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December 21, 2014

Well, this message comes right on the heels of the last one that I posted from 9/19/14 and that is, "Work as if There Were no Tomorrow" This one was given to me on 9/21/14 and it's about listening to too many voices.

The Lord began, "You've been listening to too many voices. Only one is necessary. Not only do you have mental and emotional indigestion, you're wasting time. I told you what is necessary: I said work, and complete what is given to you. You have time for this, enough time. But you continue to question, My Little Butterfly. Please don't question anymore - just work! You will know soon enough the times and seasons set aside and coming to fruition.

"I said you would have peace, and peace you shall have. But now you have no peace, because you've listened to the voice of men, not of your God.

"So, you have My words, you have My take, you have heard Me and now you must act on it in Faith, My Bride. This continuing questioning is from the enemy and is designed to steal time so you will not complete your work. It certainly isn't Me! I've already told you: you have time to finish your work. So, go for it joyfully, without consternation! Joyfully, without apprehension! And trying to figure out this time and that season. Just work according to the plan. In that you will find peace AND security.

"Now that I honor your sacrifices for My Kingdom and great are the rewards that I have waiting for you, do not be apprehensive about that. Rather, tuck these things down deep into your heart and keep working. Keep loving. Keep serving. Keep Praying and bringing others to Me for their enrichment. My Spirit is with you, so with you! You don't realize how much He IS with you."

And I was wondering at that point, 'cause I'd had an experience in prayer time where I saw myself dancing with Holy Spirit, and I always see Him as a tall man with blond hair and blue eyes in a Captain's suit. He's always wearing a formal, white Captain's suit - a ship's Captain. And I was wondering if that was, you know, what was really happening.

And the Lord picked up on that and said, "Yes, you danced together, and He designed the gown you were wearing that night."

I wondered!

"You wondered right - it was Him. And IS Him. He's with you. The apprehension about time is not from Me. When you feel it, immediately assign it to a demonic attack, to throw you off balance and become inquisitive for answers about timing."

As an aside here, just a couple of people have been telling me that they're nervous about time, and I want to tell you - I have been so bullied by time, it's unbelievable. It's like someone takes a club and clubs me over the head and says, "You don't have time! You don't have time! There's no more time! Forget about doing that, you don't have time!" Well, the Lord is saying here, "That's not Me." So, if you hear that, assign it to a demon, because that's where it's coming from - he's trying to stir up trouble. And make you so unstable and curious that you just, you know, you'll be hamstrung you won't be able to move forward on what you've been giving to do.

He continued, "You see I do all things orderly and in peace. Where peace is lacking, I am not present. So let that be your gauge and guard against these offensives that are being hurled at you both, to get you both off track."

And at this point I went to the Bible Promises for a confirmation that I'm speaking with the Lord - and I opened to: "I am with you. I will not leave you until I have done all I have promised you."

He continued, "Well, My Beloved Bride, this should bring you some comfort and peace."

I think it does, Lord. Let it settle in. It's going to take some time.

"Indeed. You need to be settled in your heart and spirit. I'm not coming as quickly as everyone would like Me to. I do have compassion for My Bride, and she is not ready. You have discerned correctly. There is still much work to be done, many who think they are ready are not."

Ooh, that's scary!

"That's why I tell you both: pray that you may be able to stand before Me. I am taking you both, don't for one minute allow that to scare you. But you can always improve on yourselves, what you have, do and say. And there's always room for growth and improvement. Joyful improvement! So don't allow yourselves to be alarmed or dismayed about your eligibility. Do not I know everything there is to know about you and the future? You are doing marvelously well in corresponding to My graces in this season. Keep up the good work, My Bride. Keep up the good work. Keep your Honey-God smiling as He looks on you."

Lord, are You my Honey-God?

"I surely am!"



Isn't that a little TOO presumptuous?

"Not in the least! I let you in on My secrets, I cuddle with you and the kitties and My other Bride. I hold you in My heart, I even kiss you. Is it really your opinion that you are being presumptuous?"

And when He says He kisses me, it's like a little sweet kiss on the cheek. There's NO carnality in this relationship, I can guarantee you. And as an aside on that note, if anyone is experiencing invitations to get carnal from someone they think is Jesus and the Spirit - you're dealing with a demon. Don't go for it!!

So He said, "Is it really your opinion that you're being presumptuous?", I guess not.

"Good! Then presume on. You know the kind of presumption that is disorderly and disrespectful, and it's not when you kiss My hand, or rest your brow against My chin. I am here for you. This..." pointing to His heart. " your home as well as My home.

And your heart is My home as well. It is mutual."

Lord, You've made me higher than the angels.

"Indeed. You will find in time, the lower you go, the higher I lift you up. So, now I want you to stop listening to the uninformed voices of men and listen to Me. One of the reasons I speak with you so familiarly is so that you don't have to listen to them and be misled.

"So, onward and upward! Let's get you back to work."

And that's the end of the message.