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November 20, 2019

(Originally written on 12-23-09)

Lord, we thank you again and again for the purity, innocence, and wonder of the little souls You have given us to raise in our homes and families. Our Children. May we always cherish these most precious gifts to us, and train them up with Kindness and Love for their God and Savior, that they not go astray from You as they grow older and interact with the world and all of its temptations.

And may we continue to pray always for those whose lives are cut short through the evil of abortion, and for the women so sorely tempted to reject these most precious gifts to them. Turn their hearts to Your heart, Lord, leading them to Trust in You for all their needs. Amen.

Ezekiel began this journal entry by writing: Thank You, Beloved Lord Jesus, for having Me come back to have this time with You again tonight. It is the thrill of My heart to be with You like this, and I want nothing else in this world.

Tonight, I see us in the upper drawing room in the Palace. I turn from writing at My small desk, and notice You sitting on the silken couch. You appear to be reading some papers and marking them with a pen. As You look up, You smile at Me with that loving smile that tells Me everything is good, and that there are no problems to deal with this evening. Although I know that we regularly need guidance, it's always a relief to know You will not have to correct some fault of mine tonight, and that we can truly spend a refreshing time together.

As the Light of God is perpetual in Heaven, and there is no sense of time in Eternity, the whole atmosphere around us is like that of a midsummer morning. I look out the window, and out on the veranda the freshly dew-laden flowers are lifting their heads together as if in one accord. Everything is so pure and beautiful. I know that I will never tire of living in such a lovely Paradise, especially being here in your company.

"What are You reading, Lord?" I ask.

You respond affectionately, "I was just looking over the stories that some of our little ones gave to Me today."

I am thinking to myself, 'Little Ones? He must mean some of the children in one of the nurseries.'

Jesus continued, "They are so precious to Me. They are as little Angels with their sense of wonder. Everything they do is with such a sense of excited adventure. Even these stories are written with great anticipation, for they know that when they begin to write their thoughts down, suddenly every word transforms into reality, and they are there in the midst of what they have just composed. How happy they are continually, for they live constantly in the joy of their own creativeness."

I responded, "That is so pure and innocent, Lord. But why are You marking the stories?"

"These are the thoughts that I use to create wonder in the dreams I send to the children on Earth. This causes them all to be connected in a very special way. And one day, they will meet each other here in My Kingdom, and share these wonderful stories together. They will once again gleefully relive these times, and all of Heaven will smile because of them."

"Oh Lord", I say. "I am already beside myself with the very thought of it all, just watching the joy on Your face as You explain it!"

You go back to the papers once more, and resume marking them. I am left thinking, 'I wonder if everything is like this? Could all of our hopes and dreams be generated by this Grace, and fully conceived through such Innocence?'

Knowing my thoughts, You look back up at me saying, "That is how it has always been. Whether through pure hearts here in Heaven, or by some other means, every good and perfect gift comes from the Father, who Himself is the fullness of all Grace and Innocence."

I thought for a moment. "I am also wondering... why are there nurseries here, Lord? Where do these little ones come from?"

Seeing my inquisitiveness, You smile and put the papers back down to give me Your full attention.

"I don't mean to be interrupting You, Lord. But there is so much I would like to know."

Always gracious, You again answer my question. "These are children who were victims of abortion, orphans, and others who were suffering terribly from starvation, neglect, and abuse. I brought them back to Myself at their tender young age, for I could not bear to see them hurting and afraid any longer.

"As soon as they arrived, their little minds and emotions were healed, and all of the horrendous things that they were subjected to were completely erased from their memories. There is nothing that causes Me to rise up stronger, and no other injustice that cries out to Me louder, than to see small and fragile souls treated with such cruelty.

"Now, they themselves know nothing but happiness for all Eternity. And they are especially loved throughout the whole of Paradise."

And that was the end of this journal entry.

We hope you are enjoying Ezekiel's journeys with the Lord. They are still getting settled on the mountain, but I have been in contact with Clare. She wants to express her deepest gratitude to you for all your prayers for them, and to ask that you please continue to pray! The Lord is doing a good work in both her and Ezekiel just now, as well as all the others at the Refuge.

She expressed much thanks to all of you who so faithfully continue to support this work, as well. And to please remember, in these coming weeks leading up to the holidays, to remember the poor that our ministry is still supporting. Finances for any ministry dip down into the low points during these weeks. So let's all not forget those who depend on the Love of the Lord through our own giving.

May the Lord bless you all, dear Heartdwellers.