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November 17, 2019

(Originally written January 2, 2010)

My Jesus, I pray today for every little, weak, and broken soul in this world that has learned to reach up to and for You. That they may cling to you with all their might, knowing and receiving the Great Love that You have, the Delight You take in such lowly and humble souls. Amen.

Ezekiel began speaking to the Lord: Good evening, Dearest Jesus. Although it is a bit earlier tonight, just now when I walked into my room, I felt an unmistakable sweetness here. Your Presence is so tangible, so true and real. It makes everything so much fuller and richer for me.

Thank you, Lord, again, for all that You do for us. You are with us constantly, whether we are aware of it or not. When You arrive in a room or place, You automatically bring so many good and wonderful gifts with You. It just seems to be part of the way You work, almost a "built-in" order that causes all that is Holy to follow You, and most certainly to come from You as our benevolent King.

Whether I am resting, eating, praying or working, You are always here with me. It doesn't matter what I might be doing at any particular time, Your Loving Presence is so strong, and You so permeate the atmosphere with Your kind and sweet loveliness. There is simply no denying that You are here, and here You have chosen to stay with each faithful soul who loves You.

I know I say this a lot, but Lord, I am so grateful. If anyone were to ask me, "What would you say is your most frequent feeling?" Then I would have to say, "Absolute and Overwhelming Gratitude!" If they were to ask of me, "What is your main motivation?" Again, I would say "Gratitude!"

There are so many ways to describe You, my God. If one were to write them all out, I am convinced that it would take, not the whole world--but the whole Universe to contain the pages. And still there would be more to add.

My Lord, My God, and My All. True God from True God. Life from Life, and Light from Light You are. You are so Magnificent, yet so humble and hidden. You are all-giving and all-serving. The Maker of all Heaven and Earth, You descend from the heights to walk so little and small with us; Oh Beloved, Oh Creator--our Saviour!

Jesus replied to him, "My precious, dear, and loving soul. How My Heart rejoices over you with delight! The very stars that you gaze at each night sing their praises to Me for those such as you. Diligently, you seek Me out. Faithfully, you come to Me, always and everywhere.

"It is by My Divine Favor that you are the way you are. I have cultivated you, and so many others like you, to perpetually bring Me Praise. Your adoration of Me, and your complete dependence upon Me, are what draw Me down to you again and again.

"You have always questioned just what True Praise is all about. You have not wanted to be shallow or insincere, and I honor that.

"Beloved, this is what True Praise is made up of. It is made up of small and fragile souls who have no strength of their own, therefore causing them to run to Me over and over. You are the souls that bring Me such Consolation still, in the midst of such great Apostasy and falling away. You are the ones that cause such delight within My Own Soul.

"I celebrate over souls like yours, and I wait with great anticipation for the time when My Bride will be fully prepared for Me. Only just a little while now, and all will be finished. A very brief moment, and You will be with Me in all Fullness!

"Until that time, of which even now the Angels of Heaven rejoice, I will continue to come to You, and draw you with the sweetest cords of love. My Beloved, My Companion, the Friend of My Heart--believe Me now: the time is coming sooner than You think. Your New Birth and New Life, in all their perfection, will shine in the firmament of Paradise, and the Heavenly Hosts will sing over you with Joy. Your happiness will know no bounds. Contentment and Fulfillment, Gladness and Peace Everlasting will be your Eternal Reward!"

And that's the end of his Chronicle.

May the Lord bless you again today, dear Heartdwellers.