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July 28, 2020

Hello brothers and sisters and YouTube family hope you guys are being blessed.

After receiving the Lord during the Lord's supper, I came before him in adoration after prayer to sit and hear if he had anything to say. It has been that same somber feeling between us now where he seems very quiet.

I then saw an image of Jesus resting his chin on one hand as he sitting down leaning looking outside of a window as if he was waiting for someone, but he looked sad and deep in thought.

So, I said,

My beloved Jesus you seem more quiet than usual today what is on your heart?

Jesus began,

"I am still waiting for my brides to respond. Many are still fixated with the world, affections and its allurements. So, I sit like a lover waiting for their spouse to walk in the door any moment hoping that this will be the day she comes running through the door into my arms to embrace her, hold her tenderly and tell her how much I have missed her and love her. So, I too must wait, but I am waiting with expectancy my little ones. I know at time is coming very soon where many will get sick of the world and come back home to me. To my lonely ones those who feel a keen sense of loneliness and dryness even as your still pursuing me don't give up beloved. I adore you and I am pleased with you seeking me despite the demands of your family and the many distractions you have to resist and cut through just to spend time with me. This is a cross I am allowing you to carry because I know your heart belongs to me and just because you feel dry it won't draw you further away from me, but quite the opposite as you continue to seek me until you find me. Many graces are being released on souls right now who are in need of refreshing, watering and of my tangible presence so that I don't lose them to other allurements. That's why I have allowed this my dear ones so please endure a bit longer and know that I am very present with you. Holding you tenderly, every-time you come in my presence no matter how late or early. Whether people are around you or not I am there, but I am continuing to mature you. Don't allow this to cause you to become wayward in thinking because you don't feel my presence. I am closer than a breath away. When you can't seem to sense me just say in your heart "Jesus hold me" and stop for a moment. Imagine me right there holding you because I am. I carry you tenderly in my heart beloved faithful ones. It's your fellow brides that I am grieving after who need the graces to be drawn back home. So, in the moments of dryness remember I am giving the grace to another. Pray fervently for my other brides lost in the world, but as a loving spouse I won't leave you too long high and dry. Set up a date with me and see if I don't show up. Beloved share your experience we had last night with them as we went ice skating"

I said,

Wow, okay Lord

Well family, Father Ezekiel called me last night saying Jesus wanted to ice skate with me that evening. I was busy working on the channel again and thought that would be cool. It's been so long since I have actually seen him with the eyes of my heart or had an intimate moment like that besides when he told us to plan our wedding which was months ago. So, I worked, and worked thinking I will do that after I am finished however, it was about 12 am once I got done. I began thinking I bet Jesus is so disappointed or hurt because I left him hanging for 3 hours just to get some work done. In the past with me and Mother Clare it hurts him when we keep him waiting for other things. So, I thought he would feel that way however, I still made an effort to meet with him. I slipped into bed and put some soaking music on and decided to stretch my faith to try to see him and meet him at the skating rink. I saw myself in a maroon short dress with tights and white skating shoes looking around for him. Then I felt someone rush up on me so close from behind almost bumping into my back. It was Jesus, who then grabbed my hands and whispered in my ear "I have been waiting for you "as he held my waist twirling me around saying "lets skate!" He was about 18 years of age and so was I as he was dressed in a white blouse and black tight pants with white skating shoes. It was such a wonderful time as we did all sorts of tricks on the ice that I had always wished I could do. Then at some point we were both lifted up off the ice into the air. I was so scared at first and held onto him so tightly as we went up and up. Then as I looked down, we were high up in the sky among the stars as he let go of me and began to skate in the air. I was at first frightened because I had nothing to cling too then as I eased up, I realized I had perfect balance. As he skated glowing lights traced his every movement. So, it became a beautiful light show in the sky as he was skating in the shape of a hearts around me. Then he beckoned me to come as I picked up my legs hesitantly in the air. I glided with such ease as pink and yellow lights traced my movements as I skated with him and around him as well. It was just beautiful. Then I embraced him so tightly telling him this was my favorite place to be right on his heart as I closed my eyes in this most magical experience and when I opened my eyes we had floated back down on the ice. I didn't want to move from that position of embrace with him and Jesus read the thoughts of my heart. So, we just began to move on our own. He wasn't skating, I wasn't' either, however we were moving. Twirling, around, side to side just holding each other on the ice in that position of embrace. As if a force was moving our skates for us. It was a wonderful and I haven't experienced that in so long. So, thank you Jesus for that grace last night!

Jesus continued,

"Your welcome beloved I needed that too, I truly did. I need that from all my brides if you would continue to come faithfully and endure the midst of dryness, I will surprise you and visit you with such consolations. Don't give up coming to me and know the graces right now are needed for my wandering brides in the world. I would also like to encourage my faithful little ones to pray the stations of the cross every Friday. You all are in a season of much suffering and I know many of you are weary this will strengthen you to untie yourself with me and endure with me patiently the crosses I have given you to bare. I love you my little ones and continue to pray for my lonely heart that is waiting for my lost and wandering ones to come home. I honor your prayers and sacrifice for them"

FB-Mary Elisha


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