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November 13, 2019

(originally given to Ezekiel January 4, 2010)

Thank You, Lord, for these little glimpses into the vast Grandness of Your Creation! Thank You for the joy we have to look forward to, when at last You come to gather us up in Your arms - and take us Home. Amen.

We would like to share another of Ezekiel's Chronicles with you today. May it give you great joy!

Ezekiel began:

Again, tonight Lord, You have called me to come here to this place. I have no idea of what You would want to speak to me, nor what You would like to show me. I only know that to be here is good, and that all good awaits me in Your company.

I see us standing on the sandy shore of the beach, just down from the Palace. Little Timothy, my Snow Leopard cub from last year, has bounded out of the broad leaf plants, and is making no little strides toward us.

"Well, hello little friend!" I stammer, shocked to see him again after my long absence. I hardly have the words out of my mouth, when this forty-pound ball of fur lands his front paws squarely on my chest, sending both of us down rolling in the sand.

You laugh with delight at the sight of his exuberant energy and drop to Your knees in order to join in the tussle. We are all having such fun playing here together on the beach. Within minutes however, Timothy is distracted again, and off chasing a small group of butterflies.

We get up to catch our breath, brushing the sand from our clothes. You look at me, smiling, and say, "I thought this might be a nice time to show you something else."

Once again, here is that twinkle in Your eyes that tells me we are in for another adventure.

"Where to this time? Out, In, East, West? I know Heaven is multidimensional and..."

"...Just what I had in mind!" You interrupt. "I am going to take you into a whole new realm that you have never seen before. In fact, you will need to adjust your sense of perspective and direction on this one."

I am trying to understand just what You mean by this, when straight up into the air we fly with great speed.

'Wow!' I am thinking, 'I should know to expect anything with You!' You look at me, having read my thoughts. Smiling, You squeeze my hand in recognition. What an incredible ride!

In no time at all, we are beyond the clouds and approaching a thin layer of some sort. We soar right through it, sending gold and pink dust flying. I have the distinct impression that we have just passed from one dimension into another. Looking up from the colorful dust, which has covered me from head to toe, I see the most beautiful luminescent globes, floating elliptically around us.

They seem so dreamlike as they dance aloft in spherical motions. All around them seems to be open space, except for the soft light that fills the air. As we have slowed to a hovering stop, I reach out my hand to touch one of them. The globe is only some seven feet around, and my hand goes immediately inside of it. Suddenly I hear the sounds of music and celebration, and as I place my other hand inside, the whole thing opens up and I can enter.

I look back, and You are right here with Me, reassuring me with a nod. Turning 'round again, the small space has instantly expanded, and we are entering a whole new world!

The broad and sweeping vista before us is awe inspiring. Massive peaks ascend to dizzying heights, and fresh mountain meadows glisten with dew. Swaths of multicolored flowers bathe the valleys amidst green clover and grasses. Butterflies and ladybugs flit back and forth, with children and lambs running here and there in small groups.

There is so much laughter and gaiety, everywhere I turn! Puppies and ponies romp and tumble, their masters squealing happily. It is as if we had walked right into a scene from a storybook. I am beside myself with wonder, as we stand here in this absolutely pure and innocent place.

"Oh Lord!" I exclaim through my tears. "How can such a place exist?" I ask, not remembering that we are in the Heavenly Realms.

Jesus replied, "I have always intended that there be a special world for children. They are the most unstained of all My Creation. These little ones have not had the chance to be soiled by the decay of worldly ambition. Their little hearts are so clean, their minds uncorrupted. They still have the pristine imagination that I created in the Human Soul. The endearing unselfishness and sense of delight that they carry constantly is such a joy to Me.

"I intended that there be a place of absolute purity and innocence, as you put it--and this is that place. I knew that you would particularly love this place, because the heart of a child has been so preserved within you.

"My precious Love, this is only one more of the marvelous gifts that I have held in store for you. You will see and enjoy much, much more in the times to come. But for now, let's just rest here in this Meadow of Wonder, and relish the children that we are."