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May 3, 2019

Dearest Family. PLEASE do not stop praying!

I want to give you an update on what is happening. And this is from our source.

It has been reported to me by our source that President Trump left the United States sometime between 9:00 pm and 4 am for London. All of you were praying. It is reported that he had a secret meeting with the Queen of England. And that he is shutting the door on the Federal Reserve and will soon be exchanging the dollar for United States Treasury Notes. And also, that the gold trim on flags will be taken down, as a sign of our break with Great Britain's control over our economy.

There has already been one attempt on his life by the Defense Minister of England, who has been relieved of his post, but is still under the protection of the Prime Minister.

Dear ones, DO NOT STOP PRAYING. There will be more attempts. According to the Lord, there will be several more attempts. Stay vigilant and pray. This is a decisive victory over the evil that has governed our nation. And if all continues as planned by the President, the global switch will divest the enemy of their dirty money and they will go broke, with nothing to sustain their continuous attacks against our legitimate government.

I was also told that a great many people have been arrested. Much more. Many more than what we know about. And soon the ones that are more visible will also be arrested. Let us remember to pray for their souls. Some of them have been involved in Satanic Ritual Abuse and will be given the death sentence.

Normally, I don't bring these things up. But because prayer is so imperative, I am calling on all of you to pray until Sunday, when he is supposed to return. Keep up the good work, prayer warriors.

And I wanted to put this out, because someone had mentioned to me that there was a scheduled meeting with the Queen on June the 3rd. And they were thinking that maybe I'd made a mistake, or our source made a mistake.

No. This was a secret meeting nobody else knew about.

Lord, is there anything You wish to add?

Jesus began, "My precious, precious People. You have again intercepted a plot to kill your President. Please believe Me when I tell you that the prayers of the Heartdwellers community are powerful and move on the Heart of My Father."

Lord, may I repeat myself, and the word from Kim Clement? It just seems too important to let it go by the wayside, without assigning great significance to it.

He said, "Go ahead."

Dear ones, there were several important things that God said through the mouth of Kim Clement in just that one prophecy given on March 25th, 2011 in Nashville. I really believe we should look at it again, so here it is, broken down.

And I will tell you in advance. I have had a premonition that there was going to be a great appearance of the Blessed Mother in America. Somewhere, there was going to be a very strong, full of miracles, apparition in America from the Blessed Mother at a time when we really need it.

So. This is what Kim said.

"There is a president that will come. He will have absolutely no fear. He will be decisive."

That was five and a half years before President Trump was elected.

He goes on to say, "In the middle of the restoration of America...when restoration begins, a woman shall rise up. Strong in Faith. Virtuous, wearing a crown. Kim says that the Lord said her eyes shall be round and big. I have crowned her."

Past tense, that is, guys.

"... says the Lord, as I crowned Esther."

And Our Lady is crowned in many, many images of her. And the crown represents miracles that she has done. The different apparitions, like for instance, the apparition of Our Mother of Mercy in Florida. She was wearing a crown of stars, but she was not wearing a queenly crown in that apparition. And I don't know what kind of miracles may have taken place at her hand, but by now she probably is wearing a crown. Because they crown the image when miracles start to take place.

Okay. "She will be given oil from Heaven to heal and bring joy, which she will pour out on the nation."

Here he also implies there will be some situation that will cause national mourning, "She will have the oil of gladness for the pain and the mourning that has taken place. She will be received by the nation, healing will flow rapidly, schools will be safe again, Cartels will be afraid of her."

Kim continued, "People who have hated her will love her."

And you know the Blessed Mother is denounced in almost every Christian circle except the Catholic and Orthodox. But when she appears, as she has so many times before around the world, there will be such an outpouring of healing and joy that the people will love her.

Family, remember the Lord has put America under her dominion, and placed her on the Capitol rotunda with countless angels.

I gave you that message on August 28, 2018. The title of that was "Kim Clement's Prophecy About the Nation and the Blessed Mother."

And Kim continues here, "And the people shall receive her, for she shall have the oil of gladness for the pain and the mourning that has taken place. And she shall pour out the oil. She shall pour out the oil on this nation.

"And God says, healing shall begin and then shall flow rapidly. Schools will be free from potential damage and danger, shootings, murders, drug addiction. Cartels shall be afraid of a woman--a woman anointed by God, a woman set aside. And God says, They will say, 'We hated her, but now we love her.'

"For she shall take the oil of healing and she shall pour it upon the scars of those left and those right and of the new party that has come forth..."

Kim says there will be scars. Well, that means there have been battles and the events have left deep, deep wounds

The middle of the Presidency, I believe has to do with 2020 elections the mid term of 8 years.

"Therefore, the healing that is necessary for this nation shall come at a time in the middle of the presidency. There shall be a woman that shall come, and God said there shall be oil that shall be poured upon the nation and they shall suddenly feel the healing."

The prophecy that Kim gave had much more insight with it than at first glance. For instance, "There will be suffering and pain that needs healing." Whether it is an event that has not transpired yet, or the carnage from all the arrests and prosecution of those the country thought could be trusted. Our Lady has already been appointed intercessor for America and is administrating from the Capitol Rotunda.

Lord, do you have anything to add?

Jesus began, "Keep praying. The battle is not over yet, but your prayers have made a substantial contribution to turning the tide, and they always do. So, please stay at your prayer stations through Sunday.

"I am with you, Heartdwellers. There is no place I would rather be than in My Heart, dwelling with all of you. I know things have been difficult, but the fruit that is manifesting is major, and of major import to the whole world."

Amen. Thank You, Lord.