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September 30, 2019

Lord, only You are fit to judge. But You do not judge to wound, but to heal. May this message that You've given me find its target in the hearts of those who really need to hear it. Amen.

Jesus began, "My people, these days are unlike any others in that there is a proliferation of demons that has never been seen on this Earth before. So many behavior patterns can be traced back to these demons, who are assigned a specific task to each soul.

"The first is to cause rejection and violation to young children that will leave them damaged for life. So, as they become adults, they will do the demons' biddings. How do you know when you have a demon? Any time you feel hostility and want to damage another soul, lurking nearby is a demon inspiring you. Any time you feel that you must compete, stay on top of the game, be the best--you are operating under the inspiration of a demon. Any time you feel it is your job to judge others and imagine yourself above them, there are several demons working in you.

"You do not have to yield to these things; you can resist them. But are you seeing yourself in My mirror?

"Have you built up a facade of fitness and accomplishment that you, yourself, believe in? Do you even know when your motives are to protect your facade and esteem? Do you even know when you are having prideful thoughts?

"Right now, in the privacy of our conversation with one another, with no one else listening or looking in, I am going to ask you a question which I already know the answer to. But do you know the answer? Are you aware of your own motives?

"Here is the question: 'Do you feel better and more accomplished than others, and deem yourself someone to look up to? To be in charge? To be the boss?' If the answer is 'Yes,' you are laced up in a Pride suit that only I can deliver you from.

"If you have unresolved issues and hurts, there is an invisible and profoundly deep well of Pride that has been built up as a protection for the wounded child beneath. You must be an over-achiever in order to receive love and acceptance. And you strive to make yourself the best and come out on top in any situation, wanting to be the one all applaud. You feel this way, because your emotional survival is dependent upon it. Living up to this image turns you into one of those who must always be on guard to defend your rights, and to be shown to be above everyone else.

"If someone shows a preference for another person in your circle, you are offended and threatened. If someone does not recognize you as the authority in charge, you feel offended. In fact, your life becomes a merry-go-round of defensive moves to come out on top.

"When you feel threatened by another, you resort to cutting remarks to put them in their place. You have scorn and contempt for the lesser ones in your circle, and do very little to hide that. The only time you are on perfect behavior, and wouldn't dream of hurting someone with your words, is when you are in the presence of your boss and want to make a saintly impression.

"Yes. You are two-faced.


"I am telling you this so you will wake up to the reality of what you have become. People avoid you, because they know they cannot win around you; they must always be the losers. Must always be taken down a peg. The cutting remarks build up scar tissue in their hearts and they avoid you. Then you become offended by their avoidance, all the while knowing you were responsible for their attitude towards you.

"Dear one, you will never, ever win this way. You must take an honest look in My mirror and see how naked, poor, and blind you are before Me. You are not who you project yourself to be. You are stunted, twisted, and overgrown with bitterness--and a sense of self-worth that bears no resemblance to who you are before Me.

"I have come to set you free and tend to the well of corruption that has taken over your heart. I want to empty that and heal the many holes in your heart. Then I want to fill you to the brim with My unconditional love and grace, so that you may become who I truly intended you to be.

"When you come to this Channel, you are looking for Truth or you would not stay. And I am a true shepherd who will call you aside to tend to your wounds and the wounds you inflict on others because you must be on top.

"I have called you up higher, and that means you are going lower and lower and lower until you are at your bottom. Then I can begin to build in you the true image of love and value that I died on the cross to redeem you with. I love you tenderly. Repent and repair the damage you have done to others. Then come to Me and we will begin again.

"Know that I love you and have a wonderful plan for your life when you've been emptied of the old leaven."