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May 15, 2020

(From Nana on April 26, 2020)

Hello Brothers and Sisters, YouTube Family hope you guys are being blessed

I had a series of dream and two of them the Lord was speaking to me about the coronavirus. I woke up with this in my spirit " rely on his mercy and goodness for salvation not the vaccines". However, I was so tired whiles he was speaking I went back to sleep for about 2 more hours. When I woke up I came before him immeaditly saying

Lord sorry I'm coming to you so late please forgive me is there anything you want to say Jesus,

My beloved one I'm calling you to warn my people yet again. I know how tired you are but, I am training you in a diligent work ethic that relies solely on my grace in your weariness. You will come to understand much later and thank me because there will be many long nights as you head out in your mission. Where your body will be spent but, I will be there to remind and pour out my graces on you that you can continue to preserver and get much done, Endurance, beloved one endurance. Now back to my people please heed this warning. As the lockdown will be rolled back in your nation so will many vaccines and cures be sent out for testing. They will try to do this quickly out of fear of having this virus spread and out of fear many will run to receive the vaccine. No, it's not the mark as some have said, that time has not yet come but, this vaccine will affect your immune system gravely rather than building it up. It breaks it down to make you more acceptable to the plagues that they will again release on your nation. This has nothing to do with your government and president in office but the ones that came before him. My people you must remember they had this plan long ago they have been waiting for this time, the right time to bring their plans about for the one world order. The deep state and many servants of Satan are so frustrated because I continue to mitigate every attack, every plan, and assault they inflict on the nations and the world to expedite their time of rain but, they forget that I AM God and I AM is in control. I am even in control of them, I allow the times and seasons of these things and they work under my heavenly jurisdiction as to what I allow to wake my people up and bring many lost back to their senses. Why do the nations rage and the kings of the earth come to fight a losing battle? Indeed, I will be victorious at the end. However, my people this does not negate the fact that I am indeed coming and these are signs foretold to prepare you. That you may believe when you see these things and not fear. This is not a time to go back to business as usual, this is not a time to go back to your old ways of thinking, this is not a time to go back to the rat wheel of this world. No, my beloved one, this is not a time to go back to Egypt I am calling you all out of this bondage of the world and into my heart. I am calling you to see what is most important in your life, your salvation and that of your families. Have you realized how important your children are? How much they need your guidance and wisdom? How quickly they are growing and the world can teach them or I can through you. Have you realized the moments you have missed with them being at work, focused on work, focused on living a comfortable life and allowing the school systems to do your job? Have you noticed these things dear ones? This Lockdown I allowed goes much more deeper than my people have seen or come to realize. This is indeed a time of deep reflection for you will be held accountable for these little souls. Have you taught them my ways, or have you allowed them to sit before the tv, and books of this world and learn from them? Have you realized how precious your spouse is and how much they are in need of your love, comfort and encouragement and guidance? Have you realized how distant you two were becoming? How thoughts of boredom and discontentment had creeped in which leads to coveting and eventually an affair. Have you realized that they are another gift from me to you? So husbands love your wives as has I have loved the church laying down my life for her and wives love your husbands submit to them as you submit to Me. I honor these actions in a marriage very much and will bless it even if one walks in these practices and virtues. So, my precious ones I am calling for a deep examination of your soul and your family. Don't go back to how things used to be because there were headed to a destructive road but, turn your heart back to me, turn your family's heart back to me as you lead by example. No longer allowing the world in your home by what you watch, listen too, read, and in your conversations but, let it be centered on me and your love for each other. Do not, Do not take the vaccines my beloved ones that are meant and have always been used to break down the families of this world. As it injects you with things beyond your knowledge and eventually killing you in the process. Trust in my mercy and goodness alone to be your salvation and my right your deliverance when plagues come near your dwelling. Be a people who know their God, Trust their God and Confident in their God.
FB-Mary Elisha

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