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November 6, 2019

Thank You, Lord, for the Grace and Mercy of Your Love in putting us through Refining Fires NOW, so that we may avoid the fires we could face after our soul is required of us. Help us to grow daily in Love and Charity for those around us, responding to Holy Spirit's whisper to serve them in even the littlest of ways. Amen.

One of our priests sent an important conversation with the Lord to Clare the other day, and she wanted to share His words with all of us.

The Lord began, "Relish in My humbling of you. It is by My purifying fires that you are sanctified, made holy, without spot, wrinkle, or blemish. When you desire holiness so strongly, but find yourself unable to attain it, I am preparing the soil of your soul in humility.

"Receive this, My work in your soul, for I truly understand what steps and paths you need to take. Do not be afraid; this is My work. Merely cooperate, repent when you fail, and thank Me for the work that I am doing in and through you.

"This is true of every soul on Earth, but especially those who have given themselves to Me. Despite My efforts, some never come to Me. Pray for such hardened souls.

"As for you, My people, let My purifying fires work out the nasty habits and bad attitudes you have accumulated over the years of your lives. Repent deeply for them as I bring them before you. Better to deal with them now, than in Purgatory.

"Know that I am pleased and overjoyed for the prayers said on behalf of those precious souls in the Purifying Fires. I long for them to come to Me, into their rewards and fullness, but My Justice must be satisfied.

"Understand, My people, that Purgatory is a provision of My Mercy, to purge out Sin that is not Mortal. As John said, 'There is a Sin not leading unto death,' but they must still be dealt with. Your prayers for these, My people, helps to obtain their entrance into Heaven sooner; and these souls, in turn, will pray for you.

"These things are not fully understood, even in the Catholic Church. May I say? No Church has perfect understanding; but each receives what it needs to feed the souls I bring to them.

"How much more at peace My people would be if they committed all Judgment and correction to Me, Who judges righteously. If any minister or teacher or pastor performs unrighteousness--that they must be corrected--I, the Lord, shall expose and deal with them. Their sin will be made manifest for them to recognize and correct.

"If that does not happen, then I continue to allow failure and crisis after crisis in their ministry, until they stop and consider their ways before Me.

"Pray for them, My people, and know that ministry is being used by Me for souls.

"Is it not written in Revelation that I stand in the midst of the candlesticks? The candlesticks are the Churches, lit by Me, by My Light, by My Presence. As I warned, the Ephesian Church--who had the five-fold gifts; who were great in word and deed, but had no love--were in serious danger of losing My Light. Without My Light, My Presence--what you have is dead works, dead letters, dead religion.

"Many of you have felt My Presence in your churches, and some of you have felt the lack of My Presence. Sometimes, it is enemy interference and laxness in spiritual warfare; but other times, the gate of Love has been abandoned.

"Remember this, My Beloved Brides. It is he or she who LOVES much, who truly does much in My Kingdom. My beloved John, who so tenderly rested his head on My chest, listening to the heartbeat of his God, spoke this from My very heart when He wrote:

"In this [way] the Children of God are revealed, and [in contrast] the children of the Devil; whoever commits unrighteousness is not of God, neither he [or she] that does not love their brother [or sister]. For this is the message that you have heard from the beginning; that we should love one another." 1John 3:10-11

"Lovelessness is Unrighteousness."

"My Beloved Ones, the devil cannot love you, nor can he teach you to love; he is hatred incarnate. And what he has done to the concept of love and turned it into a quid pro quo, 'what do I get out of it' mentality, is truly heinous. He hates Me, and everything that I have created, so he seeks to tear apart and deconstruct all that is good and wholesome. And his crowning achievement is to use you to accomplish his ends.

"You have all had issues in the area of Love. I bring this up, because it is fundamental and foundational to your walk with Me. Without authentic Love, I cannot use you. The very gifts I have endowed you with, without Love, will be detrimental and damaging to you. Whereas a soul with very few or no gifts, with great Love, will bring forth innumerable fruit.

"Do not discount small things. A smile, holding the hand of a loved one, blessing someone in My name, sharing your lunch with a co-worker who has none. Buying water for someone on a hot summer day, or tending to a spouse who is sick with hot soup and tender affection. Reading a pure and innocent book to your children, praying for others. An encouraging comment here on the Channel or on social media, paying for someone's gas at the store, calling a distant relative or elderly parent or grandparent.

"I could go on and on and on. For truly, I tell you, these little acts of love, done for love of Me and love of brother and sister precede your coming to Heaven, shine as the brightest diamond, and exude the most pleasant fragrance.

"It is true that the smallest things in My Creation are often the most magnificent in design. Engineers are astonished at the efficiency of the propulsion engines of microscopic bacteria. And people gaze in wonder at the beauty of the little glass structures that a sea-dwelling microorganism has made to house itself. Many such things have been hidden for millennia, only now made visible in modern times to Men. But I and all of Heaven have been enjoying them from the very beginning.

"And so it is with My little ones, with their little acts of love. They are unnoticed, insignificant to some. But very, very valuable to Me.

"Many of you will marvel at the little things for which you will be rewarded for, in Heaven. Things you have long forgotten, but that I look at, even now in this moment, as I think of each and every one of you. Keeping them safe for you.

"Love much, My people. Love much. Stay away from Rancor. It has become an Idol in the Church and in the secular world. It is a compulsion to dredge up differences, and to debate and fight over them--which the devils use to open doors in all involved and sow seeds of bitterness--to the end of killing the faith of My little ones, leaving them bleeding and wounded spiritually.

"Do not engage in such arguments; simply walk away, blessing them with peace and praying for them in My Name. Better to be silent and not breech Brotherly Love than to get into an argument with a poor soul being ridden by a religious spirit.

"I want you all to listen to Clare's message, "Start Recognizing Your Enemy."

And as an aside, I put the link to that message in the written text here:

"I am with you, and I love you all. Press into your callings and missions with Love and Charity, those of you who have them. Those of you who do not, take the little way of Love and Charity. For every rose, there are thousands of buttercups, violets, wildflowers, and daisies.

"I love and tenderly caress each of you, and I enjoy your unique fragrances of Love. Again I say, he or she does much, who LOVES much."