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May 28, 2019

How wonderful are Your ways, dear Lord. Please keep us pure and faithful to Your vision of who we should be. Amen.

Well, we are living in some exciting times and the Lord is always up to something new. I am quite amazed at how He is bringing the Refuge of My Sacred Heart together. Every day another piece of the puzzle just drops in from the skies of Heaven as we continue to obey Him.

Today I met a lovely couple from Texas that will be coming here to care take the property and work on projects. They are used to living off the grid and home schooling their children, as well as being very devout and prayerful. I was just amazed how the Lord did this. These are people so committed to Him, that if He says go, they drop everything and go. But they had all the qualifications they needed to be able to handle the rough living conditions until the main house or the commons center is built.

He had just been let go from his job of nine years, because he was entitled to a raise and some other benefits, and they were cleaning out the older employees who had been there, to avoid having to do some of these things. I guess this is what corporations do.

But in all reality, it was the Lord saying, "No more call center for you. I have something much better for you to do." They have been Heartdwellers for four years and couldn't be more excited that their lives are taking a wonderful turn.

Dear ones, the Lord wants this project completed by September, so we NEED things to fall into place, quickly. Just like this. It's another confirmation, every time He sends another piece. And we already have two people coming to live there. So, they'll be in tents until their little hermitages are built.

Thanks to a few very generous gifts to the refuge we have been able to get the road fixed and get a four-wheel drive vehicle that can get up there in the winter time as well. And the Lord provided a very experienced friend of the family to do this.

Now we need to rent a BIG construction dumpster and start moving the things that can no longer be used. And if donations permit, get a work crew going up there to clean up, as well as getting ready for building. Well, I'd written this a few days ago, and the donations for the work crew and volunteers are coming in. So, praise the Lord. He really, really is serious.

We also have to draw up the plans for the commons center, and have an architect, who is a Christian friend, give us advice on where to put the buildings. In all honesty, I don't think we need plans. It's going to be very simple. I never had plans for the other buildings that we did, and they turned out perfect.

But the Refuge is so very important to the Lord, because it is a cradle for the renewal of His Church. He wants it raw, rough, and very, very simple. So simple that indigent farming families would be right at home there.

This is what He has said to me, "It's all about love, Clare. The Church only exists to demonstrate My Love. In the past, she has demonstrated her power, her wealth, her ability to subdue peoples and manipulate governments. No longer. She is being stripped down, naked so that the true Apostles may rise up and clothe her in My Love and Glory."

And I think I quoted this statement to you in one of the messages we've just had.

My dear ones, it is very exciting what He is wanting to do. And we all know I am not qualified for this job at all. And THAT was deliberate on His part. I am seeing how those who have had training in the world are too hard to re-train. Better to start with little nobodies that only love the Lord and don't have a clue how to do anything is done without Him. YES!!! I hope this inspires you Heartdwellers. We are making a difference on a small scale, in the church. If He is doing what He seems to be telling me He is doing, this tiny work will perhaps merge with other tiny works for Him and will arise as the newly reformed Church He intended it to be from the very start.

And we have seen Melchisedech at the very start of the renewed Earth in the incredible dream that Ezekiel had. And he was present as if to say, "This is the real deal. We are doing this for the Church our Jesus began."

I have seen that others have caught the vision and kept it small and simple. Home groups, with fathers and mothers to guide the communities they live with, but on a small scale. The moment you gather large groups, you must have large extravagant buildings. And money invites the wrong element into the very foundation of the church.

Truly we must be virginal in our approach to rebuilding what the Lord has left with us.

His plans for the Refuge is to train up young apostles to circle the globe and bring His love back into the very foundation of the Church.

Yes, there will be healings and miracles. But the GREATEST miracle of all will be to see every Believer connected intimately to Jesus. And to have that as the very foundation of the Christian walk. Every Believer getting up in the morning to spend time with the love of their lives. Then healings and miracles will follow.

He has steered me totally clear of wanting all the supernatural signs, gifts, and miracles in operation. His focus is not on miracles. His focus is love and holiness. Then miracles will follow.

We don't want to cultivate those who focus on the gifts, but do not have this intimacy with Him. Without His Heart beating in our chests, we will misuse the gifts and start to worship them--or start to worship men who exercise them-- instead of Jesus. I believe that is a reason why we are seeing miracles that do not come from God--because people seek miracles instead of God. The enemy exploits that weakness and the pride and idolatry Christians fall into when miracles happen.

"My sheep hear My voice, My sheep seek My face." Jesus began. "My sheep are Mine and none other's. I am breaking away all the conventions of My church that are not relevant to a holy life. In the past, idolatry has gone unnoticed, and people have listened to anyone who is flashy enough to impress them. And so, they are easily led into error.

"What I am doing in this generation is emptying the baggage from the hearts of My people. No more Hollywood superstar Christians. It only breeds greed, idolatry, and error. What passes for church is theatrical manipulation of My people, who have been taught to worship personalities.

"I taught you by example, and while crowds followed Me everywhere I went, never once did I exact from them tribute and monies. Rather, I fed them, healed their wounds and taught them to repent and sin no more. These are the lessons that cultivate the rich soil and bring forth a thousand-fold harvest.

"My people, we are returning to the church of My Father's Heart. For He longs for a people who worship Him in spirit and in truth with no thought of pleasing crowds and building a citadel. Rather, they are little ones, ministering My Love, one on one, tending to the wounded and those excluded. And from this humble beginning I will build up my Church into what I always meant for Her to be."