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February 6, 2020

May the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus calm your hearts and give you strength precious family.

Again, you have known My Heart.  Beloved, it is not just for you that I expose the relentless assaults of condemnation the enemy puts on you.  All of you My Children are affected by this continual drip of acid upon your conscience, which eats away at your motivation to work with Me.  What better way to undermine and depress a faithful son or daughter, than to continuously find fault with them, it focuses your attention on you, and off those I have called you to serve.

There is an epidemic of shame and false guilt throughout the Body and the world right now.  There has been a constant effort to undermine you all with false guilt.  There are times when it is so subtle you only feel the effects of it, a certain sense of disconnectedness, confusion and inadequacy. What lies beneath the surface is a lack of confidence in our relationship.  When you are secure in Me, nothing can stop you.  When you are insecure in Me nothing can get you going.   It is when you feel disconnected that you flounder and your attention goes inward,  rather than to those who are so very needy around you.

Lord, I am having so much trouble concentrating, please help me.

Clare, there is one thing I want to convey to Our Family, and that is that I am with them through thick and thin.  My people, NEVER doubt that I will abandon you and the work we have together.  Never for one moment give in to these lies from Satan.  You have given Me your hearts and together we forge ahead to do the works of gathering in the harvest.  These lies are planted in your heads to stop you from going out into the fields with Me.

They bring depression, insecurity and a sense of being lost.   You are NEVER lost, I am always at your side.  I have not disqualified you, reach out and grab My hand.  Do what Mother Clare does, she visualizes Me, and indeed I am there before her, and then she places her hands on My Heart.  There she finds a certain connection that inspires confidence in her heart, “I am here, listen to My Heartbeat, feel My concerns, let us work together.”

Yes I have a rhema card that says, “Put your hands on My Heart and My Love will do the work.”  It gives me such confidence to forge ahead into what He has been asking me to do.

Jesus Continued, “And truly it is your love for Me and all that concerns Me that drives you onward.”  But what if that love, that connection, didn’t exist.  What if all you had were lies 24-7 convincing you that you were guilty and I had turned My back on you?   What if that was all you had?  Some of you would be swept away into distractions to quell the pain, some would collapse in tears, but most would get busy with the world set before them because they gave up all hope of working with Me.  This is what false guilt does to you My people,
recognize the enemy, recognize his tactics, and totally reject his lies.

More than anything I want you to know that I AM WITH YOU, and I am never withdrawing from you.  You may walk away from Me, but I will never walk away from you.  We have much to do together, press in.  Cast away these vain imaginings, take a firm hold of My hand and together let’s move forward.