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January 23, 2020

 There are few things that bring joy as sweet as dwelling in harmony with our brothers and sisters.  Scripture says “How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity. It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on Aaron’s beard, down on the collar of his robe.”  Psalm 133

And truly this is the sweetest part of community.  But as we all know, it isn’t always this way.  We all get tired and sometimes short with one another, and Satan is always standing by with his lying demons to make us contentious or resentful and turn us against one another.

What happens when someone says or even feels badly in the company of her brothers?  First of all the enemy is trying to divide us so we will loose the precious gift of fellowship with one another.  Second of all he wants us to judge others and plant a bitter seed in our hearts about them.  Mind you this is when we are all of one accord, but along comes the enemy and exploits the weaknesses of one another.

And here I would like to apologize to my dear ones, that this Sunday gathering did not end on a joyful note.  Two of our members had been through a grueling week of moving and came up from Taos, totally exhausted.  I have to say, exhaustion is an open door, because we are more susceptible to strife when we are tired.  I too had a very exhausting week with Ezekiel in pain for so many hours.  And those of us on the refuge were really looking forward to seeing those in Taos and having worship together.

Well one thing I promised myself, I will not cut worship short for programs or agendas…you know…just when the anointing is really falling, it’s time to cut it short to let everyone go home for lunch.  I do not want that, ever.  And I felt we needed to press into worship for several more minutes, if not hours.  But because the roads are difficult this time of the year, there is a chance that someone will get stuck and not make it down, in the dark.  Then  I was gently reminded,  that 4:00 was rapidly approaching and we would have to stop the worship, to have our fellowship meal, so the brothers from Taos could make it down before dark.

For those who live up here and really wanted worship to go on and on, there was disappointment.  And of course I felt at a loss, but for those who were dead dog tired, it was their only option.    They had worked hard all week and finally got moved in and were very tired, I should have realized that and perhaps postponed our Sunday together.  My bad, dear ones.  I apologize for not recognizing how very exhausted you were, please forgive me.

So what can we learn from this situation?  I believe we should prepare for Sunday on Saturday night so that we are all fresh and rested to spend the day together.  In the future I will do my best to make sure that happens for all of us.  The enemy hates this prayer community.  He wants to throw the monkey wrench in and is clever in his planning.  You know the enemy sends his demons into churches on the days there are services.  So we need to protect that time before it comes.  I have noticed that every Sunday something unpleasant would come up at the end of the meeting.  

It didn’t matter who it came through, the situations varried.  But I think what we need to know is that anytime we plan on being together, the enemy plans on wrecking that time and throwing it into disorder. My precious ones, we have to be smarter than Satan and more self controlled, even looking ahead at what could happen to disrupt things.  We now know that these things are deliberately planned by the enemy, they are not just coincidences.

Lord, have You something to share with us?

My precious community, you have many who oppose you, but you also have My charity and brotherly love to protect you.  Stay under the covering of brotherly love and you will not be disturbed.  What the enemy meant for bad, will instead be an occasion of instruction and good to others.

You are here not just to fellowship and have a good time.  You are here to be prepared for your own missions, and as you watch Mother Clare make both good and bad decisions, you are learning what you may expect to happen to you later on in your missions.  There is no weapon against brotherly love.  The enemy is at a loss when each of you love your brother and sister more than you love yourselves.  When you are looking out for the good of the community, you will spot areas of weakness that the enemy may be waiting to exploit.   If your mind is on yourself, your comforts, your choices, you may miss the weak spot.

Your selfless attitude will defeat the most common of his weapons, selfishness and self serving, symptoms of pride.  When your heart is set on what is right and not just your particular agenda, there is very little that can be leveredged against you to cause strife because all of you will be quick to yield and do what is best for all, in even the worst situations.

Those of you that are called to be here during the tribulation, this is training for you.  I know the enemy’s next move, but your obedience to My will, will cause you to sidestep many a trap.  When you fall into Pride and self serving, then you are bound to fall.  This is why obedience and detachment is so very important.

In My Father’s last message, He spoke to you about doing what is right for no reward at all or even in spite of the sacrifices you will make.  He also told you that you will not always know why He does things the way He does, or even what fruit can be gleaned from your sacrifices.  When your heart is satisfied totally by knowing you have done His will, you cannot be lead off track.  Live to do My will dear ones.  Make that your full time preoccupation, and you will have peace so deep the enemy will not be able to take you over and ruin what I have for you.  Find your joy in this My dearly beloved bride, and you will scale the highest mountains with little effort.