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February 27, 2020

May the wisdom of God prevail in your hearts dear ones.  May He cover you with His wings and keep you from the pestilence and designs of the devils.  Amen

I have been beset by distractions and also feeling my own fair share of disorientation.  The Lord helped me to clarify the source of this today.  It turns out to be a suffering.  So please pray for me, my precious ones, there is so much He has for me to share with you. I cam into prayer rather desperate for His presence and He began,

“Finally, you’ve come to listen to Me.  I almost lost you to a walk in the woods to see what’s going on with the building.  Forget about all of that right now and just be with Me sweet Clare.  How I have needed you and your sweet attentions to Me.  I have needed and missed you very much.  I wait for you to acknowledge My presence.  Not my absence, which is a lie.  I am NEVER absent from you Clare.  NEVER.  You just can’t quite see Me, partly because of your own limitations and sometimes, I do stay very quietly beside you in such a way you cannot perceive Me even as you do now.  I so wanted you to have this breakthrough today. I knowhow you have been languishing for Me and for My feedback as well.

It is a noble thing to suffer for those ravished by this terrible disease.  But you musn’t loose sight of your mission in the midst of that.  There are things to do Beloved.  Many things to do.  I have many inspirations for you, including the need of an administrator, someone who can oversee things without getting you involved.  You are far too bound up in details and things that should not be your concerns.  Beloved, I want to relieve you of these things, I want to supply help for you.  Pray for that.

I began saying something very important to you a few moments ago.  You do not realize that this perceived darkness and chaos is actually bringing forth much fruit.  All you see is darkness and confusion. This is the enemy’s view and he is trying to impose it on you so you will give up.  But I am the Light of your life and I show you another perspective that is very threatening to him.

He loves to deceive and despair, he loves to steal the good seed I sow.  You already know this, but it must be experietially incorporated into your day to day thinking.  What you have perceived as confusion is in part a suffering for those who are totally disoriented and thrown into confusion by this illness in China.  I have given you a heart for them Clare, and part of what you and Ezekiel are suffering now is to alleviate their suffering.  

Mostly I want them to come to Me, I want them to see and hear Me.  I want to heal them and you indeed are a voice crying out in the wilderness there.  

“Come to Me My broken ones, My Beloved people of China, how tenderly I love you and long for you to recognize my presence  beside you.  Yes, I am right here with you and I will never leave your side, all that remains is for you to recognize My Presence.”

 Clare has been suffering for was this very thing.  I long for you to perceive Me and receive My Love and salvation.    Do not cling to empty Godless traditions any longer, reach out to Me and I will heal you and your entire family.  

I am here for you and I desire to heal every one of you.  Believe, reach out and receive.  I am your God and you are beautifully and exquisitely put together in ways that are unique and inspiring.  There are great treasures laid up in your being that I have deliberately given to you and to no other culture on earth.  I wish to bring you out of the darkness and into My Glorious light, bringing a revival to your nation.  Something so grand it is beyond your imagining, but this is where you are headed and the darkness must precede the light, and suffering precede joy.  This is your time of suffering, but raise your eyes heavenward and embrace Me and I will deliver you and bring you immeasurable joy in revival.

I am for you and not against you. Your past means nothing to Me, I look only at the good in you and what I want to do with that good, how I want to liberate that goodness within you.  You are a people beautiful and unique in so many, many ways, and the world needs the gifts you have.  So lift up your eyes China, salvation is knocking at your gates, glory unspeakable awaits you.  Be not afraid to embrace Me, Jesus Christ the only Son of the Father, fully God and fully man, forever ONE with the Holy Spirit and My Father.  Together we act in perfect union and Our hearts for you are revival and glory.  So be not afraid to call on us for Healing, because it is our desire to Heal you from these ills Satan in cooperation with men have put upon you.

I love you so very deeply, rise up and call upon My Name and I will respond with wonders in your midst.  Do not be afraid to call upon Us, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, We wish for your country to explode into glory and grace with thousands healed and even raised from the dead.  We are waiting for your entreaties, cry out to Us and behold what We shall do for you.

And here I want to tell you of a prophetic word Ezekiel received in November 2019, just after we moved up here to the mountain.  The Holy Spirit said to Ezekiel, “A Blinding Light will arise from China.”  Oh my dear ones, if ever there were a time when this light is needed by the entire world, it is now.  Let us pray together,   “Come Lord God, send this blinding light to arise from China!”

Understand my dear ones that the suffering and blood of the martyrs always precedes a great move of God. Please fasten your hearts to this hope and live in expectation.