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October 2, 2019

Hey, brothers and sisters and YouTube family. Hope you guys are being blessed!

So, I wanted to share an exciting message, to have you guys enter into a visitation I had with the Lord, when He took me to Heaven. To actually not only meet His mother but meet in a place that is one of her many places in Heaven. I've come to find that after the fact.

So, this really happened in dwelling prayer. It happened about the first month I got here (at Clare's). As you guys have been following me, I was full of so much emotional turmoil and anguish in my soul coming here. And it was difficult. And I found myself just entering into worship before the Lord and lying down and resting in Him. Before I knew it, I was in a different place.

And so, as many of you guys know, that I am a product of Still Small Voice channel. And the Lord has taught us how to experience Him in dwelling prayer. And dwelling prayer is different types of prayer. It's different levels of prayer. But many of us Believers want to go deeper intimately with the Lord. And many of us don't realize that we could actually see and hear Jesus in the spirit. His desire is that every single one of His Brides would commune with Him in this way, in the most intimate way. This grace is available for each and every single one of us. No-one is exempt, and no-one is exemplary or set apart to have these experiences.

And so, God desires that He would have us encounter Him. The Word of God says, 'The pure in heart SHALL SEE God.' So, it's very possible to see God in the spirit. See Him face to face. That's what the Word of God says. The pure in heart shall see Him face to face. And so, that's God's desire.

And so, dwelling prayer is a tool, or a way, for us to go deeper. It's entering in to the Lord's presence through worship and thanksgiving. And that's what the Word of God says. That we should enter His gates with worship and thanksgiving.

But it's important, as you do the dwelling prayer, that the music is different. So, worship is listening to the songs during praise and worship. Soaking in His presence. Resting in the lyrics that He's playing before you. And many of the artists that I love, who are really deep intimately with the Lord - it's just, the anointing of the Lord is upon their songs. Like Kari Jobe, Julie True and Misty Edwards. That's actually the songs that I use to enter in with the Lord, is Misty Edwards' The Garden. And I just began to play that and I found myself in the Garden of my heart with Jesus.

And so, I just want to read the little insert of disposition regarding dwelling prayer. I'm not even going into a teaching about it, I think I've done that on one of my videos before. But I want to have links concerning the teachings that Clare mentioned and taught about how to really dwell with the Lord.

But here, this is a quote from Mother Clare, from Still Small Voice. And it's from the video Experiencing Jesus in Dwelling Prayer. She states: "We can dispose ourselves to intimate prayer with the Lord. A visitation from Him. We can cultivate a relationship that will make it possible to fall into that place every night when going to prayer." And that's what we're hoping for. That's what we're hoping for, for everyone who listen to this channel.

And then she goes on to say here at the bottom: "As you worship, imagine. Make in your mind Jesus staying nearby. These are not usually just imaginations that you make up; they aren't! They're sanctified images that got put before you in your imagination. Don't brush them off. Take them for the real thing. Take them seriously, because you just have reached out to the Lord. Now, He's reaching out to you through some kind of image, being present to you. Continue to worship Him. Continue to enter into that vision that you are having but pay attention to what you see in the spirit. In your sanctified imagination. Continue to love and adore Him."

And so. That's the thing: the sanctified imagination. Many times, a lot of us see things and think, 'Oh. That's not. That's...just me.' NO! My Goodness! We couldn't make up things like that. There's nothing good in this.

So, I just want to encourage you. If you begin to worship, you begin to pray and see things - write those things down. You really are experiencing them with the Lord. I think the biggest problem with us really entering in to the Lord is Unbelief. I've been there. I'm in there now, you know. Unbelief. The enemy hates this more than anything. He will do anything he can to bring opposition, distraction, attacks. And even ungodly images that will scare you, cause you to fear. Cause you to withdraw from really seeing the Lord in the spirit.

But I'm really hoping this video really encourages you, to really enter into a deep place with the Lord. And not only that, but come to know and experience His mother, too. Our blessed Mother.

So, this is how the vision began. Or the visitation began.

So, I found myself in the room. It was late at night and I decided just to just sit and rest in the Lord. I put on my headphones, I laid on my bed. And before I knew, this song began to play. Misty Edwards, The Garden. (song plays)

And then, before I knew it, I recognized I had entered my heart. And I was there in a garden. As my vision began to clear, I saw the garden. It was a beautiful garden, full of color and very wild. I looked at the garment that I was wearing, and it was so dingy and so dirty. But I was still in awe at what I was seeing all around me but noticing my dirtiness.

And then finally I saw a hand reaching out for me. And I noticed, as I was seeing. The vision got even more clear, that it was Jesus reaching out for me. And as I touched His hand, it was like a Cinderella movie of complete Transforming. From my fingertips all the way down to my toes. I had a beautiful sun dress on. It was white with yellow flowers. Completely pristine and pure and looking so beautiful. And He beckoned me for me to come with Him.

So, we walked through the garden. And when we got to some water, I saw Him in a boat. He placed Himself in a boat and beckoned me to enter in the boat with Him. So, as I entered the boat with Him, He just snuggled up against me as He held me from behind. So sweet and so entirely as His Spouse. His beloved Spouse. I was just resting in His arms.

As the boat, or the canoe, began to move on its own, row on its own through the water. As we were going through the water ever so gently, just in my Beloved's arms, I saw a beautiful cove. And beautiful trees. And a treehouse in the middle of the water. It's full of yellow leaves. As the leaves were reflecting off the water. And as we got closer to that treehouse, and the canoe just entered into that cove and came right up to the tree stump. I began to see the water rise up. And the water began to shape-shift. As it rose up, It began to shape into little hearts all around the boat! Little hearts from the water, as if it was greeting us. And then the water bowed and went low. And the water rose again, and was shaped into a beautiful, huge heart, now with the image of me and my Beloved Jesus - forehead touching forehead. And then the water again bowed and it dissipated below. And then rose up once more again to rise in a heart shape, but now the image of me and my Beloved Jesus with a sweet kiss, in the most purest way.

And then the water bowed before the King of Kings and it lowered and settled.

And then I saw little steps on the tree stump. So, I began to climb up before the Lord, and He's behind me. So, as I opened the door and entered into this beautiful, small, cute little treehouse. To the left was a den. To the right was kitchen with pots up hanging. And I saw someone cooking. A lady was cooking. As Jesus came behind me, He came and grabbed on to His mother. And I knew at that moment it was our sweet blessed Mother Mary. As He kissed her so tenderly and so lovingly from behind. And then He walked away to the den. She turned around a smiled at me with the most beautiful smile, as she put a plate of chicken and vegetables, she had cooked for us!

And then Jesus came to sit down next to His mother, as I sat across from Him. And He had the most intense, passionate look upon His face. He just stared at me in the eyes, without blinking to the point where, I was like, 'this is a bit... Not uncomfortable, but it's almost overwhelming. His love was enveloping my heart. I think He could not take His eyes off of me, not even for one moment.

And all I could see was our sweet blessed Mother just smiling so much, because she knew that her Son had found His Bride. And He was so in love, and I was in love with Him. And I just remember, as He had His hand on the table, she grabbed His hand and squeezed it. 'Cause I knew in my heart, you know this in Heaven, that you don't have to speak. All of this time, there's no conversation audibly between us, but our hearts were speaking to one another.

So, I knew that Jesus so desperately wanted to show me something. There was something... the treehouse had not roof. The trees and leaves were just kind of covering over it. And so, He really wanted us to climb up to the top, I believe to see the sunset. And I knew that in my heart. But we hadn't touched our food, and so blessed Mother knew that He so desired that. As she squeezed His hand, as it to say, 'It's okay, Son. It's okay. Show her. Take her.' You know, to show kind of like - I won't be mad if You don't eat the food.

And then, a thought came on my mind. I was like, 'Man. Where's God the Father? And at that very moment, I began to hear the sounds of nature. I began to hear the water. The crickets. The animals outside began to grow louder, and I heard the voices. And all of them were singing, 'Holy. Holy. Holy. Holy. Holy!' And before I knew it, I looked to my left and the door came open. And there walks God the Father, with His arms wide open. With such a gleaming smile upon His face. Blessed Mother was smiling as well, and so was Jesus. And so was I. In such adoration, such awe, such joy!

And then I woke up. And that left me complete, utterly in peace. And so in love, I was just flabbergasted! So amazed by that experience. I ran to go tell Mother Clare and Father Ezekiel what I experienced with the Lord. And that's when I found out that he, too, had actually gone to Heaven and visited the blessed Mother's bungalow.

So, it's just one of many places in Heaven. And I'm just blown away that the Lord allowed me to not only visit Him. But once again, He takes me to His mother.

So, I shared this video to encourage you that truly, Jesus' desire is to drawn near to each and every single one of us. This grace is available to enter in to a sanctified, beautiful garden in your heart, to be with Him. And not only that, but to really know His mother. What spouse would not desire to have His wife fall in love with His mother? Jesus will always lead to His Mother. She is real, she's alive. She's kind and she's so wonderful. And she's waiting for each and every single one of the Brides of Christ to meet with her as well.

So, I pray that this video really encourages you. And I pray this sparks inspiration and a hunger and desire to go deeper with the Lord. God bless you guys. Bye:0)