'For she shall take the oil of healing," he continues, "and she shall pour it upon the scars of those left, and those right, and of the new party that has come forth. Therefore, the healing that is necessary for this nation shall come at a time in the middle of the presidency. There shall be a woman that shall come, and God said there shall be oil that shall be poured upon the nation and they shall suddenly feel the healing.

"And they shall say, 'It is well with my soul,' for the soul of America has been corrupted; the soul of this nation has been corrupted with bitterness and anger. And God said, "She shall say, 'No more bitterness, no more anger, no more division.' And she'll pour the oil that shall come from the Spirit of the Lord Himself."

And I just noticed this as I was reading it. "And they shall say it is well with my soul." That song was written on the heels of a ship going down. It was written by a minister. His wife and children were on a ship coming to meet him. And that ship went down, and he lost his wife and children. And he wrote this song soon after that. Beautiful song. "It Is Well With My Soul."

So, this portends, I would say. Some kind of big event with a lot of death. That's what it looks like to me. The way that he has written this out. There's gonna be some kind of calamity. Somethings going to happen, and we're gonna be in a state of mourning.

Okay. So I said, "Lord, would you care to comment on this?"

Jesus said, "Who have I crowned Clare?"

Our Lady.

"Who has been hated by the Evangelical community?"

Our Lady, Your Mother.

"And who has touched you with joy and gladness in moments of extreme pain?"

You have, Lord. But also, she has, as well.

"And there you have your answer. But do not stop praying, for there are things to transpire before that day. A shake-up and wake-up call. And I wish for no man to perish, but those who have refused to reconcile with Me are in grave danger."

He continued, "What I love about this Channel is that you are all so responsive. Even though you have been tired out, still you rise to pray and intercede, because I called to you and you answered Me, 'Speak Lord. Your servant is listening.'

"And there are those among you who are truly saints on this Earth. And your prayers capture the hearts of the Cloud of Witnesses and the angels in Heaven. Never doubt it: your prayers have turned many a battle around and saved those, who before, seemed unredeemable.

"Be encouraged, Heartdwellers. I love you deeply and count on you for so very many things. Prayer and comfort. Dearly I love you.

"Rise to this occasion. Sleepers rise. I give you another chance to break the flasks of your heart to save your nation and be counted with the elect."