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December 16, 2014

!Oyeme'! - Look at me!! Like when a mom is calling her dirty faced little Mexican kids off the dirty streets to stop messin' around and pay attention to her. She's trying to get them to come and eat their beans and tortillas!! >:o 

! Escuchame ! - Listen to Me - Hear Me - same scenario!! :-\ 

! vien aqui ! - COME HERE! (THIS INSTANT!!)  They have exclamation points usually both in front and back of the Word or Command.

The song is written with a kind of tongue-in-cheek feeling for us, as I was remembering all those hot desert nights, with all those kids, chickens, and goats running around in circles - half playing still, and half listening to their mom.  Soon enough they came. Hungry tummies trump kicking cans any time!

Of course, I wrote it as Jesus "asking" us to Look at Him, Listen to Him, and Come to Him. Much less yelling, much more loving and mild!! O:-)