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May 23, 2020

My precious family, the Rapture is so very heavy on my heart. You see, Jesus has given me just a very little glimpse into the corruption on and within this earth, and it is staggering.

One of our people with military connections shared with us the devastating news of how children are being farmed all over the world in underground cities and being used for experimenting and extracting adrenochrome, which is harvested from the pupil of the eye while the children are tortured.--All I can tell you is that it is horrendous and beyond believing.

It is so common on our soil that there is hardly a place on earth that is exempt from this travesty.--Children are kidnapped and sent to different facilities where they are used for experiments or tortured or to produce adrenochrome for the elite or fed to the demon alien population beneath the earth that is consorting with the government giving us alien demon technology that is way beyond the level of our civilization to handle in a moral manner.

This brings me to the Rapture. There is just no way for me to hide or explain away how very serious our condition is right now in the world. President Trump has raised up an army of men and women to fight these underground wars in tunnels and underground cities in America.-- -- The fight is ferocious and I am asking all of you to offer your sufferings and prayers for the advantage of our military over this demon alien population and those in league with them.-- --

There is a chance--that this underworld government can be destroyed in this war, but the operations are around the world and so very widespread and entrenched in different governments, it will require the cooperation of many nations to eradicate them.

Recently area 51 had an earthquake 6.5 with several aftershocks. This quake was caused by non-radioactive nuke planted in key places to destroy the aliens living underground.-- --

Our army goes in and releases the children and then destroys the facility with the aliens in it.-- --

This is NOT Science Fiction dear ones, this is reality. The alien ships are everywhere in the skies and disguised many times by clouds, and I believe that after the Rapture they will be seen and revealed all over the earth in a tremendous display of power.-- -- And I think maybe that is how they will explain away the Rapture, that the inferior human beings on Earth were removed because they stood in the way of progress in our civilization. I think that's what they will do. But for now, God is fighting on our side to remove this disgusting demon alien population from our earth.

I'm asking you please pray for our service men and always pray for the President's safety.-- -- Your prayers are powerful, nothing goes without grace being released.-- -- It may seem overwhelming or hopeless, but that's far from the truth. Our prayers are winning this war. Keep praying Heartdwellers, keep praying.